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David Irving Got a Taste of Old Chicago

From One Peoples Project:

Flushing Irving Down the Toilet


From an email: “David irving was disrupted and shut down tonight (Nov. 24) in chicago at Edelweiss restaurant at 7650 w Irving park road. A few people were arrested shortly after. We ask anyone willing to help out to call Edelweiss at 1708 452-6040 and let them know that their involvement in the case of the arrestees will only lead to exposing them for what they are; Nazi sympathizers!”

We hope to have more information about who was involved and how things went down, and will post it here as we get it. This was Irving’s last stop in the States for the year, but there’s always next year for those who missed all the fun!

Pretty obvious Irving ain’t welcome in the USA, maybe he’ll take the hint and stay there in England and let the Antifa there have at him.

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