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Ladies And Gentlemen: The Future Of The Republican Party


Our good friend Mike Flugennock is a well known political cartoonist and videographer in the Washington DC area. His work has been on the DC scene for decades and has been featured in the Washington Post.
Not only is he known for his tremendous art talent and creativity, but his biting wit and unapologetic crass humor is a main stay shaker upper in the world of activist movements.

Because of his controversial work Mike is never short of hate mail.
Usually coming from all sides of the political spectrum, Mike has always had a gift of pissing all kinds of people off.
The hate mail is usually standard, with the common theme of claiming Mike doesn’t understand the issue-politician-political movement who has fallen under his attack.
He then gets called a “Nazi” or a “Commie” depending on who is initiating the hate mail.

But his latest bit of hate mail is probably one of the more amusing to come through his inbox in a long time. It is a reaction to his latest critical video of the right-wing “Tea Party” Nationalist movement that is featured on this blog along with our own article about the “Tea Party”.

Instead of trying to explain it, Mike has given us permission to post it for everyone’s amusement.

Here it is brought to you by “I Was A Teenage Republican” sent via CrackBerry, no less:

Subject: Your Work
Date: Wed, 8 Jul 2009 07:57:13 +0000
From: rory@mdtars.org
Reply-To: rory@mdtars.org
To: flugennock

I just recently watched your video on your video from the tea party on
the fourth of of july. After viewing I can say with absolute certainty
say that your are an idiot, a communist, a NAZI and a general PUSSY. Not
only are uneducated to the point where you couldn’t even attack the
speakers rationally you dared compare pro American chants to those of
wait are you again of yes Nazis. You are wanted in this county by no one
you little dick bastard.
Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T

But, wait, there’s more…

It appears that Mike’s latest “fan” and great master of the English language is not only from the Maryland State TAR’s (Teenage Republicans) …*drum roll* …but..it’s … our boy! –># Rory McShane, State Chairman of MDTARS! (appointed due to his superb command of language and Sarah Palin style spoiled tantrums, no doubt)

Maybe, this would be a good time for the Maryland Republican party state leadership to have a nice chat with little “Rory” about what to use and not use state party e-mail accounts for?

A lesson to Rory about those “family values” manners and etiquette the Republican party claims to have?

Good luck to you, Rory, hope this post has proved a good education of how not to be a reactionary chucklehead, as it will always come back to bite you.

UPDATE!!! It looks like we have had a visit from little Rory:

Rory McShane
Submitted on 2009/07/09 at 8:55am
Thank you very much for making this public! I hope everyone sees your hate! I’ve posted this link on twitter and facebook 100% of my response has been positive

Well it looks like we have free advertising from the 2.0 kiddie club!

If the Republican leadership has no issue with this kind of behavior then MD will be staying blue for a very long time!



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