We Has Healthcare…Sort of…?

Did we get single payer? NO!
Did we get Public Option?
Does anyone know what we got?
Ummmm … ?…

Yet, watching the insurance CEO’s dump millions into Kst for this:
teabagger …has been the most entertaining part …

The sad piece of is 90% of the people suckered into this T-Bag movement are not bad people.
They are being lied to and manipulated for the sake of insurance CEO billionaires who rip off and steal from a majority of the American people.

Does anyone really agree with employees having to pay an extra $200 a month for healthcare?

Is it fair for a small business owner to have to pay out $1000’s a month to cover the employees?

It’s time to stop pay off the thugs whom we are forced in monthly extortion protection $$$$’s to.

We The People, under threats and fear pay out to insurance corporations for: healthcare, cars, for our homes, legal protection, for our businesses… they even control our driving privileges! WTF????



Because, they would rather dump the money they should use to pay up on claims into astroturf groups who round up the disgruntled and misinformed to do their bidding.

Will the senate pass it?

I think it will pass, and in the future it might evolve … maybe …


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3 responses to “We Has Healthcare…Sort of…?

  1. Fil

    Apparently, what we got was an end to legal abortion. That was the trade for one republican vote.

  2. ladylibertyslamp

    Well, Fil, let’s hope the Senate can fix that …

    • Fix? This goddamn’ bill can’t be fixed. There’s nothing worth “fixing”. This bill is a shabby-assed, rusting old pickup truck that’s stuck in the mud so goddamn’ deep that we’re better off just getting out and walking. Better no healthcare “reform” bill than the steaming shit sandwich they’re trying to serve us now.

      As sick as it sounds, I’m actually welcoming Joe Lieberman’s threat to filibuster this wretched pile of shit. At first, when I heard that news, I thought “oh, sweet friggin’ jayzus”, but then, as I considered what’s actually IN the friggin’ thing — imprisonment for poor schlubs working at Mickey D’s and can’t even afford rent on a decent apartment, let alone healthcare; the sellout of women’s reproductive rights, no single-payer — I decided “yeeaaaahhhh! You go, JOE!”

      Besides, I’ve never in my lifetime gotten to see a real, live, good old-fashioned filibuster in Congress. My only problem now is that it’ll be done by Joe Lieberman, in that annoying, mumbly, mealy-mouthing voice of his.