On October 10, 2009 Skinheads in Philadelphia, the Keystone State Skinheads, attempt to celebrate honoring the viking “Leif Erikson” as an event for unity in being “pro-white”.
Pro one’s culture is fine except that with this group it means hating every other race and declaring them “inferior”.
The Wannabe Cast of "American History X" Marching For Old Dead Vikings

From One People’s Project

PHILADELPHIA – For the third year in a row, Keystone State “Skinheads” (KSS) held their Leif Erickson Day Celebration on Boathouse Row at the statue of a Viking explorer, but this time there were some uninvited guests – a small group of antifa that got there first.

Nine anti-racist activists representing various groups in Philadelphia stood at the statue as the approximately fifty neo-Nazis held their event, which once again almost threatened the annual Navy Day Regatta boat race held every Columbus Day Weekend. Unlike last year’s outing, which took place right at the statue, this year, the Regatta was held just a little bit further up the river, thereby avoiding any possible conflicts.

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But, One People’s Project was not the only news source covering the event from the Philadelphia City Paper in an article called Kinder, Gentler Skinheads
“][ soft white power ]
From the City Paper:

Three-year-old Ariana is ecstatic. Stomping in time to the raucous Celtic tunes floating out across a stone pavilion in Franklin D. Roosevelt Park, she giggles and twirls in front of the musicians with another little girl. When she runs back to her mother, green eyes shining and blond ponytail slightly disheveled, she knows what to say to get attention: “I’m gonna f*** you up!”

The adults around her — tattooed men with shaved heads and combat boots, women in tight jeans with dyed hair and heavy makeup — guffaw. “The things kids say,” sighs one man, grinning and rubbing her head

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Ahhhhhh … that “master race” at it’s finest!


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3 responses to “GIVE ME SOME SKIN…HEADS!

  1. Bernhard

    Hahahaha a black guy starts talkig about “his people” when he’s protesting against white folks right to celebrate “their people”. I would like to see them demonstrate against the cubans in LA or the Irish in Boston. Since when did being skandinavian become a shame??

    • ladylibertyslamp

      “Leif Eriksson day” in Philadelphia isn’t a day to celebrate Scandinavian culture, it’s a recruitment effort by a gang of neo-nazi skinheads. They have dick to do with anything Scandinavian– hell, most of KSS is Irish and Polish— two societies that the ancient vikings frequently were at war with. They use Leif Eriksson as a cheap facade for their white power shindig, which the Philadelphia City Paper reported on. There isn’t room for debate about this– they didn’t talk about or do anything related to Leif Eriksson, viking discovery or anything historical, they staged a white power show and cookout. That’s it. If that’s what “Scandinavian culture” is all about, it’s crap.

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