Who is Peter Brimelow?


One would think with the recent exposure of the executive director for Pat Buchanan’s organization: The American Cause: Marcus Epstein (whom will be receiving his sentence for his violent hate crimes conviction in only a few weeks ) Buchanan would try to play down his more well known racist ties.
This doesn’t seem to be the case. On June 20, 2009 at 8:30 AM-6:00 PM at the fancy Ritz Carlton hotel in Tyson’s Corner VA, the now publicly stained “American Cause” is having a convention of white collar right wing extremism and their speaker list is a more than just a mud splattering of the usual suspects such as Tom Tancredo and Phyllis Schlafly.
Also, on the speaker list is the hate mongering anti-immigration British immigrant “Peter Brimlow” .
Brimelow might not be as well known as the other reactionary bobble-heads on Buchanan’s scheduled gathering, but his reputation of targeting immigrants as well as other people of darker skin with white privileged venom is notorious.
Using the notoriety gained as stock market predictor for CBS “MarketWatch,” his frequent appearances in the Wall Street Journal and his former position as the editor of Forbes, Brimelow has easily found audiences at the racist American Renaissance Conferences and donors for his main source of income, the racist website: VDARE.com a website that attempts to make racist and anti-Semitic viewpoints more palatable to mainstream conservatives.
Vdare.com claims it advocates reduced immigration, especially illegal immigration into the United States. Many watchdog groups who have been following the articles on the website can very easily point out the racist and xenophobic flavor.
With a long string of links to various sites such as “White America”, the racist “Occidental Quarterly”, anti-Semite “Kevin MacDonald ” and a barrage of sites opposed to the immigration of cultures of color, it is plain to see why Vdare is on our radar.
Vdare.com has been an internet hate resource since 2000. It was started by a $100,000 grant from The John M. Olin foundation via the Pacific Research Institute (PRI) for Public Policy while Brimelow was a senior fellow there. PRI is described as conservative think tank that challenges environmental regulations. Brimelow channeled PRI funds through his then-newly created Center For American Unity to give VDare the money to start their website. Brimelow founded the Center for American Unity in 1999 and served as its president (it has been recently succeeded by Edith Hakola). Vdare was created out of CFAU and was tooled as an arm of CFAU. Brimelow and his Vdare.com now no longer share any affiliation with CFAU. Vdare recently announced a funding crisis, despite the generous yearly salary of $378,418 he pays out for himself from donations. This is most likely linked to CFAU splitting from Vdare.com.

CFAU’s weight now seems to be thrown behind Edith Hakola’s American Unity Legal Defense Fund, with their mutual focus being legal battles over what it considers to be threats to America: mass immigration, multiculturalism, multilingualism, and affirmative action. CFAU and Vdare are both listed by the Southern Poverty Law Center as hate organizations.

Vdare has an interesting list of Board members:


The former editor-in-chief of United Press International, John O’Sullivan, now involved in Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty:
John O'Sullivan
(John O’Sullivan speaking in Prague)

Also, Peter’s brother, John Brimelow of Greenwich, CT, a hustler on the gold and silver markets and rounding out the other two board members on the roster are Vdare writers John Wall of Scarsdale NY, and Joe Fallon of Rye, NY.

Other writers and contributors to Vdare are Michelle Malkin, Steve Sailer, and Brimelow’s wife (40 years his Junior) Lydia Sullivan Brimelow , who uses the alias “Athena Kerry” on the Vdare site.

Brimelow’s latest ties to hate seem to be from the newly created college organization called “Youth For Western Civilization.” Brimelow was listed as this group’s sponsor along with Morton Blackwell’s Leadership Institute at the 2009 conservative conference, CPAC.

Youth for Western Civilization is headed by Vdare racist writer and contributor and hate crimes convicted felon Marcus Epstein, whom is not only the executive director for Pat Buchanan’s American Cause, but also executive director for Tom Tancredo’s anti-immigration hate PAC: Team America.

Youth for Western Civilization has been flagged by the SPLC and has been inciting strong opposition to their presences on the campuses of American University, North Carolina University, Vanderbilt University and now Providence College in Rhode Island.Brimelow is a regular at American Renaissance conferences, Holocaust denier gatherings as well as Council of Conservative Citizens meetings in the Washington DC area.

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