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Hal Turner’s Brazilian Nazi Wax

But first a little music…for your enjoyment …..

Hal Turner claims he went to Brazil to infiltrate a wealthy Nazi gathering there, and we here at LLL has the photos!

Hal Turner Hanging Out With Brazilian Nazis For the Feds (Hal is the second one in from the right)

Hal Turner's Fed Informant Brazilian Nazi Vacation (Hal is second one in from the left front row)

If anyone would like to ID some of the faces in these photos you can leave it in our comment section or e-mail us at


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Hal Turner The Snitch And The Mess That Goes With Him

Hal Was Snitching on Nazis- Now He's About to Snitch on the Feds

Ever since Hal Turner’s arrest for threatening federal judges, the stories from Hal’s attorney about Hal actually being a FBI paid provocateur using Hal’s over the top racist radio show as a FBI honey pot setup called “Operation Valhalla” came pouring out in press releases.

Hence, a lot of people are upset about what this operation has done by using threatening racist violence and intimidation to innocent citizens who happen to be in the line of fire of the Nazis and racists Hal was inciting, provoking and manipulating.

And it appears it was all under the direction of the newly elected New Jersey’s Governor Christie

Daryle Lamont Jenkins of the anti-racist organization “One Peoples Project” is addressing this issue:

Okay. Now we are pissed. We are not just pissed because it happened, but because we didn’t pay attention as the guy who presumably allowed it to happen became New Jersey’s next governor.

You know all those threats that White Supremacist Radio host hal Turner leveled at damn near everyone he had an issue with, including us – repeatedly?
You know how much of a task it has been to get him prosecuted for any of it?
And do you know how much talk there has been from Turner about how he was a federal informant all this time?
Well, it is all coming out.
The Bergen Record wrote about it and now the Associated Press picked it up.

After going through government documents, court records, emails, and interviews with Turner while in jail it is all confirmed.

The FBI paid Turner, even coached him to make all the racist and vile threats we have been dealing with all these years.
According to the report, we are talking thousands of dollars going to Turner for that rally in Kingston, NY where he threatened a woman organizing against it and encouraged people to come to her home – while DLJ was there, threatening the entire city of Kingston if they didn’t prosecute a black student who was in a fight with a white student on a hate crime charge, threatening the Jena Six, threatening the black population of Kalamazoo, Michigan, attempting to cause a disruption at an event we held in Newark by threatening one of our speakers, and a whole host of other gems that would have us here forever running down.

What makes this so bad is who might be responsible for all of this.

The federal prosecutor at the time was Chris Christie, who is currently the Governor-elect of the State of New Jersey.

According to Turner, Christie stated in a letter he would not prosecute Turner for any of this, so Turner’s lawer has subpoenaed the Gov.-elect and is currently waiting for a reply that he may never see.
Christie is pleading the fifth, and we thing he has a good reason to.

Now those who are supporters of the SHAC 7 – a group of animal rights activists who have served or is serving jail time for monitoring the fine folks over at Huntington Life Sciences who like to torture animals for the sake of coming up with the latest cosmetics – might want to follow this case because Christie’s office prosecuted the SHAC 7, accusing them of doing the SAME DAMN THING THEY PAID TURNER TO DO!
Christie is quoted saying about the SHAC 7: “We will not stand by and let any group or individuals violate federal law through violence and intimidation, no matter what cause they profess to advocate for in the process.”
Well, it looks like that’s exactly what he did, and we all need to get the complete lowdown on this and find out what is real and what is not.
If Christie did in fact do this, he will have a lot, a hell of a lot to answer for.

Turner’s trial begins Tuesday, Dec. 1 at the Brooklyn Federal Courthouse.

We all need to be there and directions accompany this story.

Somewhere, Hal Turner’s old buddy Sean Hannity is happy as hell the heat is off him – a least for a little while!

Rest of the article HERE

And for fun we add the FAMOUS MIKE FLUGENNOCK’S: HAL TURNER MASH UP for all to enjoy!


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Aryan Nations E-Mails On WikiLeaks

Aryan Nations is a dangerous terrorist group who were responsible for an assassination attempt on Obama during the Denver Democrat convention back in 2008.

Aryan Nations a Domestic Terrorist group

Well it looks like the Aryan Nations e-list e-mails were LEAKED on WikiLeaks

You can find all the funny rants of paranoia and mental derangement here:

LULZ!!! 4 ALL!!!

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“Oath Keepers” Are Now Promoting Themselves To White Nationalists

More Neo-Nazis Are Joining The Military

The Oath Keepers are a right wing extremist group claiming to be made up of both military and law enforcement personnel. This fact has not escaped the Pentagon, which may consider dishonorably discharging Oath Keepers and other members of “extremist organizations.”

The “Oath Keepers” was formed as an opposition reaction to the Obama presidency, specifically targeting the military and law enforcement community to unite a martial oriented rightwing movement. History remembers another episode where a rebellious military cadre united with reactionary forces to oppose and ultimately bring down a democratic government: Franco’s Nationalist revolution in Spain. Unsurprisingly, the Oath Keeper movement has found ardent supporters amongst nationalists and fascists of all stripes, like this post on the forum of the Keystone State Skinheads.

(Keystone State Skinhead/Nazi Forum Stormfront member/military soldier “Adolf Otto” recruits for Oath Keepers on racist Nazi forums )

There is no lack of amusement, then, when Oath keepers try to prostelytize to avowed white supremacists. Despite the best efforts of Oath Keepers NY Nationalist, ADOLF-OTTO, Whitegeek and “White Pioneer”, they’re still shot down by the intense paranoia rampant in the white nationalist community.

Meanwhile and conversely, pointers are given on how to recruit amongst their members. Other people go on to point out the common practice amongst military white nationalists to vociferously deny their racism as a way to avoid “unpleasant” attention. Lastly, a common theme amongst posters seems to be the concept plagiarized from the literary train-wreck known as the Turner Diaries: that when their silly little “race war” comes, white nationalists will benefit from having their members in key positions.

Not only is this exercise an example of Oath Keepers trolling for heavily armed members among the violent fringes of society, but it’s also a wonderful example of how dysfunctional and chaotic the white nationalist scene really is. Even though white nationalists are unable to decide whether Oath Keepers are an evil “ZOG plot” or a useful asset in their coming “race war,” they are being actively instructed on how to infiltrate this group and sway it far beyond the realm of reality. white nationalists are being encouraged to look at Oath Keepers as a “crypto-fascist” group– one that “talks the talk” of “pandering to the SPLC” by condemning racism and the white nationalist movement, but when “the shit hits the fan,” will fully support white supremacist terrorism.


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David Irving Got a Taste of Old Chicago

From One Peoples Project:

Flushing Irving Down the Toilet


From an email: “David irving was disrupted and shut down tonight (Nov. 24) in chicago at Edelweiss restaurant at 7650 w Irving park road. A few people were arrested shortly after. We ask anyone willing to help out to call Edelweiss at 1708 452-6040 and let them know that their involvement in the case of the arrestees will only lead to exposing them for what they are; Nazi sympathizers!”

We hope to have more information about who was involved and how things went down, and will post it here as we get it. This was Irving’s last stop in the States for the year, but there’s always next year for those who missed all the fun!

Pretty obvious Irving ain’t welcome in the USA, maybe he’ll take the hint and stay there in England and let the Antifa there have at him.

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Time To Fire Homophobic Cop Richard Fiorito


The Next Step to Stopping Anti-LGBT Cop Officer Fiorito

Chicago Cop Richard Fiorito Misuses His Power As A Cop To Attack Gay Community

This Thursday night, November 19th, is an excellent opportunity for CHICAGO residents to send a message in person to the top Chicago Police Department brass about their allowing anti-gay cop Officer Richard Fiorito to remain employed by the City of Chicago.

7 PM, Thursday, Nov. 19 In front of Chicago Police Headquarters
3510 S. Michigan Avenue
Just a few blocks east of the “35th Street“ Red Line el station (ample street parking is available too)

At 7:30 PM residents will go inside to attend the Police Board meeting. It begins with a half hour or so of formal business, followed by the public comment section. In order to speak in this section, you must call the Board at 312.742.4194 before 4 PM at least a day in advance.

The full story:

BEWARE:Homophobic Chicago Police Officer Richard Fiorito
We reported last month about the growing number of FALSE DUI’s charges being brought foward against the gay community by this “bad cop”. Members of the Gay Liberation Network and attorneys for over 35 people falsely arrested by a Town Hall District police officer, released police videotape showing that the officer trumped up the bogus charges.

The officer – Richard Fiorito. Known to harrass the gay community in and around Boystown. Will arrest you, even if you are NOT drunk and can pass the road tests!

This past week, 15 MORE plantiffs have filed suits against this allegedly anti-gay cop.

Fiorito has been placed on desk duty since the charges were first issued in early October. 16 more plaintiffs recently joined the case with the original 21, leading the total to 37 lawsuits against the officer. All testimony from Fiorito in any of these pending DUI cases will be on hold until internal investigations from the Cook County State Attorney’s Office and Independent Police Review Authority are complete.

Cook County State Attorney Anita Alvarez has now dismissed all pending Fiorito DUI casses, against the victims. Attorney JOn Erickson says, “My clients are elated Alvarez is finally doing the right thing and dismissing these cases, but will not rest until she indicts him for his crimes.”

Like that will happen!

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It’s Movie Night Over @ Tea Bagger Watch!!


The Tea Baggers are starting to steep weak as the exposure of who and what they really are is bleeding into the public eye.

On Tea Bagger Watch there is a double feature of hilarity as Nazis try to join an Arizona Tea Bag shindig and Minnesota Tea Bagging morons get punked by progressive kids.

You can watch all this entertainment HERE

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