Muslim Day of Prayer Disrupted By “Operation Save America”

Muslim Day of Prayer on US Capitol Draws 50,000 People

Muslim Day of Prayer on US Capitol Draws 50,000 People

Washington DC- On September 25, 2009 it was a warm sunny Friday at the United States Capitol where the first Muslim Day of prayer was held on the west lawn. It was a a family friendly event with brightly clothed participants numbering about 50, 000 who all joined in a positive time of meditation and fellowship for a new future in the relationship between Muslims and America, the country they call home.

Beautiful cultural attire added to the warm mood of the Muslim Day of Prayer

Beautiful cultural attire added to the warm mood of the Muslim Day of Prayer

Unfortunately, a certain loud and rude over zealous Christian cult calling itself “Operation Save America” was not only handing out horrible pamphlets, openly praying to scare people from their communal prayer event, but screaming racist anti-Muslim slurs in a megaphone during the silent meditations and sacred moments.

Operation Save America hands out pamphlets of hate and disrupts sacred Muslim meditations

Operation Save America hands out pamphlets of hate and disrupts sacred Muslim meditations

Their nasty little pamphlet reads : Abortion is Murder, Homosexuality is Sin and Islam is a Lie. Inside this handout they claim Jews have “religious hypocrisy” and the rest of the tripe is anti-Muslim racism and hate “through Christ”.

Mike Flugennock reports from DCIMC:

Christians Make Sorry-Ass Spectacle of Selves at National Muslim Day of
Prayer at the Capitol


It had turned out to be quite a pleasant sunny afternoon when several
thousand Muslims gathered on the West Lawn of the Capitol in a peaceable
neighborly manner to pray and meditate on their National Day of Prayer
while, in the meantime, they were relentlessly hectored, harassed,
bullied and accosted by a gaggle of born-again Christian nutcakes in a
display of the kind of ignorance, arrogance, and stupidity that drove
this reporter to become an atheist, skeptic, and rationalist (in his
junior year of college, while hanging around the dorm on a Sunday
morning doing bong hits and watching the 700 Club for cheap laughs, upon
seeing Pat Robertson praying over a pile of letters containing checks
and cash mailed in to his phony-assed “ministry”).

As far back as this reporter – originally from a Catholic family – can
remember, the only religion whose members hounded him to join their
“flock” and threatened him with eternal hellfire and torment if he
didn’t believe as they believed were the Christians. No Jew or Muslim or
Hindu or Buddhist or Shinto ever subjected this reporter to the kind of
pushy, crass bullying that he’s had to put up with most of his life from
Christians of the kind he witnessed pestering the Muslims who came to
the Capitol to pray this afternoon.

Video by Mike Flugennock, streaming out of YouTube, 07min 56secs.


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18 responses to “Muslim Day of Prayer Disrupted By “Operation Save America”

  1. It must really suck to live a life full of hatred and fear. I’m glad I never had much exposure to religion.

  2. James and Sandi Duncan

    Islam motto is “kill the infidels” which is EVERYONE that doesn’t practice Islam should be destroyed. If that doesn’t say enough to convince you, what in the world , you are unteachable.
    I am 59, I may live to see it, but our children and grandchildren will surely see this mess we are leaving them with Obama and the Islam/Muslim dictorships that will sweep this country. Islam is not a religion, it is a hate cult, and after 9/11 all immigration should have been stopped, they did several terrorists attacks before 9/11 and we just wimped our way (our govt) past those. Then there sould be no mosques allowed in America, and the rest of them deported. Let them go straighten up their homeland, not us. Bush’s “shock and awe” campaign was not shock and awe at all. Shock and Awe would have been to keep our precious troops off the ground there and us to fly over and just leave major “blackened spots”. I agree a lot of organized religion is corrupt with just wanting our money, but at least we don’t have to send it to them, with Muslims we will have no choice to give our life, they will take it from us. They already have. They behead us, we slap them on the wrist. Elect Obama again and it is over, can we not get someone in office that wants to save America?

    • Wow. Where do I begin? I almost want to ask if that comment was supposed to be satire or not.

      Almost every possible ignorant-assed stereotypical rightist k00k attitude is present in it. Islam is a hate cult? Check. Obama is a Muslim? Check. Obama hates America? Check.

      The Constitution separates Church and State and guarantees the right to practice the religion of one’s choice — or to not practice a religion at all — for a good reason, and that reason is braindead yahoos like you.

      Take a chance, follow your own advice, and read the goddamn’ Constitution, Gomer.

    • Anonymous

      Bush’s generals may have been incompetent, but your stupidity is such that it makes me wonder if sometimes you forget to breathe.

      It’s really no surprise to me that you don’t know that Saddam Hussein’s totalitarian government was secular, and that a fair amount of his oppressive behavior was directed at Islamic extremists. If your goal was to have something in the Middle East that was torturing Islamic extremists, demolishing their mosques and forbidding them to practice, Saddam’s Iraq was IT. Why are you so cranky? Forget to renew your Ba’ath party membership?

  3. Yarrgh

    That Mike Flugenhock video is great. The Muslims seemed to know the Bible more than the Christian nuts…HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHA.

    I must say religion always seems to lead to stupidity of some sort whether it is extremists from any religion or just those who use their religion to attack other religions or too create a heard or cult mentality. I am not saying that all religion is violent and that all people from any religion are violent or stupid but religion in general can lead to stupidity usually through extremes.
    Nobody can actually prove if a god or gods exist, they cannot really prove most of what is in typical holy books that is written to have taken place thousands upon thousands of years ago.

    I think if people want to be spiritual great but I think organized religion is not healthy. It requires you to hold beliefs not facts but in some cases take those beliefs to be facts. We need more rational thinking and less just believing in stuff because someone told us too.
    I will say though it is refreshing to see another religion other than the Christians doing something prayer related on the capitol because it breaks up the monotony of just christians preaching and at least this is got some interesting movement.

  4. James and Sandi Duncan

    The first post was not about religion, as you notice I did not condone any religion. It is about our enemies and people that want us dead/or under their total control. Hey Gomer if our men hadn’t fought and died for your freedom for the past 200+ years you wouldn’t have any rights or freedom, nor would I. The KKK was wrong/evil, Hitler was wrong/evil, Saddam was wrong/evil. Should we have just overlooked them in the name of what? free speech, religion? I am white, this has nothing at all to do with color/race/religion. It has to do with an evil enemy that will destroy us.

    • ladylibertyslamp

      No, your comment is about ignorance, hate, and bigotry against a religion and culture a dumbf*ck hillbilly like you knows nothing about.

      You are so caught up in right-wing stupidity watching “Faux News” and “Glenn Dreck” all you know is propaganda, and you have no clue about the facts.

      But, that’s fine, keep posting your idiocy on here, the world needs to see just how godddamned stupid people from white power driven redneck red state TN really are.

      Go suck a Tea Bag, Nazi bigot!

    • Anonymous

      You are a hypocrite and an idiot.

      Your statement of “The first post was not about religion” contradicts “Islam is not a religion, it is a hate cult,” which appears in your first post.

      Islam is a religion, and it has just as much validity as any other Abrahamic faith system. Your putrid whining not only doesn’t change this, but it’s such a childish argument that it can be easily applied to any other religion that has fundamentalist extremists. Would you agree that Christianity is a hate cult because of the Inquisition, Crusades and the persecution of Jews in Medieval times. Or, would you agree that Mormonism is a pedophile cult because Joseph Smith had two 14 year old wives? When are you going to start expelling all the Christians from your town? After all, Christians burned innocent people at stakes, Catholic priests raped little boys, Pentacostal preachers bilk millions of dollars out of their followers every week and Martin Luther published an anti-semitic book called “The Jews And Their Lies.”

      So, put up or shut up. If you’re really concerned about a conspiracy from a genocidal, intolerant religion that ALREADY CONTROLS THE COUNTRY, why aren’t you forcibly deporting all Christians? Either you don’t care, or you’re a delusional hypocrite.

      • ladylibertyslamp

        You want to see real hypocrisy?

        It appears this Ms. “Duncan”, who spouting all this Walmart Nationalist patriotic garbage to candy coat her xenophobia and bigotry, is also con-artist who is a predator on desperate adoptees who are searching for birth parents.

        From the legal message forum Labor Law Talk

        Really, Ms Dunkkkan, what kind of sick sort of human being are you?

        Not only are you a hate monger, but you are a parasite of the worst kind.

        And may I add, that 3 of the members of the Lady Liberty’s Lamp Collective are adoptees, we are not amused by scum like you in the least.

        Get off our lawn!

    • The Ghost

      Conservatives did overlook the KKK and Hitler. That’s why for much of those 200+ years, my people did have that freedom that soldiers supposedly fought for.

  5. James and Sandi Duncan

    Oh, wow. adoptee? How far can you get from the main purpose of this blog? I am not from Tn. I am in Colorado, and I don’t know enough about “hillbillies” to really make a comment one way or the other. I just hope when it all comes down someone will remember what “people like us said”. One good website to go to for clarifying your minds would be website. I am blogging on several websites currently and I have found a much more intelligent audience to converse with. Good-bye. I would be more than happy to get off your lawn–it is too cluttered with Obama signs.

    • ladylibertyslamp


      Two years ago I posted my adoption search information on a message
      board. I was contacted by Ms Sandi Duncan and was told by her that
      she could find my birthmother for me for $150.00. She said she could
      supply references to me but I spoke with her by phone, and felt that
      she was honest. Boy, was I wrong. I got nothing from her, absolutely
      nothing but lame excuses. I gave up on writing her a long time ago
      because she kept coming up with excuses about being sick or having
      problems. I just know what happened to me and I learned a valuable
      lesson from it.
      Oh, my birthmother was eventually found by Kinsolving. She found my
      birthmom before I even paid her.

      ***Stay away from Sandi Duncan. She is a fraud.***

      I am just lucky that my story has a happy ending. I will warn everybody about Sandi. It is a
      shame that she even defrauds paid searchers too. I guess you can’t trust hardly anyone.
      Mary Jo

      Yes, DunKKKan, you low life racist skank, this is extremely relevant to your comments because it shows what kind of sleazy worms bigoted Islamophobes racists like yourself really are.

      Oh and your BS “OAFKEPPER” site is nothing but an Alex Jones style tinfoil hat racism done by phony “law enforcement” wannbes.

      If they were REAL L.E. they would have thrown your smelly dirty *ss in the slammer for FRAUD for ripping off the dozens of emotionally vulnerable adoptees of THOUSANDS of $$$’s for false claims of being a “searcher”.

      You are a perfect example of what is FILTH in this country.


    • Anonymous

      “I never thought anyone would run my name through Google! Now that someone posted proof of what sort of manipulative fraud I am, I’m taking my marbles and going home!”

  6. James and Sandi Duncan

    cute, anonymous, if there is anyone on here that knows how to check it out, knows I did not write that.

  7. Bryce

    I don’t know who the author of this Blog is but the lead in is wrong. Although organizers of this event expected 50,000, under 8,000 actually attnded.