Time For this Silly Fool To Google "Godwin Theory"

From our pal Daryle at One People’s Project:

It has been a very busy week for us and the teabaggers, and the high point for us was not the tea party rally in Washington DC itself, but rather how damn near every one of those who participated avoided like the plague the Black Family Reunion being held on the National Mall at the same time. They were proud to call Obama a Marxist, a racist, a Nazi, an “Undocumented Worker” – as one sign put it – but as they got closer to where the Family Reunion was happening they did everything they could to keep from having to deal with the people they basically spent the week trashing. Much of the talk at the teabagging event was the how they keep being called racist and were going to be called that no matter what they do. Well, they were right on that one. It might have something to do with the fact that one of their sponsors writes columns warning readers of political power in the hands of black people. And it doesn’t help matters much when you see the Hammerskin logo on a few signs in the crowd. But such is the case when you are dealing with conservatives: McCarthyism and racism

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  1. The commercial media and the political handlers will reduce the number who were in Washington D.C. for a tea party. We don’t care if they say there were only 10 people that showed up. The point of this rally is to connect in unity for the future of the USA. This was not a media event, or even to try to get the attention of the President who fled to Minnesota after the coast guard drill scared him out of town. The strength of unity is building, as those who wish to save our country from federal czars saw that they were not alone. This is building for happy days will be here again! Nobody found a nazi for granny Pelosi to point out.

    • ladylibertyslamp

      Oh whine bitch whine.

      You had 300,000 period, that is based on how all marches are measured.

      From Capitol to Lincoln is 1 million, that is standard for all rallies, you are not special.

      You were about a little more than one quarter of the way there.

      You were about as large as a big ANSWER rally, but because none of you have ever protested in DC before, in fact many have never even left your little white towns before, you blew up your numbers.

      Typical for all activists of every political spectrum.

      Yeah, you unified your base and you also gave everyone else weeks and weeks of great material to show how screwed up you all are.

      The best part is how much you are all your own worst enemies.

      When the majority of the real world sees your signs and how sick and disgusting you were behaving 80% of the country will unify against you.

      You are 300, 000 people against the rest of America, and to the rest of America you are just a nasty little stain.

      • With a little counseling from ACORN and politicially correct psychiatric camps, we can be rehabilitated!

      • ladylibertyslamp

        Yes, and the reptilians from outer space will come and plant chips in your brain so you will be slaves to the yellow people….

        My gawd man, do you even pay attention to the crap you are buying into?


        The country is changing, it is not “White America” anymore, but that does not mean you are going to be treated the way white people have treated people of color for centuries, it just means we learn to live together.

        Do you even know the difference between Marxism, Socialism and Fascism?

        Have you even read the works of Marx and Engel?

        Do you know that the definition of Fascism is when corporations take over the government?

        Do you know that you were in DC fighting for health care corporations (insurance co, pharm co, rich Dr lobbies) to hold onto their power over the government? (yes you were everything else is just window dressing, you were doooped!)

        Get outside your white little home town and learn about the world, man, it’s a big and wonderful place and it’s not your enemy.

        Your fears and ignorance is your only enemy.

    • Ghostface Killah

      The 50’s called they want their politics back!
      Actually Bush had more “Czars” and appointees than Obama
      but of course Obama is black, a democrat (in name only as most politicians are) and he is someone that a lot of people seem to like and he is less of a jackass and moron. I have a feeling if Obama was a white guy, you, teabaggers wouldn’t be whining so goddamn much because right now you are the most unpatriotic America hating swine the nation has seen since you guys called us the unpatriotic during Bush. Though at least when Bush got protested there was a lot less usage of the Swastika and nazi references, it still existed but there was a bit more too back up Bush and Nazis, Prescott Bush had deals with the Nazis Obama’s family as far as I know had nothing to do with the Nazis. Though I can say using references to Nazis in most any case will be wrong unless the person is an actual nazi.

      Anyway you all made fools of yourselves in front of cameras and normal everyday people. I have been talking with a lot of friends who aren’t so political and they avoided downtown because they didn’t want to be anywhere near you morons for fear they might get shot or horribly offended. I was horribly offended at all the racism that went on in the march. I am just surprised you didn’t just wear your mommies bedsheets like you normally would make it more like the old KKK march down Penn. Ave. in 1925.

  2. andres

    Hello.I’m writing from Argentina. You should be more hard and more strong in de deffense of Obama´s Goverment. The right and the racists groups want to destroy Obama.Good luck. Bye.

  3. Cougar6

    The organizers seem to have a lot of hatred for white people. Don’t you guys understand you can’t lift yourselves up by putting someone else down?

    You say you are “artists” who are opposed to right-wing racists, etc.

    Are you also against left-wing hatemongers? There’s plenty of them out there.

    And I also take exception with how you talk down to people who disagree with your position (“Have you even read Marx?”) as if you guys who only read books, know history, etc.

    Bush is a moron? Well, his GPA at Yale was higher than Kerry’s. Is Kerry a bigger “moron”.

    You guys are a bunch of (pardon the pun) “Bush-League Amateurs”.

    Get better informed on the issues!

    • ladylibertyslamp

      Well, Cougar6 aka Brian Chatham, if the dept of treasury didn’t know you were using their computers to make idiot right wing comments on blogs before, they sure know now!

      Your IP and information has been forwarded to your superiors!

      Next time don’t try to bitch about wasting tax money when that is exactly what you are doing to us!