Jason Tankersly of MDS

Jason Tankersly of MDS.

Compare his tattoo with this one

4 responses to “Jason Tankersly of MDS

  1. OPP

    MDS are a bunch of thug criminals.

  2. steve

    Jason is the man ..88 in wisconsin

    • Kitteh wantuh Sammich?

      Please define man? I am guessing you mean like a neanderthal man? I could see that. I mean he isn’t too bright but then again neanderthal beings weren’t as developed as we are today and probably had similar brutish aspects. Though I don’t think they were such losers like Jason but then again Jason has really been working on his craft and honing over the years. The neanderthal man probably had better things to do then waste time perfecting loserdom

      Also didn’t know you were a ham radio enthusiast. However I have this feeling that I wouldn’t want to hug or kiss you, as I don’t eat cheese, but glad you know some ham radio code.

      Too those who are unfamiliar with ham radio code most especially 88 here is an article piece from Wikipedia:
      “In Amateur Radio
      88 is used as shorthand for ‘hugs and kisses’ when signing a message in Amateur (ham) Radio. It is used in spoken word (radiotelephony) morse code (radiotelegraphy) and in various digital modes. It is considered rather more intimate than ’73’, which (roughly) means ‘best wishes’, and therefore 73 is more often used. The two may be used together. Sometimes the 88 or 73 is pluralized by appending an s. These number codes are at least a century old.”

  3. Maryland Skinheads Watch

    Funny how Tankersley “trains” loser Doug Sonier to get his tail kicked in MMA matches in under a minute everytime, but hasn’t the guts to compete in MMA himself. Also, Clemie Richard (Rick) Haught is a drunken alcoholic.

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