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Because sometimes just posting the images are enough…

We were just handed this barrel of LULZ.

Remember Marshall Rawson the LEAGUE OF THE SOUTH moron who was given a summer internship on Capitol Hill?


Marshall has a very interesting take on the English language:


Rawson on Facebook

Rawson on Facebook




He is in a college too!  Are you wondering what his major is?


I am sure the White Nationalist movement will be in competent legal hands!




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NeoNazi Rob “Mindweapons in Ragnarok” “Kievsky” Freeman’s Wife is Running for Office?

UPDATED!! (see below)

One People’s Project has just published an interesting discovery. The wife of the mentally deranged white supremacist Rob Freeman aka “Andrei Kievsky” aka “Mind Weapon of Ragnarok” is running for an elected position as a probate judge in the state of Connecticut.

attorney Anna Zubkova and her Nazi husband Rob Freeman

attorney Anna Zubkova and her Nazi husband Rob Freeman

Well, well, well. It seems that while Rob Freeman (pictured) has been running around being some big white power activist and not finding any real employment, his wife has been going up the ladder as an attorney who is now running to sit on the bench of one of Connecticut’s probate courts. Yeah, there’s a problem with that.

A few years back One People’s Project put up a Rouge’s Gallery entry for the unhinged National Alliance member Robert Freeman of Connecticut

NAME Robert Freeman A/K/A Andrei Kievsky

Robert Freeman
Andrei Kievsky

With the name Kievsky he posts articles written about his racist activities on Stormfront

Since then he has been arrested for torturing and murdering a rabbit and video taping while doing this in a public park.
spects linked to neo-nazis I SeacoastOnline_com' - www_seacoastonline_com_apps_pbcs_dll_article_AID=_20071116_NEWS_711160463
He had also been writing for Brad Griffin’s white nationalist blog Occidental Dissent

And writing for his mentally deranged blog “Mindweapons in Ragnarok”

We have a nice little collection of screen shots to add to this story. If you are from the mainstream media, please feel free to take anything you find interesting:

Marriage License

Marriage License

Screen shot 2013-12-24 at 11.26.18 AMScreen shot 2013-12-24 at 11.26.50 AM

more ties to his unhinged blog

more ties to his unhinged blog

More proof of email:


We found more connection to Freeman and his deranged blog where he admits and promotes it on the NeoNazi forum Stormfront…


FireShot Screen Capture #022 - 'Kievsky's new blog_ Mindweapons in Ragnarok - Stormfront' - www_stormfront_org_forum_t752671

And to dig himself into a bigger hole he responded to the reporting on he and his wife with this mentally deranged ramblings


Now now now… Robby, your wife is fully financially supporting you because your are not employable due to your sick mind, is this anyway to pay her back?

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Former ELF/Green Scare Prisoner “Exile” Now a Fascist

Originally posted on NYC ANTIFA:

It’s been an open secret for months that Nathan Block (better known as “Exile”), a former Green Scare prisoner who served a number of years in prison for several Earth Liberation Front actions, has become a fascist. This has been known not just through numerous personal accounts from Olympia, but from copious postings on his tumblr blog Loyalty Is Mightier Than Fire (Exile has confirmed to local anti-fascists that the blog is his).

Do you believe Anarchism and Nazism are compatible? All the anarchists killed by fascists could not be reached for comment.

Do you believe Anarchism and Nazism are compatible? All the anarchists killed by fascists could not be reached for comment.

If you are unfamiliar with the more obscure references to Nazism and the postwar fascist movement, except a few decorated swastikas, Exile’s blog might look like a creepy spiritual goth kid’s elaborate art project. However, if you understand the references, it is immediately obvious that Exile is going out of his way to promote a slew…

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August 5, 2014 · 1:09 am

Far-right loses two leaders in a week! Fascists in disarray – Anti-fascists can take credit.

Originally posted on Anti-Fascist Network:


They’re falling like nine-pins!

This week saw BNP fuhrer Nick Griffin pushed out by his own party shortly after becoming unemployed due to losing his seat in the European Parliament. As if that were not enough, a few days later we had Britain First founder and main funder Jim Dowson quitting and pulling the plug on funding the far-right wannabe paramilitary group.

Just like when chief racist Stephen Yaxley-Lennon quit the EDL because – surprise-surprise – the organisation he founded was full of racists, long-time Christian bigot and racist Dowson’s sudden implausible discovery that Britain First was a bit racist really tells another story.

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KSS Hates Immigrant Children, Wants Your Praise For Not Being In KKK (Anymore)

Originally posted on Philly Antifa:

On June 21st Philly Antifa and others organized a last-minute protest against a KKK rally in the Tacony section of Phildelphia. After the Klan had come and gone, a contingent of the protest went and held a demonstation outside the home of Patricia and Bryan Vanagaitis, two organizers for Keystone State “Skinheads” (KSS).

KSS released a statement on their blog following the demo, trying very diplomatically to distance themselves from the Klan. They repeatedly state that none of their members or supporters were at the Klan rally that day. They could not, however, bring themselves to say anything negative about the Klan’s 150+ year history of racism, murder, misogyny, rape, and intimidation. Nor did they take that opportunity to apologize for their head and co-founder, Steve Smith, being the in Klan years back. They instead choose to speak about how “outdated” the Klan’s imagery and messaging was.

See, for KSS…

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Racism- They keep changing the rules

Originally posted on Kushite Kingdom:

This is a clip from the new film Hidden Colors 3. Tariq Nasheed gives a great break down on how the rules of racism keep changing on us. Black people have been bending over backwards to be accepted by white people.  We have done everything possible to be included into the mainstream…….but it never happens. We keep getting denied. I think it’s time to change our way of thinking a bit. The cartoon is somewhat humorous but it still drives home the point very well. I have Hidden Colors 1 and 2 and you should check them both out. I found the to be very educational. Hidden Coors 3 looks to be just as good as the others. I think when it comes to racism,many are still confused. many black people still don’t seem to know how racism operates or the real definition of it. Here are a few definitions…

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