Marcus Epstein’s Case Dismissed!

(PHOTO:Marcus Epstein with friend and fellow “racialist activist” Jared Taylor the founder and head of the hate group “American Renaissance”)

Washington DC- At about 10 am on July 8th, in the District of Columbia Superior Court, Judge Anderson dismissed the case against Marcus Epstein, who had pled guilty to a class 6 felony hate crime; the prosecutor declined to continue sentencing.

It was determined that Epstein, head of Pat Buchanan’s American Cause and executive director of Tom Tancredo’s Team America, had completed his sentence.

If you’re not familiar with the case, Epstein was arrested in 2007 for striking an African American woman in the head while shouting out the N-word during a drinking spree in Georgetown DC . He first ran from the woman’s husband when he tried to apprehend him, he then ran from and was ultimately apprehended by an off-duty Secret Service officer.

He originally pled not guilty, but as the prosecution presented evidence to increase the charge to a class six felony, he issued an Alford plea, which is a guilty plea without admitting guilt. He did this because, as he scribbled on his paperwork, he felt the state had enough evidence to prove him guilty. Conditions of his conviction and sentencing were: he had to seek therapy for mental illness, go to substance abuse rehab, write a letter of apology to his victim and –the best part– “donate $1000 to the United Negro College Fund”.

It is obvious Epstein has a history of anger problems. We are mindful of the old adage– first time is an accident, second
time is a coincidence and third time is a pattern,” so while we cannot
definitively say that Epstein is exhibiting a pattern of behavior, we
can question if someone with two similar charges on his record is more
likely to commit a similar act again.

Proof of this assessment lays in the fact that this is not the first time Epstein found himself in trouble with the law at the bottom of a bottle of booze and exhibiting abusive behavior.

Epstein had similar legal problems only a few years before this incident.

He then slapped down a female store clerk when she tried to stop him. He ran away and barged into a sorority house as he tried to elude police. He was found by the police in the Sorority house’s women’s bathroom eating the cookies to dispose of the evidence .

As a first-time offender, Epstein faced 14 days of jail time and was ordered to complete an alcohol treatment program and do community service for MADD which involved delivering MADD ribbons to car dealerships .

This incident is remarkable in its similarity to his most recent clash with the law. After drinking heavily and becoming violent with a woman, yet only this time he took it to the next level and his racialist based political views came shining through and he called out racial epithets, then again ran to elude police.
Again, he was ordered to undergo alcohol treatment and faced no jail time, despite his charge being upgraded to a class 6 felony.

Epstein dodged administrative sanction for his antics while he was at William and Mary, and he dodged jail this time, probably because of his willingness to seek alcohol treatment and he is a person with political connections and privilege

If there is a next time, we are hoping the judge will notice that rehab has not been an effective form of treatment for Epstein, as we speculate his problems run deeper than substance abuse issues.
Epstein might have dodged the bullet again, but because he failed to disclose this felony when he applied for the University of Virginia Law School, they cancelled his application.
This is reinforced by the fact that persons with felons will not be admitted to their state’s bar associations in the first place.

Epstein still apparently enjoys his positions as head of Pat Buchanan’s American Cause and of Bay buchanan’s Team America PACs.

*Marcus Epstein’s 2004 court docs:


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7 responses to “Marcus Epstein’s Case Dismissed!

  1. ABC

    To be clear, when a defendant takes an Alford plea, a defendant is always saying the defendant understands that the prosecution has enough evidence to convict. That is what an Alford plea is, so Epstein “scribbling” that on the plea transcript isn’t really an admission of anything.

    Understand that when a defendant writes that, a defendant is merely acknowledging the existence of evidence that could convict him. That’s a very low standard for the prosecution to meet. The defendant may (and usually does) think that evidence is bullshit, or weak, or not credible. But for other reasons – namely, the risk of being convicted – the Alford plea lets the defendant take a lesser punishment in exchange for not risking a much longer punishment if it went to trial.

    I have no idea whether Marcus Epstein thinks the evidence against him is weak, and you certainly couldn’t figure that out from his scribbled acknowledgment on the plea transcript because that acknowledgment is pro forma and required by the court from the defendant in order for the court to accept an Alford plea.

    • ladylibertyslamp

      Thank you ABC- we were up late writing this and forgot to add that he was found guilty and had to meet conditions before sentencing which were:

      He had to seek therapy for mental illness, go to substance abuse rehab, write a letter of apology to his victim and the best part “donate $1000 to the United Negro College Fund”.

      We will add this in.

      Thank you for comment!

  2. alyoshakaramazovdse

    I’d really like to see that “letter of apology” he was forced to write.

    Probably went something like this:

    “I’m terribly sorry that I got caught. But joke’s on you. I’m still Executive Director of two national Conservative organizations, and you’re still a nigga.

    Most Sincerely,
    Your White Master”

  3. doodle

    Epstein is no longer employed at The American Cause or Team America

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