Who Is Andrew Beacham?

The many faces of Andrew Beacham

The many faces of Andrew Beacham

Our friends at Teabagger Watch (nee Teabaggers Are Coming) have a great new piece about Andrew Beacham, the young teabagger acolyte of rabid anti-choice zealot Randall Terry. Beacham first came to our attention when he has been spotted him at various events sporting distinctly changed looks. In addition to getting arrested wherever Obama is speaking and making a fool of himself protesting Obama’s “do well in school” speech, Beacham’s hobbies also include infiltrating Planned Parenthood meetings and having sooper dooper top seekrit meetings with notable airhead Alan Keyes.

Read the whole juicy article here!


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8 responses to “Who Is Andrew Beacham?

  1. Hello,

    I think it is funny that some idiots think I am racist or a terrorist.
    1) I am part Native American, Potawatomi

    2) I have consistently dated ethnically diverse women and have friends from all over the world.

    3) I don’t believe that “races” exist. We are all humans, and we can all have viable off-spring with any other human, thus defeating the ignorant rantings of those who support the ignorance of Darwinism. Genetics disproves such myths as “race.”

    4) Yes, there are different physical traits in certain gene pools. However, how one’s looks won’t definitively tell you there ethnic or cultural up-bringing. It may give hints or strong indications, but why assume you know. Doesn’t that make you judgmental or intolerant if not discriminatory?

    5) I am non-violent and advocate working within the current structure. I have never been convicted of any violence. However, abortion doctors tear apart babies and throw them in plastic bags 3,500 on average everyday, but that isn’t terrorism? So, it is ok for a abortionist to cut up a human and not ok for me to say that I don’t like that and it shouldn’t be done?

    Amo Ergo Sum,
    Andrew Beacham

    • Anonymous

      They didn’t call you a racist, they made fun of you. If you really buy into that creationist garbage about darwinism encouraging racism (or nazism, communism or any other ridiculous delusion from Ray Comfort or Kent Hovind) you are someone with a profound disrespect for science and knowledge. Yes, this means you *chose* to be an idiot.

    • ladylibertyslamp

      The articles on you have nothing to do with race or racism.

      These articles point out the fact that you are an idiot who commiserates with other idiots in an organization with a long history of violent acts and assassinations and attacks against people and destruction of property.

      So, now, not only do we know who you are, local progressive activists, local law enforcement, local churches, and Planned Parenthood now ALSO knows who you are.

      You will not be doing any more infiltration of any of our groups in the DC area again.

      You picked the wrong town to play these stupid games in.

      You’re obviously not bright enough to understand the issues, and you lack the control to keep your self in check.

      A bad combination.

      There is no tolerance for chuckleheads like yourself going Scott Roeder in here in DC.

      The spotlight has just been thrown on your dumbass, and it put your ignorant face on everybody’s radar.

      You’re DONE in DC!

      • Slash

        so you people must be proud making fun of people who stand up for what they believe in. A) you guys aren’t even using facts that are true and B) he’s not Ignorant my uneducated fools you are

        • ladylibertyslamp

          Slash- Your idiot buddy Andrew now has a Secret Service file, is most likely on the JTTF Watch List and now is on the activist alerts, and for a very good reason, he plays with stupid.

          His careless and erratic behavior fits with the profile of someone with a narcissistic personality disorder mixed with a martyr complex, often the persona of a delusional person who will do violent action for their over inflated cause.

          This isn’t the farm lands of Indiana, this is Washington DC.

          The unstable behavior and borderline rhetoric displayed by Andrew as seen in various episodes on videos and in person and his Twitter TWATTING, as well as his constant stalking of several elected officials including the President of the United States is a almost sure sign of a powder keg about to harm someone or a lot of someone’s.

          Infiltrating and posing possible threats to 501C3 organizations, NO! NOT OKAY!

          You think this is going to be ignored in the Nation’s Capital? HELL NO!

          Instead of attacking the people who have concerns for hack nut cases like your buddy, Andrew, why don’t you let him know that his present record with the LE agencies because of his volatile actions and behavior is going to stay with him for the rest of his sorry life.

          His present status in the DC area is more and more unwelcome, and to be unwelcome here is going to make his life increasingly difficult.

          DC does not take rabid loons like him lightly.

          If you were a real friend you would get back on your school computer and e-mail him to convince the moron to go back to Indiana and take care of the unborn there, like the one his unwed sister is about to have.

          Don’t F*** with DC!

    • Hired thug from Planned Parenthood and ACORN

      Your funny Beacham or should I say Chief Wannabe. It would seem you got it wrong again, the article didn’t even mention race and the fact you were trying to say the classic “I’m not a racist I am native american and I have black friends” made it even better. You make us all laugh Beacham, as you said it takes a village idiot and you fit that bill quite nicely!

      Oh and if you don’t want to be called a terrorist don’t hang out with other terrorists. When you close pals are a guy like Randall Terry and people who hold signs like “Obama is a Nazi” or “Quit worrying start your militia training today” or “Revolution Montana, Armed and Ready” you tend to be called what they are called. It’s not like we are calling you a Muslim communist Nazi, like you and your buddies call a Christian mixed race politician who would be more in line with conservatism with a facade of liberalism.

  2. Anonymous

    Slash, they reposted his twitter page and news stories where he appears. What’s untrue about those? Is he a victim of a massive conspiracy that makes him post lies on his own twitter? Andy is a clumsy fool who believes creationist conspiracy theories and likes to make a spectacle of himself. If you can’t take people making fun of you on the internet, maybe you should find another hobby. Hey, at least LLL knows how to use punctuation marks!

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