WARNING! International Fascism On the Rise!

WARNING: Fascism On The Rise!

WARNING: Fascism On The Rise!

Back in June of this year, we covered a story about Nick Griffin the British Nationalist/Nazi Party elected official to the European Parliament and his connection in organizing with other European right wing Nationalist/Fascist political parties.

It was really only about four-five months ago, and nobody knew whether to take it seriously or not.

Well, it looks like the trend of “Nationalist Parties” has hit a growths-pert. .

From The Taiwan News:

Five European nationalist parties are forming an alliance in opposition to the European Union and globalization, officials said Saturday.
Hungary’s Jobbik, France’s National Front, Italy’s Three-Color Flame, Sweden’s National Democrats and Belgium’s National Front formed the Alliance of European National Movements, saying the British National Party, Austria’s Freedom Party as well as groups from Spain and Portugal would join them soon.

Far-right parties won a surprisingly large number of seats in June’s European parliamentary elections. Jobbik got three seats and nearly 15 percent of the vote in Hungary, while the British National Party won two seats and 6 percent of the vote.

Nationalist parties are usually opposed to immigration and increased rights for homosexuals, say globalization will homogenize independent cultures and don’t want supranational bodies like the European Union to limit the rights of individual countries.

“This is an important step … for the renaissance of sovereign nations,” Marc Abramsson, president of Sweden’s National Democrats, said about the alliance. “It is a struggle for our own culture and heritage.”

Ummm… “opposed to immigration and increased rights for homosexuals”?

Sounds like our very own Tea Bagging hate movement who are furious with the fact that there is a black president, and who also hate immigrants and want to control who can marry who.

Are we looking at an international trend of a growing reactionary movement based in intolerance and Fascism which also has a connection to our own American soil?

Anti-Muslim Fascist Dutch Politician Geert Wilders Makes USA Speaking Tour

Anti-Muslim Fascist Dutch Politician Geert Wilders Makes USA Speaking Tour

As of late, the Fascist Nationalist Dutch politician Geert Wilders, known for his hatred against Muslims, has been making a United States speaking tour to various colleges hosted by the racist David Horowitz
From One People’s Project:

Students and community members came out to protest the appearance of Geert Wilders, who has been making a name for himself as an anti-Islamist politician in the Netherlands, and Frontpagemag.org’s David Horowitz, who has had a decades-long career of promoting hatred against Muslims and people of color, often using college campuses as the vehicle for such promotions.

Historically, Europe has suffered greatly under Fascism, hence why our British anti-fascist comrades will risk themselves to fight against every move of the British Nationalist/Nazi Party, as will our other European comrades.
We must join them in this battle and unite internationally to be stronger than the evil that is starting to infest our planet.



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