When Life Loves Death

Disrespecting the dead and waving around a corpse to push a wackjob agenda is not just for fetuses in a jar anymore.
It’s now for playing corporate concubine for insurance, pharmaceutical and health industry CEO’s.

The American Life League stoops to a new low using Kennedy's death the corporate CEO agenda

The American Life League stoops to a new low using Kennedy's death the corporate CEO agenda

Yes, the anti-choice anti-abortion movement, who brought our society domestic terror on women’s clinics and Drs have sunk to a low in a new direction, using Senator Ted Kennedy’s barely cold dead body to push the agenda for the corporate pimp daddies.

Among the plethora of crazy, barely coherent signs present at the 9/12 DC Teabagger event, this sign caught our attention which reads:


This sort of sentiment was donned on a lot of scribbled hand-written signs, but something this crass appearing like it was mass produced by a 501c3 astroturf organization was a bit out of the ordinary.

There was very little to clue us in to the producers of this nasty sign except a barely visible logo for something called “ALL.”

But, alas with a little digging we found out that the organization that mass-produced this sign is the American Life League (source), one of the largest pro-life organizations in the United States. It is a spin-off of the National Right to Life Committee and was founded by Judie and Paul Brown (source) with help from Heritage Foundation founder Paul Weyrich. Among ALL’s projects are Rock 4 Life, ALL’s campaign to shut down Planned Parenthood as well as their campaign to expose pro-choice catholics and deny them communion.

Long story short: A very sick minded astroturf lobbying group whose claim to fame is that they are dedicated to “preserving the sanctity of life” exploits the death of one man to achieve short-term political goals that deny health coverage to millions of Americans for the sake of corporate buggery. Classy.
More of these nasty signs can be found here and here


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7 responses to “When Life Loves Death

  1. These crackpots don’t really give a damn about the “sanctity of life”, it’s all about politics and money. Always has been, always will be.

  2. Sorry. My posts usually start with something to grab the attention of the right, then I blast them later on in the post. Sometimes confusing, but often it gets conservatives riled up.

    • ladylibertyslamp

      Hey, no prob bro, getting the right all riled up is what we are all about.

      But, you do know we are those “evil socialist Marxists” they were bitching about all weekend long …. *grin*

  3. We pray for Ted Kennedy to rest in peace, and hope peace comes to the family after the many trials and tribulations suffered by the Kennedy family during my lifetime. I also prayed for Mary Jo Kopechne’s family that mourned her loss on July 18, 1969. For some reason senator Ted chose to not use the Massachusetts state health plan that he made his life’s work. His family chose to spend some million or so on his inevitable passing with private doctors they chose instead of public available health care.

    • ladylibertyslamp

      Ted did some very good things for the people, esp people with disabilities, the immigrant community, helping poor children get healthcare, and funding for people who are dying of AIDS, … and the list goes on.

      No, he was not a perfect man, he made an awful mistake when he was young, but he used his political position in life to try to give humanity what it needs most, civil rights for all.

      He took from this planet a beautiful girl, but gave the the people back more than they could have hoped for under any other politician.

      I am not a major fan of his, but I am going to give him credit where credit is due.

      Using his death for corporate health industry lobbying is sick and disgusting.

      This has got to fly back on them like mud in their face.

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  5. Pro life means you are a good honest catholic and not a communist. It means eating lots of red meat and fighting in wars for Jesus All Mighty. These Facsist commies don’t understand with their tofu and baby killing rituals and freeing convicted cop murderers because they are black (racist commies anyone?) even though they should be sent too the gas chambers. If this Lady Loco (that is illegal speack for crazy) had any sense in her head she would oppose the murder of these poor innocent babies that Ted Kennedy murdered daily in his Volvo. But of course you commies are going to whine and complain about the babies you murder not being viable outside of the womb but those a lies and propaganda put out by the liberal media.

    Hopefully we can drive Obama out and put a true patriot in like Joe Wilson.

    God Bless America and God Bless all the real Pro Lifers and may all you commies burn in the eternal hellfire, you godless heathens.

    BTW this was meant as a joke exposing a lot of hypocrisy I have seen in the “pro life” movement and from actual conversations (such as the Joe Wilson sentence) This is meant to be highly offensive to “Pro Lifers” as they are the most hypocritical and violent movements I have ever seen (ain’t no lefty activists blowing up clinics and murdering doctors)
    I hope that more abortion doctors pop up and the ones who are still in business keep going and keep on providing humyns with the care they need and never backing down because a bunch of christian fundie terrorists are trying to vie with Al Queda for #1.