Protest Madness Outside Fancy HRC/Obama Dinner

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Anti-Gay counter protesters... and a counter-counter protester?

Anti-Gay counter protesters... and a counter-counter protester?

Granted, it wasn’t exactly a “perfect storm”, but it was a pretty good storm, well worth the price of admission if only for the satisfaction of seeing a gang of cops being faced down by some people picketing on a public sidewalk who actually had a frickin’ permit, f’cripesake.
Sharing a kiss in front of bigoted homophobes

Sharing a kiss in front of bigoted homophobes

A diverse range of opinions were on hand outside the Convention Center Saturday evening on the occasion of the Human Rights (a.k.a. “Human Whites”) Campaign’s annual banquet, which this year featured as its headline speaker US President and Nobel Idol Winner Barack Obama, a leader with a record of zero campaign promises kept so far for gay/lesbian/bi/trans citizens.
Don't Tread On Moi!

Don't Tread On Moi!

“Operation Rescue” founder and domestic terrorist Randall Terry was there with the usual posse, but without the usual over-the-top street theater, only Randall himself giving us what can only be described as a rant that was “phoned in” compared to the God Hates Fags-type characters who taunted and insulted picketers with far more conviction and gusto further down the sidewalk from him.

WSQT Guerilla Radio has an audio report

Mike Flugennock’s video can be seen here

The rest of Wespennest’s photo set can be seen here


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3 responses to “Protest Madness Outside Fancy HRC/Obama Dinner

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  2. Richard

    Yea the same old message outside as inside. Just a little more spice out than in by the me me’s. Get rid of DADT and DOMA, then all our problems will be sloved and we will be in 7th heaven.

    Let’s see how about HRC and their support of sweat shops? How about their leaving everyone else but themselves behind? How about the escalating war? How about poverty, people losing their homes, health care. Where was coalition building with other groups who would come out and march against what a mess this country is in? Why do gays and lesbians think they can stand alone in their one issue? The flags are pretty but so hum hum. I liked the action in the night at the HRC building better.

    Reform oh reform. Crumbs from the masters table cloth. One question when will we ever stop loving the master and joining with the enemy?

    • Not gay as in happy but queer as in fuck you (HRC)

      Not only that but HRC doesn’t give one shit about queer people or trans people. They only care about the Gucci Gays and Lesbians (which would include themselves of course)
      The C.E.O. (well he looks like one and acts like one) Joe Solmonese makes a boat load of money ($338,400 to be exact) and is a shill for the democrats and has been his entire career starting with the Dukakis magic. His building is worth 18 million dollars with close to 40 million pumped into the sleek modern appearance (while queer youth are kicked on the streets and trans people are thrown under their executive coach)

      Plus I don’t even know if Solmonese is really gay (other than an interview with Colbert) and if he was he certainly doesn’t act like it. He praised Obama for acting swiftly for what? so far NOTHING!

      Though according to Solmonese we have till 2017 till we can judge Obama for failing miserably at even the tamest and lamest things that even HRC sort of wants ending DADT and DOMA, which is pro military and pro church/state relationship.

      It is great he is a white male speaking for every GLBT person ever but we don’t need him. We also don’t need Obama or Barney Franco (err Frank) or any of their buddies.

      The organization in the past supported Bill Clinton for president whom many will remember as not being a great president for anyone (from sanctions in Iraq and other military actions around the world to NAFTA too expanded police state mass environmental destruction and much much more)

      He also snubbed the HIV/AIDS Memorial over that weekend too go too a fancy dinner to hear ObamaJesus and Lady BlahBlah speak while the folks outside were being rammed by cops.

      So as a queer person who doesn’t like HRC or their (and their precious government’s) gender binary bullshit, I say loudly and proudly FUCK OFF HRC. Plus I heard their was a sale at the Gap you might be able to make it if you could stop fucking over queer people.