From the Steps Of the Capitol:Tea Bagger Event Attracts Thousands

TeabaggerNov5, 2009

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Mike Flugennock writes:

Thousands of ignorant-assed SUV-driving muthafucKKKahs gathered on Capitol Hill today to actively campaign against their own best interests in the current healthcare “debate”. “Abuse us! Cheat us! Let us sicken and die when we can’t afford healthcare!!” chanted the crazed thousands of freedom-loving patriots who assembled at the Peoples’ House today. The throngs of fake Harley gear-wearing whitebread thrilled to the stirring words of Michelle “You Be Da’ Man” Bachmann and the guy who played the mailman on “Cheers” as they condemned the weak-assed bone thrown to single-payer supporters in the form of the “Public Option”. Look the hell out, Nancy Pelosi. Fear the voice of the People.

Speakers included Bachmann, Jon “Midnight Cowboy” Voight, and “Cliff” from Cheers.



Pitiful fools …….


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2 responses to “From the Steps Of the Capitol:Tea Bagger Event Attracts Thousands

  1. christopher

    ah-corporate fascism at its finest.but-we-the real people will have our rally on the steps of the Capitol-sooner than later.if things dont get resolved soon-theres a great chance of Civil War.chance of civil war?we shouldve had one forty years ago.many people have been unemployed,cant afford sky rocketing healthcare costs-are losing their homes-an economic disaster the likes not seen since the great depression-two wars-Iraq-Afghanistan-we the people need to ban together-to enjoy what the rest of the other rich-industrial nations take for granted.they pay their taxes-and get first class world standard healthcare.all around the world they are laughing at our squabbles.the unemployed have time on our hands-so a trip to in order.tea baggers have time against their best interests-showing their stupidity.yes-they are laughing in Toronto-London-Paris-Berlin-Sydney-Tokyo and rightfully so.this country the so-called beacon of democracy is now just a nation with cowboy mentality.——remember one thing about all this-United We Stand-Divided We Fall.since we as a nation are so divided-this nation is breaking apart and oh so quickly.the economic crisis we have has been brought upon us by Wall Street and the politicians.our problems are endless.Capitalism-is a failure-time for real change-its never too late.we must re-invent ourselves.thats real Liberty.

  2. Many of folks blog about this matter but you wrote down really true words.