Report Back From the GLN Protest Against Peter LaBarbera

We posted the protest call for this action and here is the report back from Andy Thayer

On the march7

GLN Protest against Peter La Barbara 10/24/09

Protesters from a local Gay / Straight Alliance, the local Congregational Church, the Chicago Coalition of Welcoming Churches and the Gay Liberation Network picketed the annual banquet of Peter LaBarbera’s “Americans for Truth [sic] About Homosexuality” in Arlington Heights, IL Saturday night.

We felt it was important to label LaBarbera and his guest speaker Matt Barber as “bigots,” because they not only oppose different sexual orientations and gender identities per se, they also oppose our equal housing rights, job opportunities and access to public accommodations. They are bigots, full stop, and the more that the public sees them as such, the less likely LaBarbera, et al are going to get the mass public hearing that they crave.

It’s also important to note that “Americans for Truth’s” bigotry is confined not simply to LGBT people. Peter LaBarbera, for example, was a prime supporter of the many failed campaigns by Peter Oberweis, a man widely condemned for his anti-immigrant anti-Latino biases. In an earlier incarnation, LaBarbera was an operative with “Concerned Women for America,” an anti-women’s rights group, and before that he was a “reporter” for the far-right Washington Times newspaper, a creature of the creepie Rev. Sun Myung Moon cult.

Four hi-res pics from our protest are attached and free for your use.

Andy Thayer
Gay Liberation Network

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