How Nazi David Irving Spent Friday the 13th

The LLL Collective has been getting bits and pieces of the theatrics of the David Irving’s visit to New Jersey in an attempt to gather together his fellow Nazi like mind.

One Peoples Project has the full scoop:


Nazi David Irving Gets PWN'd in NJ Friday the 13th!

Friday the 13th doesn’t always mean Jason is going to come out and slash you up. If you’re Holocaust denier and Hitler apologist David Irving (that’s starting to be his name around here) that might have been preferable to his New Jersey experience that day. Jersey doesn’t like Nazis, and will do something about them when given the chance. That is probably why this was the first stop on his East Coast tour that Irving saw opposition. He held his speaking engagement at a Best Western in Pompton Plains, NJ, and antifa, who were told that another venue canceled him but went to check it out just to be sure, found out that the true location. If that wasn’t bad enough, hackers zeroed in on his websites, giving antifa everywhere an early Holiday treat – information on all of his supporters. Today he is supposed to be in New York City, but he has to find another place there too. The original spot closed his doors to him once they learned who was coming his way. Antifa did good – damn good this evening, and even if you can’t find what venue Irving duped into hosting him, you can most certainly now find a lot of the folks down with him. Works for us! David has his spin going on this one, saying, “We are puzzled that they (antifa) are so frightened by historical debate.” Well, we are puzzled about you being puzzled, Dave. Debate can only be had when you have those you are debating in the same room with you, which you tried so hard to avoid and always do. This time it was in vain, and now a lot of you-know-what is going to hit the fan. See what happens when black (clad) cats cross your path on Friday the 13th, Dave?


***UPDATE!*** Nazis on Stormfront having a hissy fit thread (WARNING RACIST NAZI SITE!)


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8 responses to “How Nazi David Irving Spent Friday the 13th

  1. Hot damn, man. Looks like Irving’s on a roll.

    Still, Daryle, I think there might be a typo in that one quote: “We are puzzled that they (antifa) are so frightened by historical debate.” Are you sure that shouldn’t be “hysterical”.

    Just saying.

  2. ladylibertyslamp

    Looks the the roll is on Irving… ‘nother Nazi scalp … cuz Inglorious Basterdz R EVERYWHERE!!!



  3. Flithy Homosexual Yid

    “Do they really want to fight us in the streets? Because if (or when) it comes to that, these filthy Yids will surely be out-manned and out-gunned. And they know it. Bring it on, Jews.” – via Scumfront

    Really nazis you think us Jews are out personed and gunned? I thought we run the world and caused 9/11 with our missiles.
    Do you nazis have missiles? I thought not!

    Plus as you say we run the media too and we run the banks and we also run David Duke and Stormfront as a secret communist plot. We want to kill all WASP babies and have our way with your women. Turn all the Dunkin Donuts into bagel shops and send a plague of locusts. And if you believe all that we also can sell you the Brooklyn Bridge. However knowing nazis, you will believe anything so the selling price on the bridge is $500,000. All money should be sent too Lady Liberty’s Lamp.

    Oh and WE WANT OUR SCALPS! (We have gloves now so we can take the scalps without having too touch you, filthy nazis, when in the streets because yes I am all for kicking your ass by any means necessary)

  4. Veritatis

    No one was ever burned at the stake for saying the world was flat. There must be something to what David Irving is saying to bring out such a lynch mob mentality.

    • Anonymous

      The people saying the world was flat were the ones doing the burning. You know, your guys. And it is funny you bring up lynch mobs, considering that’s such an intrinsic part of being a neo-nazi/klan dickweed.

      When all is said and done, an equally matched “showdown” between “communist jew swine” and “proud aryan warriors” wound up with the “aryan barbaians” shitting their pants trying to hide in a barricaded hotel conference room. White pride my ass!

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