Cuccinelli: The Crackpot Candidate

Republican Candidate Ken Cuccinelli and good friend Jeff Frederick

Republican Candidate Ken Cuccinelli and good friend Jeff Frederick

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There has been a rash of rightwing political aggression as of late, about everything from places of birth, fear of healthcare, and tea bagging.

It’s been a cult of crazy, Ken Cuccinelli is their candidate; and he’s running for Attorney General of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Yep, Republican Virginia State Senator Cuccinelli is a Tea Bagger, endorsed highly by anti-immigration segregationists as he boasts with pride his voting record of being an anti-gay/anti-choice theocrat

But, it gets even worse as seen in this video, “Coooch” plows into politico paranoia a la mode:

The interesting part is that “Coooch’s” wife gave birth to about half a dozen girls before she had the son “Coooch” is referring to.

Did “Coooch” try to prevent any of them from getting social security numbers too?

Or, maybe “Coooch” believes only his boy (not girls!) need to be protected from the evil government Illuminati tracking devices?

Or, maybe “Coooch” is having a recent decline in mental clarity and lucid thought patterns?

Or, maybe “Coooch” finds a connection with a type of “Montana Militia” mentality while his views on his main issues like abortion mirror the fringe crazy

What is “Coooch’s” legal experience?

He’s a patent attorney! (srsly!)

Given his attraction to paranoid nuttery, lack of legal reasoning in understanding fact from conspiracy, how is this man going to help protect Virginia from the potentially violent mob he is claiming camaraderie to?

Will “Coooch” protect Virginia’s woman’s clinics and the staff who work at them from the type of right wing violence and terror which has proved to be a growing trend in our society?

What will “Coooch” do to stop racially inspired acts of violence against Latino and Muslim immigrants when he is so openly agreeing with anti-immigrant radicals?

Is “Coooch” really about being a good AG or is he just another power hungry ideologue riding on an embarrassing trend in American politics?

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