Hal Turner Denied Bail

Racist Blogger Hal Turner Denied Bail For Threatening Judges

Racist Blogger Hal Turner Denied Bail For Threatening Judges

From the AP report:

Blogger accused of threatening judges denied bond
(AP) – 33 minutes ago
CHICAGO — A blogger accused of threatening the lives of three Chicago-based federal judges by saying they “deserve to be killed” has been ordered held without bond.
U.S. Magistrate Judge Martin Ashman says Hal Turner of North Bergen, N.J., is too great a danger to the community to be released on bail.
Prosecutors did acknowledge that Turner has been an FBI informant, paid by the government to spy on radical right-wing organizations. They say he told federal marshals about a man’s threat to disrupt a Chicago rally following President Barack Obama’s election.
Turner’s comments on his blog about the judges came over their ruling on a lawsuit challenging ordinances banning handguns. Turner’s attorneys say he merely gave his opinion, which was protected free speech.
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While the whole time Hal spent at least 1/4 of his internet radio show begging his racist listeners for $$$$$’s claiming he needed $5000 a month to “save the white race”.

Meanwhile, he was handing everyone’s name who was suckered into sending him $$$$ over to the FBI!

Hal was driving a Lexus, smoking expensive cigars and living high on the hog for playing the Archie Bunker shock jock, screaming and posting racist slurs over the internet as a FBI honey-pot operation back in 2007.

What is worse, these racist lunatics or their FED masters?

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