Neo-Nazi David Duke To Speak In DC!!


KKK Leader and Republican Politician David Duke

KKK leader and Republican political runner David Duke is coming to Washington DC, Saturday November 7, 2009 from 2-6 pm at the Capitol Skyline Hotel
10 “I” Street SW Washington, DC 20003 Hotel phone: (202-488-7500) or go to


David Duke in his regalia

He is going to be speaking at a neo-Nazi conference put on by American Free Press as announced on the Neo-Nazi website Stormfront

And as timing should have it, it is the same day as the Black is Back March in DC

More in article on One People’s Project


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4 responses to “Neo-Nazi David Duke To Speak In DC!!

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  2. White Advocate

    I went to this event. The most surrealistic part of it was the fact that they had an interpreter for the deaf, who happened to be Black! So I got to watch David Duke and Texe Marrs give a speech with a black interpreter. Actually there were several blacks in the audience, two or three. You got the general feeling that the Liberty Lobby crowd has much less anti-black feeling than you would surmise. As a matter of fact, several attendees and one speaker were outside sharing a smoke afterwards when a black panhandler, young and a bit pushy, came by. They gave him a smoke, and one guy went back inside to make change and then came back out and gave the panhandler a dollar!
    All the animus was reserved for Jews, and they ladeled it on pretty thick. Still, they didn’t seem like hateful people at all. Just simple-minded, passionate, outraged and paranoid.

  3. ladylibertyslamp

    WA- thank you for your honest report back.

    We understand you are not one of “us”, but your assessment sounds very accurate.

    I do believe this African American presence is due to a common ground based in a racial separatism.

    The “motherland project” is a good example of African American racial separatism.

    And yes, they are riding the anti-semite wave pretty high and no they are not as harmless as you may think.

  4. Leroy Washington

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    Leroy Washington