Holocaust Museum Shooter Appears In Court

Von Brunn

Washington DC-James W. von Brunn was in a wheelchair as he appeared in front of a judge at the DC federal courthouse, facing charges stemming from his June 10, 2009 assault on the Holocaust museum.  The 89 year old white supremacist shot and killed Stephen T. Johns, the museum security guard who opened a door for the elderly von Brunn.  Other security guards returned fire, wounding von Brunn in the face. Prosecutors charged that von Brunn was on a suicide mission and had planned the attack months in advance.

Apart from demanding a speedy trial, von Brunn’s only statement was:

I took an oath as a United States Naval officer to defend this country, and I take my oath very seriously.

von Brunn has another hearing set for October 14, and faces charges of first degree murder, hate crimes and firearms violations. Von Brunn’s arraignment has been deferred until the completion of a court ordered mental competency exam.

Update: video of Von Brunn in van at courthouse coming!!

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