Virginia Republicans Continue With KKK Theme

The Confederate flag means different things to different people, but over all, it is a symbol embraced by many White Power groups and organizations.

Ku Klux Klan wave the flag of their heritage

Ku Klux Klan wave the flag of their heritage

With the rise of old southern racism along with threats of old Ku Klux Klan style violence at the town hall health care debates
, images of the “Stars and Bars” used in present day election campaigns can prove most concerning.

Bob McDonnell is a Christian Conservative candidate running for Governor in the commonwealth of Virginia.
Despite his claims of being a mainstream moderate candidate, both his record and the recent actions of his campaign are proving otherwise.

The latest of Bob McDonnell’s campaign highjinx was the displaying of a Confederate flag at an weapons and gun show in Richmond Virginia.

Virginia Republican Gubernatorial candidate Bob McDonnell's proudly displays racist confederate flag

Virginia Republican Gubernatorial candidate Bob McDonnell's proudly displays racist confederate flag

McDonnell is not the only Virginia Republican candidate to show an affection to this symbol of hate. Bill Bolling, the Republican candidate for Lt. Governor also proudly shows his affiliation with a flag and culture based in racism and terror.

Republican Lt. Gubernatorial candidate Bill Bolling also displays the flag of the KKK proudly

Republican Lt. Gubernatorial candidate Bill Bolling also displays the flag of the KKK proudly

This shameless pandering to a negligible, racist and violent voting bloc mirrors the current pathetic republican strategies to gain support for their agendas.

The Republican Old Southern Strategy

The Republican Old Southern Strategy

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10 responses to “Virginia Republicans Continue With KKK Theme

  1. Don't Drink the RepubliKKKoolaid

    If you are going to be at a gun show supporting your candidate and you are right next to a confederate flag whether in the booth or not you must take some responsibility for the situation. Your campaign choose to go to a gun show and choose to be right next to a confederate flag. If your candidate was not racist then the people at the booth should not have put up the flag and if the flag was in another booth which some are claiming then you ask the people in the next booth over to A. move the flag B. take it down or you can say look we shouldn’t be here let’s either move our booth or leave the convention.

    A gun show is typically filled with racist types or those who would be sympathetic to a racist cause or to the racists not a positive gathering of people who enjoy guns who are also anti racist and sexist and such. I happen to like guns but I also happen to hate racism, sexism, homophobia heterosexism…and be queer and be damn proud of all of it. I don’t go to gun shows because the people who tend to populate them have very few brains in their heads, they like guns because they enjoy killing things and just randomly shooting at things not because they care about anything (except those who care about the hate) or they tend to collect nazi or confederate memorabilia (sometimes they are racist sometimes not). I like guns because I want to protect my self and my friends and comrades and if need be stand up against a racist force or a military force or be used in a revolutionary context.

    Guns are not toys and improper use of them is very common especially by those who tend to go to gun shows and have confederate flags or have badges or something like that.

    Oh and on the flag, if you believe in that heritage not hate B.S. you should know that your heritage is hate and there is no way around it. The flag stands for slavery and oppression and war. It is not about rebellion (as I once thought) and it never will be. If you want rebellion than take a good hard look at yourself and read up on anarchism most especially insurrectionary anarchism (Alfredo Bonnano or the Invisible Committee or Tiqqun are recommended) otherwise don’t bother with politics because you politics suck!

    Oh and a thanks to Lady Liberty’s Lamp for expanding upon the story and keeping us up too date on the local racist scenes : )

  2. jim

    The confederate flag is not the “KKK” flag. The “KKK” flag is a cross with a diamond in the middle of it and a blood drop in the diamond. People are so fucking stupid its unbelieveable. They call racist people stupid when yet they have never been in the kkk and call the flag of the South the flag of the KKK. If you people are that damn stupid maybe you should just say nothing at al and spare the world your moronic ramblings.

  3. The Ghost

    Okaaaaaay….Jimmy, m’boy, let’s not play dumb – if you are indeed playing. You know why it is called the KKK flag. You know the Klan uses and defends the Confederate Rag a hell of a lot more than they use the blood drop. Maybe it’s you who should keep his or her damned mouth shut. It would not inspire us to post videos like this one:

  4. Nancy

    Why in the hell do the KKKlowns sport that flag on their uniforms and elsewhere:


    angry mob
    The other flag pictured is the World Church of the Creator flag which is a white power church
    KKK supporters

    From a KKK site:

    The flag says “White Power…Ku Klux Klan”:

    From National Socialist Heil Hitler website:

    Though of course the KKK would never hold the Confederate flag nor support it nor would any white power/nationalist. It wasn’t like anyone in the Confederate army would have ever started something like the KKK…oh shit they did! Golly I would lose my head if it weren’t attached to my body.

    “The first Klan was founded in 1865 by Tennessee veterans of the Confederate Army. Groups spread throughout the South. Its purpose was to restore white supremacy in the aftermath of the American Civil War. The Klan resisted Reconstruction by assaulting, murdering and intimidating freedmen and white Republicans.” – from Wikipedia

    “The first branch of the Ku Klux Klan was established in Pulaski, Tennessee, in May, 1866. A year later a general organization of local Klans was established in Nashville in April, 1867. Most of the leaders were former members of the Confederate Army and the first Grand Wizard was Nathan Forrest, an outstanding general during the American Civil War. During the next two years Klansmen wearing masks, white cardboard hats and draped in white sheets, tortured and killed black Americans and sympathetic whites. Immigrants, who they blamed for the election of Radical Republicans, were also targets of their hatred. Between 1868 and 1870 the Ku Klux Klan played an important role in restoring white rule in North Carolina, Tennessee and Georgia. ” –

    The Ku Klux Klan has been in existence since 1866, in one form or another. Founded by veterans of the Confederate Army in the city of Pulaski, Tennessee, on May 6th of that year as a fraternal and social organization. The great Confederate cavalry officer, General Nathan Bedford Forrest, was the first Grand Wizard, or national leader, in 1867. Some claim he founded the Klan but this not true, the founders were: Captain John B. Kennedy, Frank O. McCord, Calvin E. Jones, John C. Lester, Richard E. Reed and Major James R. Crow. – (a KKK site littered with the Confederate flag)

  5. The Ghost

    To sum up Jim, Fuck you.

  6. nikki

    i didnt rly read this, but i hate the KKK!!! and all who support them today…

  7. Tommyeisha

    um..i think that the kkk. is not right at all because, back then that stuff was crazy and now to this day im not beleving that it all i still up to date ???

  8. JD

    I think you people are to busy worrying about stuff that dont concern you. Move on with your life. Why hate the klan or the confederate flag it has done nothing to you. would you like for people to slander and talk shit to you or about you for somthing you or a close relative or even a friend has done in the past. To many people wast there time hating others because off assumptions of the past. I recomend that you all try to help yourself or your groups, race ect excell in what your goals are. you will get no where in life in the path you headed in now. besides was is wrong now days with a man wanting to support his herritage and race.

    • ladylibertyslamp

      I think it’s patently obvious to even the casual observer of this website that the KKK, neo-confederates and other racist organizations are our concern. The KKK is not only anti-minority, but they’re also anti-Irish, anti-Catholic, anti-worker and are a violent, elitist secret society. I’d say that’s diametrically opposed to everything we stand for.

      There wouldn’t be anything wrong with trying to stand up for the rights of a people being systematically oppressed by a racist power structure, but you’re actively supporting that same racist power structure. There’s no logical way that you can be oppressed when you are part of the oppressors.