NYC Anti-Fascists Vs David Irving’s Hell Hounds; The Saga Continues …

Nazis Come Back For More

From One Peoples Project:

Apparently New Yorkers Against David Irving is getting a few emails from Jacques Pluss, the former National Socialist Movement guy in New Jersey who said he was just pretending to be one of them for a book, then admitted his true beliefs. He provided his address to antifa and is daring people to come out to his home and start guff with him, which one, we already had thanks to the hacking of Holocaust Denier and Hitler Apologist David Irving, and two, has been done to him before in the past, so this isn’t even a problem for NJ Antifa! Meanwhile Allen “Staropramen” Rouse has been posting that the next time Irving has an event in NYC, he will be outside looking for antifa with five or six other Nazis he will personally handpick, so we should “be prepared to meet your maker next time because I promise, you won’t be as lucky as you were tonight.” Rouse apparently isn’t prepared to get phone calls from us, though because we called him and he doesn’t answer. And someone, either him or the moderators at Stormfront isn’t prepared for antifa to take them up on the “be prepared to meet your maker” offer because that part of Rouse’s post has curiously been removed from the thread. In any case, one of the busiest weekends for antifa on the East Coast in a long time has resulted in two Irving events protested, two more reportedly cancelled in New Haven, CT and Boston, Mass., Irving’s three websites hacked, his supporters exposed to the world, and a lot of boneheads pissed off at Irving for his repeated lack of security (not his fault really; we’re just so damned eager to kick Nazi ass)! This is the reportback from NYADI.

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30 responses to “NYC Anti-Fascists Vs David Irving’s Hell Hounds; The Saga Continues …

  1. Y’know, I was just thinking… about that headline…

    Given the piss-poor performance of Irving’s goons in Jersey and NYC, you might want to call them “Heck Hounds” instead.

    Just saying.

  2. Veritatis

    Just to be clear, how exactly do you define Nazi? Would that be someone who is actually a member of the Nazi Party or just anyone you disagree with?

    • ladylibertyslamp

      V- I genuinely believe you like hanging out on our “queer little blog” with us “queer jews”, hmmmm?

      And a big football guy like you…

      • Veritatis

        Are you queer jews? I thought you were just ill informed, and violent. I figured that there was some hope for you if you heard the truth.

        • ladylibertyslamp

          on SF you called us “queer jews”, I thought that is why you like hanging with us so much

          • Veritatis

            Not I. I have no need to call people names. The truth is on my side.

            • ladylibertyslamp

              Okay “Gator” whatever you say….

              We read your posts, we know what you post about us, and yet, you seem to like to return here for some reason.

              You also seem to like to send us hits by posting our url on SF threads.

              You sure you aren’t really on “our side”? Or you’re just not all that bright …


  3. Veritatis

    How did Chicago work out for ya’ll?

  4. Veritatis

    Please send me a link to the post, where I called you any names. Show me the post where I advocated anything violent. I don’t need to do that. I don’t feel the need to deny anyone, even you, the freedom of speech.

    You on the other hand, seem to fell the need to attack old men and history buffs, or at least encourage others to do so.

    I was at David Irving’s talk in Orlando. I for the life of me can’t understand why you get so upset about Irving. He hardly made the Nazis out to be saints. The said they did in fact murder a million and a quarter Jews. Hardly a ringing endorsement of Nazism. The only problem is that it isn’t 6 million. Why is it so important that it is 6 million? Why isn’t one million bad enough?

    Why do you feel compelled to beat up an man over a number? If he is wrong you just put forth you own reason for believing in the 6 million figure. The only time I’ve seen people want to beat someone up over a disagreement over a fact, is when they are wrong, or can’t prove their facts. Religious people do this a lot. No one can prove that Jesus walked on water, but a lot of otherwise good decent Christians will want to fight you if you say he didn’t. Hell I’ve met some that would want to fight you over dunking vs. sprinkling.

    See that is your problem. The Holocaust isn’t a historic event to you.. It is a religious event and any deviation or questioning is heresy. If that were not the case, a civil debate could be held over the number of Jews killed. Since it is a religion, you have silence the Heretics.

    • ladylibertyslamp

      V- you are such a whiney bitch for attention, but you are probably lonely and don’t have many friends or much of a life, like most WN so as Lt. Aldo Raine says: OBLIGE him.

      From the bowels of Stromfront:

      Gator61-“I left a couple of comments on one of their queer little blogs. I doubt that it will get through moderation. Not that it will do any good anyway. My guess is only queer Jews read those blogs.”

      Did we ever claim you said anything violent? No! Even if you had we would just laugh at you anyways, or at least more so than we already do.

      Antifa smash Nazis, period.
      You hang out with and associate with Nazis, and might very well be one, so you should know this by now, if not, learn it.

      • Frankie

        You Antifa race-traitors will never be lonely when you are forced to cohabit with the mudskins you so love. Or you may be, when they kill all your friends before getting to you at last. (Imagine yourself as a white farmer in Rhodesia)

  5. johnny jack

    If you guys go after Nazis please start protesting the state of Israel. Palestinians are suffering far worse than the jews within the Third Reich.

    Also you may want to become more active in anti-war demonstrations. I assure you if Israel/US attack Iran you will then come to realize what anti-semitism is.

    People will not be too happy as their economy crumbles like that of the Weimar Republic, caused actually by the same group of people…

    • ladylibertyslamp

      JJ- if you read our blog you would know we are anti-Zionist/occupation, but we also know that white racist idiots use the cause of the Palestinians to attack Jews who are not Zionists.

      Most WN racists will claim to have compassion for the Palestinians and in reality they hate Arabs/Muslims too, but they have an excuse to slam Jews.

      And as far at the Weimar Republic goes, it was a great period in history for art, theater and culture.

      It was a back lash of the anti-art slobs who didn’t like the Weimar era and fought against it’s art.

      • The Weimar era was a time of great poverty and humiliation for the common man, but you object that it was a great era for “art, theater and culture”?
        That’s like saying the days of slavery were a great era for agriculture.

        • ladylibertyslamp

          oh yeah, because you care so much about the history of black people’s suffering?

          You’re like those rightwing nutjobs who compare themselves to Martin Luther King.

          You Nazis types hate the Weimar because it was a time for a growth spirt in art and architecture, women’s rights, civil rights and free thought.

          Women weren’t white race breeding machines, and homosexuality was not a crime

          Of course you will take all these things and make yourself and the nazis you identify with victims of it, because as the oppressor, which your kind are, it’s all you’ve got.

          • I couldn’t care less about the suffering of most other people or races as long as I have a life and problems of my own. I’m only making a comparison to highlight your snobbery. It’s just like the Palestine issue: I’m normally not concerned by what happens to someone on the other side of the world, and I don’t have a fight with Palestinians when they’re only doing what I would do in their situation. But Zionists want “Westerners” fighting the Arabs, so I’m compelled to beat down Zionist morons* where otherwise I wouldn’t care except to occasionally chastise them for being idiots.

            *I beat them down intellectually of course. I use an anime cartoon fox as my forum avatar instead of some Rambo crap because I’m super nice and civilized IRL, and I much prefer rational debate over violence, unless I’m pushed.

            The Weimar era was a time when the German working class endured brutal poverty and saw their country being chopped up and handed to the victors of WWI, when bourgeois idiots partied and engaged in pseudo-intellectual wankery while radical parties like the NSDAP threatened to take over. All the plays and sculptures in the world wouldn’t have saved Weimar from the impoverished half-starved mobs.
            Gator/Veri specifically mentioned economic collapse in relation to Weimar. Saying Weimar was alright because it had its own art movements is like:
            Saying the Depression was a great era of frugality.
            1984 was a novel about utopia created through advanced crime control methods.
            Blade Runner is about a golden age of technology.

            And what’s this BS about women being “race breeding machines”? Firstly I’m not a PR guy time traveling from the 1930s Third Reich regime(If I wanted Hitler’s regime back I’d become a historical reenactor, like the NSM). Second, that “breeding machine” crap was in reality Hitler’s intention to up the German birth rate as part of his economic plan. Women still had traditional jobs and served non-combat roles in the military and police(need I mention Hanna Reitsch?).
            Even today women supposedly have more freedoms but usually choose to get married, or work in “female” fields like nursing, day care and teaching.

            • ladylibertyslamp

              you aren’t even intellectually superior to an eggplant.

              Your a joke society laughs at.

              • At least I’m not as evil a person as you, backing an antiquated and economically ruined joke of a society like Weimar.
                And your insults are like complements to me, coming from someone whose political statement is “you’re a right winger and a Nazi too, so I’m going to beat you up lol!”

                • ladylibertyslamp

                  oh really, where did we say we are going to beat you up?

                  we can beat you in other ways and ruin your already miserable lives, but it doesn’t always mean a physical confrontation.

                  antifa is much bigger than you realise and we operate on many levels.

                  you are just another flag waving racist who will get disgusted and bored with the WN scene soon enough.
                  you are a dime a dozen, nothing special except for your little ditties you puke out on blog comment sections and fed trap racist forums.

                  you know nothing, so stop assuming you have the clue you obviously will never have.

                  • I was referring to your stance towards David Irving and others you wrongly call “Nazis”. I find it absolutely hilarious that a bunch of pimply faced kiddies who follow an ideology I grew out of when I was 15 manage to inflate their egos so much by attacking a supposedly tiny and marginalized group like “white nationalists”/”Nazis”/lolocaust revisionists. A bunch so childish they think they can fight the power and be the power at the same time.

                    When you say the Weimar republic was an era of great art worthy of being distinct from the periods before and after, you only cement the stereotype of a typical “antifa”.

                    What you fail to realize is that any art community in an era like Weimar is naturally going to be a joke because only a few elitist rich kids will be able to participate, because everyone else is dealing with a brutal reality and struggling to feed their families.
                    Under Hitler workers could listen to orchestral music in their factories, all classes could afford to go on cruises, and people actually had the leisure time to create real art or visit plays and art museums. They didn’t even ban the bourgeois rich kid toys you’d call art, instead they set up exhibitions making fun of it while promoting their own art.

                    This illustrates further why such a movement came to power:
                    They didn’t get there by “scapegoating” Jews(any soldier in the Wehrmacht in ’44 could attest to not caring about Jews), they got there because the clueless ruling classes and political parties created the perfect conditions for a real social revolution.

                    Besides that, Johnny Jack specifically wrote “as their economy crumbles like that of the Weimar Republic”, so I’m more on topic, unless he edits his message to say “as their art industry crumbles like the Weimar Republic”.

                    • ladylibertyslamp

                      Actually, I find that you racists like to spend more time over here, than over at your “Stromfront” and VNN even more hilarious.

                      I don’t have to prove what racist Nazis you all are, all I have to do is approve the racisr and anti-semetic comments blaming “Jews” for made up crap and the whole wold can see you are Nazis/Nazi sympathizers.

                      So, basically, all those nasty anti-jew/black/hispanic and mentally crazy conspiracy hate remarks which are considered “normal” on “Stromfront” gets to be viewed and sampled right here by the normal public in it’s nasty state.

                      You do our job for us!

                    • Sometimes SF just gets too boring, and when that happens there’s never a shortage of lame arguments, internet tough guys and pathetic comebacks to entertain.

                      Your blog stats: 17,744 hits
                      SF stats right now: 238 members and 3238 guests
                      Most users ever online was 9,124, 06-10-2009 at 02:56 PM.
                      We don;’t need a blog for public exposure. Most bloggers have Aspergers syndrome anyway.

                    • Anonymous

                      Correction: You don’t want public exposure. That’s why stromfront posters get all pissy when their idiotic rants get plastered all over the internet.

                    • ladylibertyslamp

                      Yeah, SF can get pretty lame, VNN is far more entertaining when Linder isn’t on a banning spree and nixing all the funny posters.

                      Well, you are welcome to post here ANYTIME if you don’t mind “The Basterds”.

                      We are not a “nice” group, but at least we’re honest bout it.

                    • Anonymous

                      Have you ever heard of the term “Lebensunwertes Leben”? It means “life unworthy of living” and it was a lynchpin of the ideology of the NSDAP. “Lebensunwertes Leben” SPECIFICALLY targeted Jews, Slavs, Roma, homosexuals, communists and the mentally and physically disabled.

                      How about the Nuremburg Laws, which (among other things) prohibited marriage between Jews and Germans?

                      What about “Law for the Restoration of the Professional Civil Service” which, in 1933, fired all “non aryans” from civil service posts?

                      It was official government policy that Jews were deemed “unworthy of living.” You need to stop getting your history from biased hitler-apologists who are just mad at their father for leaving them (like Irving!)

  6. Fenria

    Why don’t you antifa’s ever tackle anything like Islam’s treatment of women, or Israel’s treatment of Palestinians. How about the oppression of people in Myanmar or North Korea. Oh, right, they’re communist so it’s all ok by you then, eh. The whole “Nazi” card is so old at this point. You guys are little better than a cult.

  7. American

    “antifa is much bigger than you realise and we operate on many levels.”

    When you learn to capitalize, then we can talk.

    The Jewish Marxists genocided 61 million Whites.

    Lethal Politics: Soviet Genocide and Mass Murder Since 1917

    When are Jewish Supremacists going to stop persecuting us Whites?

  8. Jack

    I think most White/German women were happy during the Nazi era before the war. They had a clean and healthy country to live in, no crime, a resurgence of art and nature, a moral uplifting, etc. We’ve all seen the pictures of women waving and throwing flowers at Hitler. Nobody ever did that to Stalin.

    • ladylibertyslamp

      Sure they did. People can do anything for propaganda purposes– there’s just as many pictures of Stalin cuddling with children as there are of Hitler doing the same. It doesn’t prove anything about how they were treated.