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“Oath Keepers” Are Now Promoting Themselves To White Nationalists

More Neo-Nazis Are Joining The Military

The Oath Keepers are a right wing extremist group claiming to be made up of both military and law enforcement personnel. This fact has not escaped the Pentagon, which may consider dishonorably discharging Oath Keepers and other members of “extremist organizations.”

The “Oath Keepers” was formed as an opposition reaction to the Obama presidency, specifically targeting the military and law enforcement community to unite a martial oriented rightwing movement. History remembers another episode where a rebellious military cadre united with reactionary forces to oppose and ultimately bring down a democratic government: Franco’s Nationalist revolution in Spain. Unsurprisingly, the Oath Keeper movement has found ardent supporters amongst nationalists and fascists of all stripes, like this post on the forum of the Keystone State Skinheads.

(Keystone State Skinhead/Nazi Forum Stormfront member/military soldier “Adolf Otto” recruits for Oath Keepers on racist Nazi forums )

There is no lack of amusement, then, when Oath keepers try to prostelytize to avowed white supremacists. Despite the best efforts of Oath Keepers NY Nationalist, ADOLF-OTTO, Whitegeek and “White Pioneer”, they’re still shot down by the intense paranoia rampant in the white nationalist community.

Meanwhile and conversely, pointers are given on how to recruit amongst their members. Other people go on to point out the common practice amongst military white nationalists to vociferously deny their racism as a way to avoid “unpleasant” attention. Lastly, a common theme amongst posters seems to be the concept plagiarized from the literary train-wreck known as the Turner Diaries: that when their silly little “race war” comes, white nationalists will benefit from having their members in key positions.

Not only is this exercise an example of Oath Keepers trolling for heavily armed members among the violent fringes of society, but it’s also a wonderful example of how dysfunctional and chaotic the white nationalist scene really is. Even though white nationalists are unable to decide whether Oath Keepers are an evil “ZOG plot” or a useful asset in their coming “race war,” they are being actively instructed on how to infiltrate this group and sway it far beyond the realm of reality. white nationalists are being encouraged to look at Oath Keepers as a “crypto-fascist” group– one that “talks the talk” of “pandering to the SPLC” by condemning racism and the white nationalist movement, but when “the shit hits the fan,” will fully support white supremacist terrorism.


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