Jones’n A Hardon For Acorn

Crazy Racist Nut: Tim Jones

Crazy Racist Nut: Tim Jones

About a week ago ONE PEOPLES PROJECT an anti-racist journalist organization broke the story about how the video hack and attention monger “Tim Jones” attacked a small group of African American kids who were just selling flags and buttons during the 9/12 Tea Party event in Washington DC.

He is labeled a folk hero by the loons for calling out these young kids as “Acorn” when all they were doing was trying to make a few bucks trying to sell Tea Bagger motif schwag

Here his tinfoil hatted moron buddy “Jay Adams” lies like a fascist propagandist claiming that the wares the kids were selling came from “Acorn paid for by tax payer dollars” and they were violent and punched Tim Jones (never happened) basically because they had black skin, therefore, in the world of Tea Bagging everyone who is black must be “Acorn”.

This story has now taken off with both “Crooks and Liars” and Gawker, but wait, there’s MORE!!!

It appears crazy Tim Jones wants to meet up with and confront ONE PEOPLE’S PROJECT as he states in this video here:

Well, Daryle Lamont Jenkins, the founder of ONE PEOPLE’S PROJECT is more than happy to confront Mr. Jones and call him on his BS.

Time and Place, Timmy, just give us the time and place ….

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