Ladies And Gentlemen: The Future Of The Republican Party


Our good friend Mike Flugennock is a well known political cartoonist and videographer in the Washington DC area. His work has been on the DC scene for decades and has been featured in the Washington Post.
Not only is he known for his tremendous art talent and creativity, but his biting wit and unapologetic crass humor is a main stay shaker upper in the world of activist movements.

Because of his controversial work Mike is never short of hate mail.
Usually coming from all sides of the political spectrum, Mike has always had a gift of pissing all kinds of people off.
The hate mail is usually standard, with the common theme of claiming Mike doesn’t understand the issue-politician-political movement who has fallen under his attack.
He then gets called a “Nazi” or a “Commie” depending on who is initiating the hate mail.

But his latest bit of hate mail is probably one of the more amusing to come through his inbox in a long time. It is a reaction to his latest critical video of the right-wing “Tea Party” Nationalist movement that is featured on this blog along with our own article about the “Tea Party”.

Instead of trying to explain it, Mike has given us permission to post it for everyone’s amusement.

Here it is brought to you by “I Was A Teenage Republican” sent via CrackBerry, no less:

Subject: Your Work
Date: Wed, 8 Jul 2009 07:57:13 +0000
To: flugennock

I just recently watched your video on your video from the tea party on
the fourth of of july. After viewing I can say with absolute certainty
say that your are an idiot, a communist, a NAZI and a general PUSSY. Not
only are uneducated to the point where you couldn’t even attack the
speakers rationally you dared compare pro American chants to those of
wait are you again of yes Nazis. You are wanted in this county by no one
you little dick bastard.
Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T

But, wait, there’s more…

It appears that Mike’s latest “fan” and great master of the English language is not only from the Maryland State TAR’s (Teenage Republicans) …*drum roll* …’s … our boy! –># Rory McShane, State Chairman of MDTARS! (appointed due to his superb command of language and Sarah Palin style spoiled tantrums, no doubt)

Maybe, this would be a good time for the Maryland Republican party state leadership to have a nice chat with little “Rory” about what to use and not use state party e-mail accounts for?

A lesson to Rory about those “family values” manners and etiquette the Republican party claims to have?

Good luck to you, Rory, hope this post has proved a good education of how not to be a reactionary chucklehead, as it will always come back to bite you.

UPDATE!!! It looks like we have had a visit from little Rory:

Rory McShane
Submitted on 2009/07/09 at 8:55am
Thank you very much for making this public! I hope everyone sees your hate! I’ve posted this link on twitter and facebook 100% of my response has been positive

Well it looks like we have free advertising from the 2.0 kiddie club!

If the Republican leadership has no issue with this kind of behavior then MD will be staying blue for a very long time!



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23 responses to “Ladies And Gentlemen: The Future Of The Republican Party

  1. Karl

    While I definitely don’t agree with your analysis of the tea parties, I can tell you that the fact that this kid has a position in any party organization is appalling. It is embarrassing that someone like this has was able to attain a state chairmanship. Please know that very few Republicans are this backward and yes, uneducated. Rory McShane needs to resign and do some growing up.

    • ladylibertyslamp

      Thank you Karl,

      I understand this Tea Party movement has a lot of passion and controversy behind it.

      Your assessment of this spoiled child is pretty dead on.

      How can a party use the complaint of the decline of “values” and decorum in America (and I am in some ways inclined to agree with that) and then allow their children to behave this way?

      We all know how teenagers are a handful, but this kid is not only making a fool out of himself, but he is taking down his state party with him.

  2. Aram Vartian

    After watching the video you produced of the Tea Party in question, I am appalled not by the people gathered, not by Rory’s comments, but but the absurdly unethical and biased way the piece was put together.

    And while Rory’s comments are certainly out of line, they are the reaction of a kid that just got compared to Nazi’s with the use of dropping in recorded audio. I know that the videographer is a blogger and therefore has no journalism ethics to speak of, but this is beyond disgraceful.

    I had the opportunity to interview Rory and his organization at a rally conducted by GWU students in front of the White House in protest to the Westboro Baptist Church parading their unique brand of hate. And while Rory is a self-described born-again, Republican, tea-party-attending redneck, he was happy to tell our cameras he was there because his gay and lesbian friends deserve to be spoken up for. He told me that God’s love is universal.

    You can watch the video here:

    I am a liberal. I am gay. I am unequivocally against the majority of the things that Rory McShane stands for. But to slander him as a Nazi and then act surprised when a 17 year-old kid reacts to that charge out of anger is at best comically obtuse.

    • ladylibertyslamp


      Mike Flugennock is a famous DC political cartoonist, if you read the post instead of coming on here to try to promote your video, you would understand that.

      And no, this is not his blog, but we do with him ever once in a while.

      But, that’s okay, I approved the comment anyway.

      Nobody slandered Rory as a Nazi. Mike’s video was comparing this right wing Nationalist movement to the Nazi movement, which does hold legs if you have done some historic research of Nationalist movements and what they are about.

      Is it crass? Yes, as were many of the signs at the tea parties.

      Rory should not be a player in party poltics if he cannot react and behave properly with adults.

      Also, I am surprised the MD state Republican chairman doesn’t have issues with state party e-mails used this way.

    • s\u\e\

      Nobody called Rory a nazi, Rory called Mike a nazi. Mike is a veteran activist, cartoonist, film maker and snarky comment maker. It is what he does, if people don’t like it, they shouldn’t make stupid comments back especially not from party emails. What Rory has done was immature and not what I would have expected from him. I met him and thought he would be a great republican who could build some bridges between republicans and those who are not republicans but it seems like I was wrong and he is willing to defend out right fascists and racists. Being conservative does not mean you have too support the Teabaggers in fact it should mean you wouldn’t support it as many of those conservatives have the least morals and good values of any of the political spectrum. It is a shame that Rory would get so stupid over a bunch of idiots getting made fun of because that is what they are. The teabagging movement is not helping the conservatives, just like Bush and Palin haven’t helped. Conservatives need to make over their party and come off as more open and not so moronic. No more scandals or allowing scandals to happen and no more silly communist rants and garbage. Tell Rush Hannity and Beck to cram it and bring on a conservative that can bridge gaps and be reasonable and not act like an idiot in public. Or just dissolve the right wing and become a more left leaning libertarian (at the very least)

      I am not liberal and I am not gay. I am anarchist and queer and proud and I think Rory’s actions are very deplorable and the MD Republikans need to seriously think about what he has done and can him or be the fools they are and make more stupid statements.

      Many kudos and props to the good folks at Lady Liberty’s Lamp and too Mike Flugenhock who is always at the forefront of angering some people and making others pee their pants out of laughter.

      Rory, it’s big kid time so either grow up or shut up!

  3. Bill Westin

    As a teenager actively involved in the maryland GOP, I can attest that Rory McShane is very well educated. He often gets passionate about what he believes in, but if that is such a crime then so be it.

    He might have some learning to do about how easily an e-mail can be forwarded, but to paint him as a monster is dishonest and makes does not paint your party in a positive light.

    • ladylibertyslamp


      I am sure Roroy is not an idiot, but he is behaving like a fool.

      His crime was to send a very obnoxious and immature e-mail using the state party’s e-mail account.

      Is that a crime? No, but I am sure the leadership should have issue with it, and if they don’t they are setting a very bad example for you kids.

      What you children don’t understand is how to behave with all your techie gadgets and 2.0 communication devices you all have been spoiled with.

      You think you can just blurt obscene language and rude text to anyone, even people you don’t know and without consequence, and it’s all okay.

      In your private lives, that’s fine, but, once you are a state party official, at any level, and are using a state party e-mail, you are now posting as the party.

      No, this isn’t “criminal” but it has been, in the past when there was a standard in parties, not allowed.

      This blog is not set up for any one party, it was set up to expose racism and pro-Nationalist movements who have a very strong racist under current.

      • Bill Westin

        I know for a fact that MDTARS is not racist. The founder and state advisor, Dan Zubairi is of middle eastern decent. The chairman of Baltimore County is African American. The chairman of Howard County is Jewish.

        Why did you fail to include a broader picture in your post? Was it maybe because your intent was to paint MDTARS in a negative, distorted light?

        • ladylibertyslamp

          Before this obnoxious email, we did not know MDTARS existed. Nor have we ever stated that MDTARS or anyone affiliated with them is a racist, neo-nazi or anti-semite. As a cursory examination will show, our post isn’t about MDTARS, it’s about the unprofessional and immature behavior of the person who happens to be the chairman of that group.

          Since he is the chairman of the Maryland Teenage Republicans, sent the email from the official account of the Maryland Teenage Republicans and he made no statement or implication that he was not speaking in an official capacity as the chairman of the Maryland Teenage Republicans, there is no reason to treat what he said as nothing less than the official position of the Maryland Teenage Republicans. Teenage Republicans, Young Republicans and College Republicans may be somewhat independent of the main party, but they still operate in unison with and support the goals of the larger party.

          If emails similar to the one in question were sent from a email address or a email address, that employee would face some sort of reprimand.
          If the official policy of Maryland TARS is to send vulgar emails to members of the press whom they disagree with, this represents a significant decline in the standards of decorum among people who are seeking some sort of future in politics.

          • What is immature is that you are exploiting a teenager. I know Rory and what he said is not exactly honorable, but he was reacting to a statement that was ridiculous and offensive. Quite honestly, most poeple would react the same way. I’m sure he sent that e-mail without expecting to be exploited on the internet. The fact that you are using HIS e-mail to smash an entire political party is absurd. If i showed people some of the nasty hate e-mails i have received from a psychotic liberal bitch, than i’m sure that party would “feel ashamed” as well. Where i live, most people do not agree with my political ideas, including over half of my friends. and as much as i hate what they believe in, i respect their opinion because i know that they would not go out and classify a huge portion of the population as nazis. So all i have to say is that i totally understand why you find Rory’s e-mail amusing because it isn’t exactly a piece of literature. But the fact is, he sent this e-mail thinking that the guy would read it and forget about it. NOT run around like chatty kathy and exploit someone’s opinion.

            And i know that you have been deleting people’s posts, which i find ridiculous. If you are going to post a blog about someone then expect some feedback.

            Finally i just have to say thank you for doing this. I never realized how much of an impact the words of a teenager could have on someone. I’m glad to see Rory is standing up for his party (which gets too extremely categorized).

            Take Care,


            • Chelsea first off when using “i” you need to capitalize it, I would be categorized as a proper name and therefore should be capitalized. Secondly Rory’s email was sent from a party email so therefore it has some official merit. Secondly when sending a message like that you do not send it from a crackberry and not even bother to spell and grammar check. You sit down at a computer and you think about what you are saying and not just spout off at the mouth. Thirdly nobody called anyone nazis except for your buddy Rory. Nor is most of the population of the U.S. a part of the Tea Parties, I have been to last minute called protests with more people, ANSWER gets probably 10 times your numbers and people really hate ANSWER.

              One last thing about the email is he sent it from his party email so if he didn’t want it to go anywhere he shouldn’t have sent it but he chose to send it. So in that case it is free to be posted around which happened. If he has problems with it then maybe he shouldn’t send emails around from a party email. If he had sent this from Rorylovespeachcobbler22 (at) yahoo (dot) com or whatever his personal email might be (I don’t think the email I listed is real so don’t bother emailing it)it would not have ended up anywhere Mike likely would have laughed for a while maybe called a friend and told them and they both would have laughed and forgotten about it, but he sent this from essentially his work email meaning it was him acting as a representative of his party. You don’t send immature messages like that from a party email you send that junk from your own personal email. There is such a thing called etiquette and Rory and all his buddies need to learn it!

              Ok one last thing before you whine and complain the fake email I listed mentions peach cobbler a delicious dessert and Rory loving it, I do not know if he loves peach cobbler and I am not intending harm by the use of it for a fake email. Please when reading that do not assume I am saying that Rory likes peach cobbler nor am I saying anyone in the teabagging movement likes peach cobbler nor any republican likes peach cobbler if they do fine but I am not insinuating anything. Ok I just really posted this last part for my own personal enjoyment, girls just wanna have fu-un

            • ladylibertyslamp

              No we don’t delete posts, so just chill with the childish paranoia. Comments are monitored, most make it through, and very few that don’t get through are because they are just saying the same thing over and over and taking up space.

              Stop playing the victim, you aren’t even doing it well.

      • ladylibertyslamp

        The only person painting the MDTAR’s in a negative light is “little Rory” himself.

  4. In talks today with party leaders I have come to the conclusion that I should not have used some of the profanities that I and for this I apologize. However my unrelenting attacks against Mr. Fluggennock are one hundered percent valid. For him to compare the tea party attenders and speakers many of whom are servicemen to Nazis is absolutley out of line and for that I issue no apology. I will never stop defending those who fight for true liberyty, even if at time my emotions do get the best of me. Thank you too Aram and Bill and my many many friends from both sides of the aisle.

    Rory McShane
    Chairman MDTARS

    • Wow nice one Rory…you are really a true leader in your party. I apologize but really I don’t I am going to keep on attacking people like a moron.
      Hey Rory how about instead of whining and carrying on you just be a big boy put on your batman undies and deal with it. It is not Mike Flugenhock’s fault that the teabagging movement which you are sticking up for is racist, nor is it his fault they look that way and say the things they say. He simply took video at the rally of people there (not of hollywood extras) and then spruced it up with some music and a few comments none of which called anyone a nazi the closest he came was with the sieg heil at the end but I have studied nazi videos and history and that was not far off from what the nazis would do or any fascist country for that matter, they chant things like that. As far as the comments went they didn’t alter what the speakers were saying, nor did anything else that was the footage from the rally from what actual speakers were saying and his little comments could be ignored and the speakers would still be saying the same things.
      He never called any servicepeople nazis nor did he disrespect any servicepeople you guys can do that on your own with all the wars they die in or the lucky ones who make it out alive usually get screwed in other ways like benefits are taken away and vets are out on the streets homeless or their hospital is allowed to fall into disrepair and rather than fix it they want to shove everyone in a new facility that probably won’t be finished till 2015 or something or they come back and are sent right back out. Real love for the troops. You love them so much they are committing suicide in record numbers because they cannot take it anymore and if they aren’t committing suicide their bosses are killing them with their stupid wars that haven’t really gone anywhere but down the toilet. Sorry Rory but if you loved the troops you and the rest of the right would stop loving them before you kill them all or you would call on your republican buddies and the democraps to bring them the fuck home and now. Not only that but when they come home give them the benefits they deserve and make sure they have homes, jobs and healthcare, or is that not part of supporting the troops. Sorry bucko but yellow ribbons don’t seem to be cutting it nor does your whiney attitude.

      If you take offense too the video then you really need to grow the hell up. This is elementary school drama “teecha teecha, he called me a poopy head” and Mike is just sitting back laughing at your ridiculousness. If you want to defend those who fight for true liberty than leave the republican party (with as much dirt as you have on them) and destroy them. Republicans and liberty are like oil and water you can shake them up and they briefly sort of combine but not for long. Face it Republicans and Democrats do not bring liberty and cannot bring liberty nor can the church or the state in any fashion if you want liberty you have to take it!

  5. Megan

    I completely agree with Rory. Your un-American, and are ruining what this country is all about! Your right to speech in such a manor is all because of all the men & women fighting for your freedom and equality. so please take that somewhere else, buy yourself a one way ticket out.

    • The Ghost

      It’s “manner”, not “manor”. And don’t be a fascist. You are not in the position to decide what is “American” and what is not. It’s obvious you have no idea what freedom and equality is.

    • Blah blah blah! Nobody is fighting for my freedom except well myself. I wish I had an army but I don’t really need one. You are clearly the un-american one because you cannot take a little fun poked at ya. You cannot take a little funny as hell criticism about your teabagging movement. If you don’t like people criticizing the teabaggers than you can move to Cuba or North Korea or Iran. Nobody stopped anyone from speaking freely, Mike simply took video footage and edited it in a funny manner and added his own commentary just like a director might or a conservative TV host or a left leaning TV host. If you cannot take it than seriously you need to leave with a one way ticket. Rory is immature and couldn’t handle this situation properly he made a comical outburst from a party email that one would not expect from the leader of the teenage republicans. His commentary is the stuff I expect too see from the bottom rung morons who frequent Alex Jones and Jeff Rense’s websites or who still support Ron Paul after it was shown time and time again he was a racist (I don’t want to hear that you love Ron Paul you should keep that too yourself lest you look even worse). If you don’t like Mike’s work than fine you can disagree but this immature B.S. from an official email of a political party is wrong unless you are trying to ruin your party and your name.

      Honestly if you cannot take the heat then get out of the kitchen. If you don’t want to come across like the way Mike showed in his video than you shouldn’t come across that way, he added some snarky commentary but the video was just of the rally and people at the rally and he didn’t stage that he just filmed it. The teabaggers looked like fools and clowns and if they don’t wanna be seen like that they need to change their image. You cannot blame Mike for your own problems, he is not a scapegoat but a cartoonist and a satirist. It’s his job, his hobby and his passion and he does it well. He really doesn’t care what you think and he shouldn’t because you folks make yourselves look bad and whine and complain when the truth comes out. You have to develop a tough skin or you cannot be involved with politics nor will you make it well in grade school because people make fun of each other and call each other names even my friends do that to me and I do it too them and I don’t let it get too me and make some silly outburst. I know what to get mad at and what to stay chill about, ya’ll need to learn that too.

      Hey if you wanted to you could come to a left wing rally and make a video of it and add your snarky comments, I see those videos all the time on the internet and I don’t have immature blowups about them.

  6. As executive director of the MDTARS, I would just like to compliment chairman Rory on his accurate description of the people of this website.

  7. Karl

    Upon reading further I’d like to clarify my earlier comments. One, it was very mature of Rory to apologize for the language he used, even though I found it way over the top. I think that shows a lot about his character, we all can get caught up in political rhetoric, no one is immune to that, particularly a passionate teenager. I’d like to commend Rory for this. It is grossly unfair to attack someone of his age in the way you did. Two, While there may be a small pocket of extremism at these tea parties, on the whole it is solely a peaceful exercise of free speech. The fact that you are overgeneralizing really damages your credibility and leads me to believe that you can’t take off your partisan blinders. Not to mention it makes you guilty of the very things you rail against. While I did not agree with the overall message of the Cindy Sheehan protests, I would never make such offensive comments. I wish we could have a rational and civil debate about the future of our country rather than stoop to these lows.


    • ladylibertyslamp


      Rory apology was a half apology, but I did approve it for the comment section.

      I was not impressed with it, but I am not in his party nor am I even in his state, nor am I his parent, so be it for them to take the reins.

      Cindy Sheehan had a valid cause that turned into a media circus and she herself became a media W****.

      There is a rumor she had an affair with Lew Rockwell, and that in it’s self adds a tarnish on her image.

      We, and we are a “collective” on Lady Liberty’s Lamp of researchers and media people, are not party animals.

      If Rory was a Democrat and sent an e-mail like that to Mike using a Dem party e-mail account we would have done the same thing.

      We did not start this, we just showed bad behavior from a state party official, who is probably too immature for his role.

      We don’t make things up, we don’t fabricate, we reported what happened.

      If Rory stays in his role as a party official, hopefully he will know how to behave in the future.

      • This as all of the fine work of the Lady Liberty’s Lamp staff was well thought out and well written. Many thanks to the fine work of these true defenders of Liberty and keepers of the flame of our greatest gift from the french (aside from wine and great food and cooking techniques and fashion…), Lady Liberty. I do hope Rory really thinks long and hard about everything he has said here and maybe will actually apologize and not just sort of apologize and then defend what he originally said from his MDTARS email.

  8. Not Frank Hargrove

    Do any of you know how to spell and/or proofread?