Funniest Political Campaign Site on the Internet!

This is just about the funniest political site on the internet:


Meet George Hutchins LULZ!

What makes this even more amusing, he is serious!!!!


Vote George Hutchins LULZZZ!!!


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3 responses to “Funniest Political Campaign Site on the Internet!

  1. Oh, gaahhhdd. My retinas just melted.

    You owe me a new keyboard, too.

    Jeezus, who designed this pair of clown’s pants, anyway…somebody’s teenaged nephew? It looks like somebody threw up on my monitor.

    It almost looks like the decorations on the sides of the infamous Pro-Life Truck we see at the right-wing freak appearances around town. Why doesn’t this doorknob just hang a neon sign around his neck, flashing “I’m a pure 24-karat wingnut”?


  2. Did the 90s just happen all over again

    For real the nuts site looks like it’s one of those crappy old 90s websites with the addition of tabloid style images and gay-ass font colors (I would have liked more pink) plus a message board like you could find on angelfire (if you can remember that far back) I was kind of hoping to find some crappy gif’s and a bunch of broken hotlinks.

    Plus it just seems odd he was in the Army and then switched too the Marine Corps. I have never heard of this, maybe too many GAY MALE HOMOSEXUALS in the army?

    His youtube page is also nuts. He is friends with the BNP (British Nazi Party essentially), englishnproud66 ,a big friend too the BNP, BoycottIslamUK, another BNP friend, and LaRoucheisRight (thats right Lyndon LaRouche the most nutzoid person you might ever hear about)

    He is trying to create a conspiracy between Adolph Hitler and Charlie Chaplin on one of his other sites: http://www. nimcrown .org/charley-chaplin-the-dictator.htm (note spaces provided so as not too link from here)

    All in all dude probably doesn’t have much of a chance but is worth keeping an eye on in case he does something even more crazy or something dangerous.

    • Seriously, man; it looks like a historic re-enactment. The only thing missing is crazily wiggling animated gif icons and blinking text.

      Still, at least it has the obligatory busted graphic links. (Btw, Yahoo! has finally closed down GeoCities. Ahh, memories)

      Sadly, his YouTube channel has been suspended. I was hoping to suck down some high-larious video from there. Oh, well. Still, a Google search for his name on shows that apparently, the guy already has quite a reputation as a k00k.