Protest Call! Against “Illinois’s #1 Hater of Gays”

Gay Liberation Network (GLN) has called for a protest against what it calls “Illinois’s #1 Hater of Gays”!
At 6:30 PM this Saturday night, October 24th!
Peter LaBarbera, the man behind Americans for Truth About Homosexuality, is having his annual benefit and protesters will gather outside the Christian Liberty Academy, 502 W. Euclid Avenue, Arlington Heights, IL to express their First Amendment-based opposition.

Peter LaBarbera

Peter LaBarbera

GLN notes that Peter LaBarbera not only opposes equal rights for Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals and Transgender people (LGBT), but has spent literally decades fighting against equal rights:

– as a former reporter for the right-wing “Mooney” paper The Washington Times of the Rev. Sun Myung Moon cult

– as an operative with Concerned Women for America, a group dedicated to opposing equal rights for women

– as Executive Director of the Illinois Family Institute, an outfit which was at one time labeled a “hate group” by the Southern Poverty Law Center

– as one of the few, core supporters of multiple campaigns by far-right politician Jim Oberweis, whose campaigns were widely viewed as scapegoating Latino immigrants

– as one of the few, core supporters of the U.S. Senate campaign of Alan Keyes, a campaign that was so unhinged in its far-right rhetoric that future President Barack Obama rode to a record 70%+ victory to win the seat

– and now with his Americans for Truth About Homosexuality.

“With his breathless ‘undercover’ reports about Chicago’s International Mr. Leather and other events, LaBarbera’s obsession about gay sex has become legendary in political circles,” said GLN’s Andy Thayer. “His ‘activism’ would be laughable if it wasn’t also dangerous — LaBarbera was the principal proponent of the two failed attempts to get anti-gay initiatives on the Illinois ballot.”

GLN notes that LaBarbera has not only served as front-man for a series of far-right causes, his own statements have matched:

*** Appearing last year on the far-right Matt Barber program with luny-right legislator Rep. Sally “homosexuals are worse than terrorism” Kern of Oklahoma, he said that the gay lobby “threatens America and threatens children.”

*** Addressing the increasing pogromist atmosphere against LGBT people in Uganda, he said “At AFTAH, we preach Christian mercy and have denounced Talibanesque capital punishment for homosexuals in countries like Iran. But we also believe that if states and localities here in America (and governments abroad) wish to ban sodomy, they have every right to do so…” So Talibanesque laws are apparently okay, it’s just the punishment that is considered a bit extreme.

*** Talking about John Berry, the head of the federal government’s Office of Personnel Management, he said “So, what we have is sort of a subversive — if you could call it that — homosexual activist, and now he’s going to have an even much more visible and powerful role at OPM, which is a very powerful job in Washington.”

The Gay Liberation Network ( is an all-volunteer organization dedicated to winning equal rights and liberation for Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals and Transgendered people through street protests and other direct involvement in social and political issues.

For Information: Bob Schwartz, Gay Liberation Network

Andy Thayer, Gay Liberation Network,,


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