Right Wing Thugs to Attack Peace Vigil in DC!!

When Fascism Attacks

When Fascism Attacks

*ALERT*: The Freepers (Free Republic) and Tea Baggers have announced they will be harassing the weekly peace vigil at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in front of the WRAMC sign.

From 6:30pm to 10:00pm September 11th, 2009

The Walter Reed vigil has been a long standing event, supported by union members, anti war-activists and veterans. The purpose of the vigil is to shed light on the Army practice of bringing in wounded troops at night to hide the truth about the war. Freepers have a pattern of harassing the vigil; with the large turnout expected for the Teabag/Freeper event on 9/12, the potential for severe intimidation of the vigil attendees is high.

Whatever your position on the troops, we ask you come out and lend your support. The vigil is held every Friday evening between Dahlia and Elder in front of the WRAMC sign. Signs will be provided.

This is the website of the vigil:



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2 responses to “Right Wing Thugs to Attack Peace Vigil in DC!!

  1. Good blog, some amusing details. I believe seven of days ago, I have viewed a similar article. Does anyone know how to track future posts?

    • Spambusta

      I believe that previous comment is a spam comment. I have seen them before and the site linked looks like a spamvertisment. Plus if you note this “”person”” claimed they viewed a similar article 7 days ago yet this happened way back in ’09 and I have heard no reports of Freepers doing this at all in recent months!

      These spammers try and make themselves look like real people with real comments but they are fake and get posted all around.

      Here is essentially the same comment from the same person on another blog:

      Who Ya Gonna Call,