The Right Wing Responsibility for the Death Of Dr. Tiller

Right-Wing Terrorist Scott Roeder

Right-Wing Terrorist Scott Roeder

A great day for the unborn children scheduled to be murdered by Babykilling Abortionist George Tiller. George Tiller reaped what he sowed and now has been cast alive into everlasting torment and fire for the innocent blood he has shed. Psalm 55:15 Let death seize upon them, and let them go down quick into hell: for wickedness is in their dwellings, and among them.

This quote was posted by a “RevSpitz” under an online article by KSN-TV in the comment section.
His comment has since been scrubbed out, but it’s obvious that RevSpitz is Rev. Donald Spitz of Pro-Life Virginia, (P.O. Box 2876 Chesapeake VA 23327) and happens to be the Webmaster for The Army Of God.

This sick statement was made in relation to the incident of the morning of May 31, 2009, when Dr. George Tiller, the controversial women’s health provider who was known for offering late term abortions, was shot to death in his church in Kansas following years of threats and vandalisms, some as recent as this month.

When Homeland Security issued a report on April 2009, concerning the threat of right wing extremism, the wing-nut talking heads went crazy.

Michelle Malkin: one of the most embarrassingly shoddy pieces of propaganda I’d ever read out of DHS. I couldn’t believe it was real.

Rush Limbaugh: Now, when you read this whole thing, and it doesn’t take long to read it, it’s only nine pages, you can go to various places and read summaries of it as well. For example, there is no proof here, no proof offered, no evidence offered that anything they project is true.

According to a report from Crooks and Liars, Bill O’Reilly says the report was

“unnecessary, cooked up by a bevy of myopic far left liberals freshly ensconced in their DHS offices.”

Interesting side note: O’Reilly was also a vocal critic of the late murdered victim Dr. Tiller:
The Fox News star had compared Tiller to a Nazi, called him a “baby
killer,” and warned of “Judgment Day”

The person allegedly charged in the Tiller murder is Operation Rescue member, tax protester (tea bagger?) and “sovereign citizen” Scott Roeder.

Here is a quote from at the Operation Rescue site, which has also been scrubbed but we found the cache:

Scott Roeder Says:
May 19th, 2007 at 4:34 pm
Bleass everyone for attending and praying in May to bring justice to Tiller and the closing of his death camp.
Sometime soon, would it be feasible to organize as many people as possible to attend Tillers church (inside, not just outside) to have much more of a presence and possibly ask questions of the Pastor, Deacons, Elders and members while there? Doesn’t seem like it would hurt anything but bring more attention to Tiller.

Kansas police also found another link to Operation Rescue in Roeder’s possession a phone number for Cheryl Sullenger, Operation Rescue’s senior policy adviser, who in 1988 was convicted of conspiring to bomb a California abortion clinic. She served two years in prison.

Roeder is described as a 51 year old balding man with a lengthy rap sheet for plotting violence against women’s clinics. From the ADL website:

July 7, Kansas: Scott Roeder is sentenced to sixteen months in state prison for parole violations following a 1996 conviction for having bomb components in his car trunk. Roeder, a sovereign citizen and tax protester, violated his parole by not filing tax returns or providing his social security number to his employer.

It is worthy to note that the genesis of the Sovereign Citizen Movement lies with the racist ideology of Christian Identity minister William P. Gale. Other notable adherents of Christian Identity are the neo-nazi prison gang The Order, Ruby Ridge protagonist Randy Weaver and neo-nazi group Aryan Nations.

Seventeen years ago, Dr. George Tiller also fell victim to bullets fired by Rachelle Ranae “Shelley” Shannon, a pro-life activist from Oregon. Shannon shot Dr. Tiller in both arms outside his woman’s health clinic in Wichita, Kansas on August 19, 1993. She is presently serving time in FCI Dublin and her projected release date is November 7, 2018.

At the time she attacked Tiller, Shannon had been a pro-life activist for five years. During her trial on June 4, 1995, Shannon pled guilty to charges of arson directed at several abortion clinics in Oregon, California, Idaho, and Nevada with indictments by federal grand juries on 30 counts in connection with fires and acid attacks at nine clinics. Charges included arson, interference with commerce by force and interstate travel in aid of racketeering. Even Shannon’s daughter, Angela Shannon, then only 19, was prosecuted for sending a death threat in 1993 to George Woodward, a woman’s health clinic doctor from Milwaukee. Angela was convicted and sentenced to 46 months’ incarceration in 1997.

Shannon’s involvement with the Army of God goes way back. The Army of God website states that Shannon was in charge of organizing the letters from prison of right wing terrorist John Brockhoeft for the online: “The Brockhoeft Report”. HBO documentary “Soldiers in Army of God” Brockhoeft claimed that he was “inspired” by Pat Buchanan’s writings to commit acts of violence. In 1985 John Brockhoeft pled guilty to one count arson in connection with multiple cases. Sentenced to 7 years in prison. Released in 1995.

It has never been a secret that right wing terror is a reality that is threatening this nation.

Yet, this repeated violence and continued threats from the extreme branches of the right wing movement and political groups seems is either ignored and even sometimes slightly praised by the more “mainstream” conservative media and elected conservative ideologues.

The longer we allow party paid off pundits to dictate the compromised safety of those who brave the field of women’s health and access to reproductive freedom the closer we arrive to a society made up of theocratic fascism.


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  1. ladylibertyslamp

    I think it might not be a bad idea to see if he could be investigated for incitement to commit a crime.

    And if so, could he then be considered an accessory?