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Neo-Nazi David Duke To Speak In DC!!


KKK Leader and Republican Politician David Duke

KKK leader and Republican political runner David Duke is coming to Washington DC, Saturday November 7, 2009 from 2-6 pm at the Capitol Skyline Hotel
10 “I” Street SW Washington, DC 20003 Hotel phone: (202-488-7500) or go to http://www.capitolskyline.com


David Duke in his regalia

He is going to be speaking at a neo-Nazi conference put on by American Free Press as announced on the Neo-Nazi website Stormfront

And as timing should have it, it is the same day as the Black is Back March in DC

More in article on One People’s Project


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Funniest Political Campaign Site on the Internet!

This is just about the funniest political site on the internet:



Meet George Hutchins LULZ!

What makes this even more amusing, he is serious!!!!


Vote George Hutchins LULZZZ!!!


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Children of Gaza

This is a most touching, tearful and beautiful video about the “al Samouni Family”

The photos were taken and the video was produced by “Jose'” who spent some time in Gaza and is bringing us a quality of reporting rarely found.

From Jose’:

music: sabali by amadou & marian from their album welcome to mali

images: (from 09-09) children with rubble in the background are from the al Samuni family (google al Samuni) other images are from the beach camp market and from old Gaza

free palestine stickers courtesy of Gabriel and www.peaceproject.com

big love to code pink for arranging the visit

Fore more vids by Jose’ and they are awesome we recommend them highly, you can find them here

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