Bill White’s Charges Are Dismissed

Bill White Freed By First Amendment

Bill White Freed By First Amendment

Chicago- The NeoNazi Bill White from Roanoke VA was arrested last October on federal charges for threatening the forman of a Federal Chicago Jury from the Matt Hale case.

Bill White’s charges were just dismissed today in a pre-trial conference with the judge deciding that White’s actions fell under he protection of the First Amendment.

White’s arrest came in only months before the HLS report on it’s crack down of right wing extremism was released in April of 09.

Since then there has been a rise in public violence from extremists by an anti-abortion assassination of a Dr and a white power racist shooting into the Holocaust museum in DC.

Will White resume his controversial style or will he go into retirement?

White’s website and blog was White’s main venue for his wild antics with posting crazy, yet, campy style threats sometimes including the personal information of his targets.

This story will be updated as it develops.

With Bill White a free man there should never be a shortage of news.


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  2. Ktesibios

    At the mere mention of Bill White I start channelling P.G. Wodehouse:

    “Look at that silly ass White, swanking around in an ersatz SA uniform! Did you ever in all your puff see such a perfect perisher?”