State of the Left: We Rot While “Town Hall” Bullies Multiply

By *Luke

Bennett editorial cartoon

State of the Left: We Rot While “Town Hall” Bullies Multiply

Date Created * 19 Aug 2009

While right-wing nutjobs show up armed at healthcare events where Obama is present, while evictions and foreclosures proceed at record rates, while wars rage in Iraq and Afghanistan, we of the left in DC and elsewhere have allowed our infrastructure and ability to deploy to any mission rot and crumble.
Few would envy the dark days of 2002-2005, but during that time the Left in DC had more infrastructure assets than we did in the age of Seattle and A16. Our organizational assets were best in the 2000-2001 period, but were far stronger in 2002-2005 than they are now. Now we bring dozens or at most hundreds to the streets, while some of our worst enemies show up armed-and by the thousands-at health care Town Halls.

Beyond the health care nightmare and seeming death of any real reform, a critical Fall packed with actions of global importance will soon be upon us. Those Town hall bastards get money from Big Pharmas and the GOP, while our former infrastructure built on the sweat of volunteers has rotted away….more

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*Luke is a very good friend to the collective of Lady Liberty’s Lamp and has dedicated decades of his life to covering and bringing us news and activism.

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