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NYC Anti-Fascists Vs David Irving’s Hell Hounds; The Saga Continues …

Nazis Come Back For More

From One Peoples Project:

Apparently New Yorkers Against David Irving is getting a few emails from Jacques Pluss, the former National Socialist Movement guy in New Jersey who said he was just pretending to be one of them for a book, then admitted his true beliefs. He provided his address to antifa and is daring people to come out to his home and start guff with him, which one, we already had thanks to the hacking of Holocaust Denier and Hitler Apologist David Irving, and two, has been done to him before in the past, so this isn’t even a problem for NJ Antifa! Meanwhile Allen “Staropramen” Rouse has been posting that the next time Irving has an event in NYC, he will be outside looking for antifa with five or six other Nazis he will personally handpick, so we should “be prepared to meet your maker next time because I promise, you won’t be as lucky as you were tonight.” Rouse apparently isn’t prepared to get phone calls from us, though because we called him and he doesn’t answer. And someone, either him or the moderators at Stormfront isn’t prepared for antifa to take them up on the “be prepared to meet your maker” offer because that part of Rouse’s post has curiously been removed from the thread. In any case, one of the busiest weekends for antifa on the East Coast in a long time has resulted in two Irving events protested, two more reportedly cancelled in New Haven, CT and Boston, Mass., Irving’s three websites hacked, his supporters exposed to the world, and a lot of boneheads pissed off at Irving for his repeated lack of security (not his fault really; we’re just so damned eager to kick Nazi ass)! This is the reportback from NYADI.

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