LULZ!!@ StoooooPid is a conservative website.
In the their collective of pro-teabagger 9/12 love me photos they have this one:



Sometimes it’s just too easy ….;-)

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  1. Best Comment EVAR

    Found this on the site the picture links too:
    “These rallies are whiter than an albino mime in a blizzard.”

    Of course every teabagger is up in arms about the comment trying to make claims that the rally was multi ethnic yet they can’t provide proof. The pictures kind of speak for themselves. Though taking the typical teabagger/right winger claim about immigration and their comments about the rally (how it was like the make up of America) than that would mean by their logic that most of the crowd was “e-lee-gul ay-lee-uns” and also by that same logic we should start deporting teabaggers.