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Marcus Epstein Pops Up Again At The National Press Club

Epstein= Political Poison

Epstein= Political Poison

Most people in the political world who have committed a felony 6 hate crime, like Marcus Epstein did, would know to get out of the political scene.
For those of you who have not been following the story of how Epstein, (the executive director for both Pat Buchanan and Tom Tancredo’s right-wing PACs) got drunk in Georgetown DC, and punched an African American woman in the head while calling her the *N*word.

After he carried out his terms, one would think the nasty little bastard would just go away and not shadow his presence in the political world again, but on Tuesday August 25, 2009 Epstein gave a new meaning to the word “chutzpah”.

It appears that a fake environmental group calling it’s self “Center for Immigration Studies” was having a press conference, Epstein was not only present, but quite chummy with the organizers.
CIS is a quasi-hate group who uses issues like environmentalism to express their inner xenophobia and attack the immigrant community.

Daryle Lamont Jenkins, an anti-racist journalist from “One Peoples Project” reports here.

The interesting part was when Mr. Jenkins decided to confront the racist, woman abusing Epstein>>>>>LULZ!!!!!

The fact that Epstein was such good buddies with this group throws up a red flag,

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Nazis Have Business Meetings?

NSM Rally in November 08

NSM Rally in November 08

The costumed Neo-Nazi outfit the National Socialist Movement aka the “NSM” has just posted a press release on their website stating that they are having an open meet and greet “business meeting” *LULZ!!!!!!!*

We are posting this because we are having fun taking the piss out of it, and because of all the F***ing morons who compare everything they disagree with to “Hitler”

Idiot Brainwashed LaRouchie Cult Follower Tries to Paint Our First African American President As Hitler

Idiot Brainwashed LaRouchie Cult Follower Tries to Paint Our First African American President As Hitler

FYI-the NSM are ACTUAL NAZIS … people who want healthcare for the public are NOT!

NSM Southeast/Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference


The National Socialist Movement to host a Party business meeting on the 29th of August, 2009.


Detroit, Michigan 27-AUG-09. The National Socialist Movement (NSM) is hosting a Party business meeting on the 29th of August, 2009. The NSM Southeast/Mid Atlantic area will hold a Regional 2009 meeting. All members of the following States; PA,DE,MD,VA,WV,NC,SC,FL,AL & GA are asked to attend this important meeting and political – grassroots training seminar. All NSM members are welcome to attend this event from 10AM-4PM on Saturday .

The NSM will then host a Meet and Greet for supporters and interested parties from 4PM-6PM, come and see what makes the NSM the fastest growing and most active White Civil Rights group in the Country!

Commander Jeff Schoep will be in attendance along with many other exciting speakers! Don’t miss this opportunity! Later that evening plans are being made for entertainment and comradeship!

Those interested in attending may contact us via the address below for more information.

Email to: southeast (at)

Subject: Regional Conference

A limited amount of literature and merchandise will be available.

This is a business meeting and a non-uniformed event. Attire is business casual.

About the NSM:

The NSM, America’s National Socialist Party, is the largest and most active National Socialist movement in America. The NSM’s core beliefs include: defending the rights of white people everywhere, preservation of our European culture and heritage, strengthening family values, economic self-sufficiency, and reform of illegal immigration policies, immediate withdrawal of our national military from an illegal Middle Eastern occupation and promotion of white separation.


Press Contact: Public Relations Liaison
Organization Name: National Socialist Movement
Email: pr (at)
Phone: 651-659-6307

National Socialist Movement
Attn: Public Relations Liaison
PO Box 13768
Detroit MI 48213

Also see:
Wikileaks Publishes Neo-Nazi Emails

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TOWN HELL: Crass Mob Heckles Rabbi, Shouts Down Dean at Health Care “Town Hall” in Reston


VILE ALLEGATIONS FLY: GOP Astroturfers Accuse Democratic Astroturfers of Being Astroturfers
Still images by Isis, via Flickr.

Town Hall Hell in Reston VA

Town Hall Hell in Reston VA

Video via YouTube: “Town Hell”, edited by Mike Flugennock and photographed by The Town Hell Posse.

From our buddy “Nick”

On the evening of August 25, 2009, thousands of Virginians attended a town hall meeting on federal health care reform in Reston, Virginia.

The event was held at South Lakes High School and featured Congressman Jim Moran (D-VA) and former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean.

While the majority of attendees at the facility were explicit supporters of health care reform, numerous right-wing individuals disrupted the event.

Town Hall Heathcare Supporter in Reston VA

Town Hall Heathcare Supporter in Reston VA

In one instance, a right-winger punched an Obama supporter in the face without provocation. The right-winger was subsequently pushed away from the area by several individuals and Fairfax County Police later evicted him from the property.

The man was wearing a CATO Institute t-shirt. The institution is a libertarian think tank based in Washington, D.C.

In another incident, several conservative military veterans surrounded an elderly man and physically intimidated him in an attempt to censor the man who supported health care reform.

Countless conservatives held signs of President Obama that prominently featured the president’s face with a mustache painted under his nose meant to resemble former German dictator Adolf Hitler.

Others held signs that portrayed President Obama as the cartoon character The Joker. The images of Obama as The Joker resembled old minstrel shows whereby actors of European descent applied facial makeup in a mocking attempt to resemble individuals of African descent.

Crazy La Rouchies Carry Obama as Hitler Signs

Crazy La Rouchies Carry Obama as Hitler Signs

Several conservative supporters of status quo health care flew “Don’t Tread on Me” flags and attempted to silence anyone who “does not support freedom,” has “socialist” tendencies or did not serve in the U.S. Military.

Before the town hall meeting began conservative pro-life activist Randall Terry mocked “baby-killing” by stabbing play dolls and pretended to assassinate a woman resembling a “grandma.” Terry protested Obama’s health care reform legislation and called it “baby killing and grandma killing.”

Randall Terry and his Circus Act

Randall Terry and his Circus Act

Terry told a local reporter “there’s no way to pay for [Obama’s health care reform] without killing granny.”

The prominent activist and his supporters later interrupted former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean’s speech only to be chased out by local Virginians.

Several right-wing activists held signs that read “Obama Lies, Grandma Dies.” When questioned about the signs several right-wing activists replied by warning of “socialism” and “death panels.”

Several local media outlets described the event as turning into “near chaos” as supporters and opponents clashed inside and outside the high school.


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Wikileaks Publishes Neo-Nazi E-mails

Stooopid Nazis

Stooopid Nazis

When you join one of those yahoo member e-lists never assume they are going to be private, because they never are especially when the group is made up of Nazis.

NSM Rally in Toledo Ohio 2005

NSM Rally in Toledo Ohio 2005

The National Socialist Movement aka the “NSM” Yahoo e-mail list has fallen into the hands of “Wikileaks” who has the past 2 years of correspondence up for everyone to see.

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Who is Pulling Bob McDonnell’s Racist Puppet Strings?

Remember Bob McDonnell? He is the Virginia Gubernatorial candidate whose campaign had displayed a confederate flag at his table at an arms and gun show in Richmond Virginia. Some claim it to be a mistake, most likely is was a bad strategy choice to reach out to southern racists voters.

Virginia Republican Gubernatorial candidate Bob McDonnell's proudly displays racist confederate flag

Virginia Republican Gubernatorial candidate Bob McDonnell's proudly displays racist confederate flag

The latest uncovering of McDonnell’s political agenda comes from blogger Fred2Blue revealing back in 2002, the then Virginia House Delegate McDonnell proposed “HR158” to the Virginia general assembly. It was a bill requiring the Virginia school system to use an archaic old book from the 1950’s called “American Citizens Handbook”.

A Nationalist HandBook For Children from the 1950's

A Nationalist HandBook For Children from the 1950's

It is a politically Nationalist style handbook for children which contains passages encouraging eugenics ideals paralleling the ideas of the Nazis Lebensborn
From the conservative women’s group Eagle Forum

It contains a rather embarrassing endorsement of eugenics as a goal of education, so that “highly gifted young people” are encouraged to bear children to “greatly improve our national stock.”

What kind of political ideology base would an elected official have to be encouraging such an agenda?

Crazy Racist Pat Robertson is Bob McDonnell's Puppet Master

Crazy Racist Pat Robertson is Bob McDonnell's Puppet Master

The fact is, McDonnell has a very interesting political mentor (aka puppet master) bearing a Southern legacy of political racism: Pat Robertson

(The video reveals that McDonnell received his education, political ideals and training at Pat Robertson’s college “Regent University”)
Pat Robertson was born into a rather concerning political family as the son of Senator Absalom Willis Robertson.
Pro-Segregationist and Jim Crow Laws Advocate Senator A. Willis Robertson

Pro-Segregationist and Jim Crow Laws Advocate Senator A. Willis Robertson

Sen. Robertson is remembered as a staunch supporter of Jim Crow laws and for his outspoken criticism of the US Supreme Court’s Brown v Board of Education decision, ending segregated schools. Furious at the Democratic Party’s attention to civil rights, Sen. Robertson was one of the architects of the Republican Party’s “Southern Strategy” of using racism to win votes in Southern states.

Pat Robertson carried on his father’s “Southern Strategy”well into the present political world today.

There were problems with racism against African Americans within Robertson’s organization:

“In 2001, ten black women who worked at the Christian Coalition sued over racial discrimination, complaining that they had been denied health benefits and overtime pay available to white workers. They alleged that they had been instructed to enter the group’s offices only through the back door, to eat their lunches in a segregated area, and to avoid being seen in the office’s VIP area. A white employee later joined the lawsuit, alleging that he was fired for refusing to spy on the black employees. In preliminary court hearings, the judge ruled that the employees had shown they were likely to prevail in the case, and after several of the plaintiffs had their work hours reduced, the judge issued an injunction ordering the coalition not to retaliate further. The case was subsequently settled out of court, on condition that details of the settlement remain secret.”

A staunch supporter of the old South African apartheid government:

“I think ‘one man, one vote,’ just unrestricted democracy, would not be wise. There needs to be some kind of protection for the minority which the white people represent now, a minority, and they need and have a right to demand a protection of their rights.”-Pat Robertson, on The 700 Club, a very racist quote, insisting a white persons vote is more important than a black persons.

About non-Christians:

“Robertson on his March 23th show label Hinduism as “demonic” and advocate keeping Hindus out of America.”

And his comments about Muslims are hideous and often refers to Islam as “Stanic”

On the March 13, 2006 broadcast of The 700 Club Robertson stated that Muslims want global domination and that the outpouring of rage elicited by cartoon drawings of the Islamic Prophet Muhammad ” just shows the kind of people we’re dealing with. These people are crazed fanatics, and I want to say it now: I believe it’s motivated by demonic power. It is Satanic and it’s time we recognize what we’re dealing with.”

Now, what are we looking at here?

A Republican candidate for the governor of Virginia who has a history of trying to legislate eugenics based Nationalist ideas to state public elementary schools.

He campaigns with the Confederate flag, and his “teacher”/educator/mentor/puppet master is committed to a political family tradition based in the advocacy of the old Jim Crow Laws.

Bob McDonnell is 12 points ahead in the polls.


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State of the Left: We Rot While “Town Hall” Bullies Multiply

By *Luke

Bennett editorial cartoon

State of the Left: We Rot While “Town Hall” Bullies Multiply

Date Created * 19 Aug 2009

While right-wing nutjobs show up armed at healthcare events where Obama is present, while evictions and foreclosures proceed at record rates, while wars rage in Iraq and Afghanistan, we of the left in DC and elsewhere have allowed our infrastructure and ability to deploy to any mission rot and crumble.
Few would envy the dark days of 2002-2005, but during that time the Left in DC had more infrastructure assets than we did in the age of Seattle and A16. Our organizational assets were best in the 2000-2001 period, but were far stronger in 2002-2005 than they are now. Now we bring dozens or at most hundreds to the streets, while some of our worst enemies show up armed-and by the thousands-at health care Town Halls.

Beyond the health care nightmare and seeming death of any real reform, a critical Fall packed with actions of global importance will soon be upon us. Those Town hall bastards get money from Big Pharmas and the GOP, while our former infrastructure built on the sweat of volunteers has rotted away….more

The rest of the article can be found HERE

*Luke is a very good friend to the collective of Lady Liberty’s Lamp and has dedicated decades of his life to covering and bringing us news and activism.

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NEW BLOG Flaggin The Tea Baggin!

The Tea Baggers Are Coming

The Tea Baggers Are Coming

In honor of the next big astroturf racist based meet-up “Tea Party” on September 12 in Washington DC there is a new blog with tea bagger updates:

The Tea Baggers Are Coming

Flaggin The Tea Baggin

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