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April 16, 2014 · 12:52 am

Neo-Nazi Frazier Glenn Miller Prime Suspect in Terrorist Attack on a Kansas City Jewish Community Center and Retirement Home

Originally posted on Philly Antifa:


Taken from One Peoples Project:

One People’s Project

OVERLAND PARK, KS – The shooter that shot and killed three persons at a Jewish community center and a retirement home a mile away has been identified as veteran white supremacist Frazier Glenn Miller, who once ran a white supremacist paramilitary operation before he turned FBI informant and in recent years had been seen posting regularly on a white supremacist website forum, where his last post was to note that he had spoken yesterday to Craig Cobb the white supremacist who attempted to take over a small town in North Dakota last year.

While police have not publicly named the suspect in the shootings, his picture was shot as he was taken into custody and was spread throughout several media outlets. Several postings on the Vanguard News Network VNN) forum confirmed it was indeed Miller, who also is known as Fraiser Glenn…

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Some Flaggers and Their Friend … Brian Pace


Good job!

Originally posted on Crossroads:

You’ve heard it before: those darn bloggers are going after the Virginia Flaggers by suggesting that they are friends with white supremacists. What falsehood! How unfair!


Take the case of one Brian Pace. Mr. Pace is a southern nationalist. He runs an online store and has a website. He’s been involved in Mississippi politics, where his presence became an issue with some Republicans. And here’s what he’s said on a message board about the Ku Klux Klan:

WhiteCSA My Name Is Brian Pace A

WhiteCSA Our Klan Movement A

WhiteCSA Our Klan A

And whom might Brian Pace count among his friends?

Susan Hathaway Friend A

Tripp Lewis Friend A

Billy Bearden Friend A

This should come as no surprise to anyone … although we await more non-denial denials, just as we heard them when we highlighted the links between the Virginia Flaggers and Matthew Heimbach.

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Swansea “white pride” swan song

Originally posted on Anti-Fascist Network:

swansea crowd

In Swansea on Saturday extreme right-wing National Front “White Pride” demonstrators numbering about 40 were opposed by a crowd of 100-200 anti-fascists. Swansea for some reason seems to have become the unfortunate venue of choice for this neo-Nazi celebration. Last year the demo was followed by a Blood and Honour gig at the Valley Commandos Motorcycle Club (which drew much larger crowds than the demonstration). This included dressing in Klan uniforms and a mock-lynching of a golliwog, for which Christopher Philips got himself imprisoned.

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International Transgender Day of Visibility

Originally posted on The Daily Geekette:

In 2009, Michigan-based transgender activist Rachel Crandall decided that there were not enough holidays celebrating the transgender members of the LGBT* community. Frustrated by the fact that the most prominent holiday for trans people was the Transgender Day of Remembrance, she created the International Transgender Day of Visibility. This holiday celebrates transgender people and promotes awareness of the struggles that transgender people face in everyday life.

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Russia Today

Russia Today

To start the week with LULZ

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March 30, 2014 · 10:53 pm

Updates on National Anarchist infiltrations in the New York area

Originally posted on NYC ANTIFA:

In a recent interview with a fascist Dutch Magazine NATA ‘s commander, Craig Fitzgerald, boasted that despite being rejected by all anarchists in NY for their support of White Nationalism and Holocaust denial , they are “Continuing to collaborate with groups as diverse as We Are Change, Occupy Wall Street, Earth First [Likely untrue, see update] , the Libertarian Party and others.”

Here’s some of NATA’s most active faces. If his claims are true, hopefully these collaborators will find this post and kick the scum from their ranks.

Donald Pomeroy

Pomeroy at NATA's November "Spiritual Anarchy" event

Pomeroy at NATA’s November “Spiritual Anarchy” event

A former Columbia student and software writer currently living in Connecticut, Pomeroy skirts the scenes of “voluntaryism” (anarcho-capitalism) and Occidentalism (Nationalistic European romanticism). He joined the National-Anarchist fray this November by renting the backroom of a Williamsburg bar under the pretense of a birthday party. In reality, the event was a NATA social…

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