Is There a Growing Trend In European Far Right Nationalist Parties?

Newly elected to the MEP is BNP politico Nick Griffin, England’s recently spot lighted far right Fascist sensationalist.

Nick Griffin

Griffin just had his first meeting with what could possibly be a increasing political block of far right Nationalists from all over Europe.
Like most political masters of spin, Griffin release a cheerfully chilling report of a cooperative Nationalist unity between his Nazi based British Party and other like minds from France, Belgium, Austria, Hungary and Bulgaria.

Griffin’s report back:

Today saw the dawning of a new era in European nationalist cooperation with the first meeting of Members of the European Parliament from Britain, France, Belgium, Austria, Hungary and Bulgaria in preparation for the inaugural sitting of the newly elected body on 14 July.
“This was a historic day for many of us,” Nick Griffin MEP, leader of the British National Party told BNP News upon his return from the Continent where the meeting was held.
“It was an extremely constructive and friendly meeting of people who all share the same ideals for their nations – independence, self-determination and a desire to see Europe preserved as a continent of national identities,” Mr Griffin said.
Practical issues discussed at the meeting, which was chaired by France’s Front National MEP Bruno Gollnisch, included the possibility of forming alliances within the European Parliament and the sharing of the research workload between the various parties.
“Although we are below the threshold to make a formal group, there are many ways in which we can work together in the common interests of our nations in general and electors in particular,” Mr Griffin said.
“The parties with European parliamentary experience will be imparting that to the newcomers to ensure that we will all hit the ground running.
“In the longer term we will work to subdivide the enormous amount of work involved in researching and advising the MEPs on voting on different proposals, which can involve hundreds of votes in a single day,” he continued.
As to the possibility of forming alliances with other parties or groups, the Euro-nationalists decided that their solidarity would not be broken. “We will wait until the other parties and groups have completed their bargaining and horse trading to see if it is possible to reach an accord with any of them,” Mr Griffin said.
“We agreed that we would all stand together and that we would not be ‘cherry picked’ by other groups. If they want any one of us, they will have us all.”

Now, we all know that much of his blogging babble is a locker room pep talk, and the European press give a very different report:

The British National Party’s first foray into Brussels ended in failure yesterday after it was unable find enough allies on the far-Right to form an official group in the European Parliament.

Nick Griffin, the party leader and one of its two newly elected MEPs, has agreed instead to work informally with a loose group of five ultra-nationalist parties, notably the Front National of the veteran French racist Jean-Marie le Pen.

Mr Griffin had pinned his hopes on persuading the nine MEPs of Italy’s Northern League to ally themselves with the smaller far-right parties, but was shunned by the party, led by Umberto Bossi and part of Silvio Berlusconi’s ruling coalition.

The failure to meet the threshold of 25 MEPs from at least seven countries to form a parliamentary group means the loss of up to a million euros a year for the far-right parties which could have been spent on staff, offices and publications in Brussels, Strasbourg and their home countries.

Griffin’s exploits might very well at best considered insignificant in the terms of affecting the European Parliament. But, the fact remains Griffin is now a racist Nationalist member of parliament, placed there by a majority of his constituents.
Assuming Griffin’s number of sympathetic ears are accurate, it’s plain to see that griffin’s election was not an isolated incident.

Is this indicative of a far-right nationalist trend in europe?

More worrying is the fact that the bulk of these representatives come from countries typically seen as “liberal” by the United States.

Griffin attributes much of this success to his ability to “mainstream” his extremist views away from his historical base of violent skinheads.

Griffin has shown success at softening his image from the past, yet, it’s also true that there has been a growth in the membership of racist skinhead gangs, even in countries where right-wing nationalism hasn’t had much history.

What is troubling is Griffin’s election to the European Parliament adds another layer of a possible advancement in European racialist based Fascism or for the more polite way of labeling it: The Nationalist Parties.

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