Ken Meyercord’s Journey to Irrelevancy

Reston Says NO to Nazis

Reston Says NO to Nazis

Reston VA- July 12, 2009
The controversial Reston Civic Assoc candidate, Ken Meyercord, attempt to hold public office came to an abrupt and decisive end on the weekend of July 11 and 12, losing his bid for the Reston Civic Association to a write-in candidate. Voter turnout was high, with election officials being forced to photocopy more ballots to cope with increased demand. Meyercord only received 23 votes— .01% of the 1180 votes cast. Conciously concealing his holocaust revisionism from the Reston Citizens Association voter guide, he instead focused on his ardent support of the far more obscure “Zero Growth” philosophy of the xenophobic founder of NumbersUSA, John Tanton.

Ken Meyercord Loses Reston Civic Assoc Election

Ken Meyercord Loses Reston Civic Assoc Election

Meyercord’s third-position views, though seemingly more in line with conservative thinking, were pushed on the leftist community with great zeal. In a marked contrast to recent examples of mainstream conservative groups openly utilizing the support of anti-semites, Meyercord was shunned and ostracized by the majority of leftist groups. It is worthy to note that the left’s shunning of Meyercord occurred in spite of a trend amongst leftist media organizations to refuse to run stories exposing Meyercord’s true agenda. One of the few leftist media organizations was One People’s Project who reported on him in March of 2007.

Meyercord’s journey to irrelevancy within the broader leftist movement began in 2005, when members of a Washington, DC anti-war group shunned him after he attempted to introduce holocaust denial as a legitimate debate topic for said group. Meyercord’s tactic was to suggest that holocaust revisionism was an effective and useful tactic of expressing opposition to the illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq. His efforts were for naught, as this pathetic facade was easily peirced and he was subsequently no longer being invited to contribute to any more meetings.

His desire to mutate the anti-war movement rebuffed, he re-directed his efforts online, spamming multiple Independent Media Centers with posts about “Why Your Organization Should Host a Holocaust Debate.” Still weakly trying to mask this overtly anti-semitic gesture as “anti-war,” he claimed that “poking holes in the holocaust story is a poke in the eye of the warmongers.” He went on to laud Iran’s “courage” for holding its widely-derided Holocaust Revisionism conference.

Meyercord also annoyed many DC area anti-war listservs with rambling about the “massive domestic spy network” controlled by the Anti Defamation League, and a withering barrage of requests to watch his cable-access TV show.
Meyercord’s desperate pleas for attention still going unheard, he revived his tired old lines from 2006 and rehashed them into a new screed– “(Holo-)History Is Bunk” Most recently, Meyercord is author of a peice about the Iraqi gassing of the town of Halabja which “suspect[s] what happened is that both sides were using poison gas, the wind shifted, and the gas from one or the other combatant – or both – wafted over the doomed town.” Meyercord then attempts to conflate this interpretation of events with his revisonist stance on the Holocaust, calling historically proven accounts of both as “outlandish tales” and the work of “imaginative individuals.” Of course, Meyercord is wrong again about Halabja; Saddam Hussein took responsibility for this during his 2006 trial.

By far, the only success Meyercord has had in any venue were his
weekly peace walks, where he
attracted interested people who had not heard of him or his ridiculous

Meyercord’s latest act of running for the Reston Citizens Association seems to be less of a serious act of a man trying to change the world and more of a desperate plea for attention.

Unfortunately for Meyercord, he now has all the attention in the world.

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