Hey British Antifa! You Are Awesome!

This is sort of late, but we cannot let this past protest by our British comrades go without mention.

You are awesome!

The British Antifa Kick BUTT!

The British Antifa Kick BUTT!

From Socialist Worker UK

Anti-fascists begin London protest at the BBC

by Esme Choonara

Anti-fascist protesters are gathering this morning outside the BBC’s television centre in west London, where Nazi British National Party (BNP) leader Nick Griffin is due to appear on the BBC Question Time programme tonight.

Local Labour MP Andy Slaughter joined people outside the studio.

He told Socialist Worker, “I am appalled that the BBC is giving a platform to the BNP, a neo-Nazi party. As the local MP for this area my constituency is one of the most racially mixed and integrated in the country.

“Giving respectability to the BNP leads to more violence against black, Asian and Jewish people. It is unacceptable.”

Local resident Les said, “The director-general of the BBC should resign. As a local tenant and a TV licence holder I think the BBC’s behaviour is a shambles. The BBC is complicit in inciting racism.”

Many BBC workers stopped on their way into work to talk to anti-fascist activists. Some Bectu and NUJ union members took leaflets into television centre to distribute. Other workers took Unite Against Fascism badges to wear for the day.

The main protest is due to begin at 5pm and people will be arriving throughout the afternoon to join the ongoing picket.

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