“Oath Keepers” Are Now Promoting Themselves To White Nationalists

More Neo-Nazis Are Joining The Military

The Oath Keepers are a right wing extremist group claiming to be made up of both military and law enforcement personnel. This fact has not escaped the Pentagon, which may consider dishonorably discharging Oath Keepers and other members of “extremist organizations.”

The “Oath Keepers” was formed as an opposition reaction to the Obama presidency, specifically targeting the military and law enforcement community to unite a martial oriented rightwing movement. History remembers another episode where a rebellious military cadre united with reactionary forces to oppose and ultimately bring down a democratic government: Franco’s Nationalist revolution in Spain. Unsurprisingly, the Oath Keeper movement has found ardent supporters amongst nationalists and fascists of all stripes, like this post on the forum of the Keystone State Skinheads.

(Keystone State Skinhead/Nazi Forum Stormfront member/military soldier “Adolf Otto” recruits for Oath Keepers on racist Nazi forums )

There is no lack of amusement, then, when Oath keepers try to prostelytize to avowed white supremacists. Despite the best efforts of Oath Keepers NY Nationalist, ADOLF-OTTO, Whitegeek and “White Pioneer”, they’re still shot down by the intense paranoia rampant in the white nationalist community.

Meanwhile and conversely, pointers are given on how to recruit amongst their members. Other people go on to point out the common practice amongst military white nationalists to vociferously deny their racism as a way to avoid “unpleasant” attention. Lastly, a common theme amongst posters seems to be the concept plagiarized from the literary train-wreck known as the Turner Diaries: that when their silly little “race war” comes, white nationalists will benefit from having their members in key positions.

Not only is this exercise an example of Oath Keepers trolling for heavily armed members among the violent fringes of society, but it’s also a wonderful example of how dysfunctional and chaotic the white nationalist scene really is. Even though white nationalists are unable to decide whether Oath Keepers are an evil “ZOG plot” or a useful asset in their coming “race war,” they are being actively instructed on how to infiltrate this group and sway it far beyond the realm of reality. white nationalists are being encouraged to look at Oath Keepers as a “crypto-fascist” group– one that “talks the talk” of “pandering to the SPLC” by condemning racism and the white nationalist movement, but when “the shit hits the fan,” will fully support white supremacist terrorism.


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22 responses to ““Oath Keepers” Are Now Promoting Themselves To White Nationalists

  1. Wallbangers

    WOW…what a stretch you reach for with ZERO facts! Honoring your Oath to the U.S. Constitution is “radical” in your book! I HATED George Bush and his Oath-breaking presidency! I hate Obama and his Oath-breaking presidency! You are firmly entrenched in the LEFT/RIGHT paradigm that constantly points the finger at each other! I could care less if you’re liberal or conservative as long as you keep the Oath you take (military, police, and politicians). The Oath is not taken to ANY person! I guess everything is just fine in your world and that ALL the Oath breakers in our government should be commended for bowing to the bankers at the expense of the American people! Do you have any problem with Obama continuing Bush’s un-Constitutional wars? How about his endorsement of the un-Constitutional Patriot Act, or illegal wire-tapping and surveillance? READ THE CONSTITUTION!! It’s not that long and you’ll be surprised at how simple it is. Oathkeepers has ZERO to do with Racism and everything to do with liberty and freedom! Do you have a problem with liberty and freedom??

  2. Might have mentioned our website, yes? 🙂



    • ladylibertyslamp

      Well, if you idiots actually knew how to click on links, which is the way to source and bib in today’s 21st century articles here on what you people call “the internets tubes” you will not only find the article to your own mentally deranged website, but all the links and proof of your recruitment on “white power hate sites”.

      So, yes, we have ALL the facts there!

      • Rex H. McTyeire

        Any individual can be rather misguided. You prove the point well, with a red star avatar using a liberty associated name. I can attest you are so off point and fact on this issue, that your position and claim is rabid to the point that it merits no discussion. It simply siphons all credibility from you, your site, and any other issue you might choose to address. I am sorry I came, and never will again. The sound you hear is all your audience leaving. The Oath Keepers organization does not recruit on “white power hate sites”. Its that simple, and I would know. The group has no racial agenda, and this misdirection crap has been going on all over the net. That does not prevent miscreants like you, or any one else, from using the name of the org anywhere; then standing back and saying na ne na ne boo boo like a third grader, while pasting in unrelated graphics for highlight effect, deliberately pandering to the gullible. The real value here is shown in the insults you offer to simple informational responses; as it puts your problem in its true perspective. Makes it stand out. What is with this insulting everyone responding, as you do so childishly to other comment here? It’s really all very twelve. This gets rather basic: look up “hate”. Study it carefully. Get a mirror. You might then notice that you are full of it: we already know. There is no cure. An aspirin will not help. Run off now and get the Kiwanis people too. Tell us all about the real evil agenda of “Better Homes and Gardens”. Can you simply explain why the US Constitution is such an emotional obstacle for red star people? Some adult advice: Grow up, get some education, get a real career, but don’t give up your current day job for this writing and research thing.

        • ladylibertyslamp

          Our audience is leaving? Funny our counter says otherwise! And you’ll be back, you be back to see how we respond to your whiney little comment trying to cover up your organization getting caught on their knees unzipping the trousers of ever lunatic fringe racist mentally fucked paranoid crazy to join your old white fat man club to get out there to fight the “colored man” in the White House.

          Where were you when the stupid white asshole, aka BUSH was destroying the country? (he’s white and Republican so just suck his dick and shut up, right?)

          I would rather wave the red star proudly then see our country tank with your martial minded fascism, and our collective will do everything we can to expose you.

          The country and the public WILL know what scum like you are really about and we HAVE the proof of what you really are!

          • Wallbangers

            How does it feel to be entrenched in the LEFT/RIGHT paradigm?? Oathkeepers is non-partisan and has a diverse membership that does NOT discriminate based on race, religion, gender, or creed!! You apparently missed the part of my message where I professed my hatred for Oath-breaker Bush!! Why not try to answer the questions I posed??

            Here’s some fun facts: the founder of Oathkeepers, Stewart Rhodes, came from a family of migrant Mexican farm workers. He abhors racism and openly denounces it. Google his MANY blogs and articles denouncing the Oath-breakers in the Bush Administration!! Oathkeepers could care less what color our president is…only that he HONORS his Oath!! What part of anything I’ve written do you have a problem with?? You don’t realize how ridiculous your words are when you denounce an honorable organization like Oathkeepers that is rooted so firmly in the U.S. Constitution!! Watch our videos and if you have an open mind, you will do an about-face and commend Oathkeepers!! Is any of this registering with you??

            • Anonymous

              All of your empty words would have value if not for the following fact: Oath Keepers was founded in March 2009. Obama had not been in office for two months and Oath Keepers were somehow able to determine that Obama’s administration posed a significant enough threat to the constitution to form their group.

              Meanwhile, Bush has been clearly and egregiously shredding our constitution, using the NSA to spy on Americans, treating dissidents like terrorists, torturing people and running a system of extra-judicial secret prisons in eastern Europe for EIGHT YEARS and the Oath Keepers did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. You (and I assume you’re speaking for the Oath Keepers, since you claim their videos as your own) never formed any opposition to Bush’s disregard for the constitution outside a number of strongly worded blog posts.

              Violent neo-nazis are joining your group and view it as a vanguard in their fantasies about a coming race war and your group has done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to expel them, in spite of your founders claims to not like racism.

              Either your group is so astonishingly inept that it took you EIGHT GODDAMNED YEARS to notice the constitution being shredded right before your eyes or your group has other motives. The fact that you’re not expelling the violent neo nazi element makes you hypocrites and does nothing to discourage speculation that you’re actively recruiting them.

              There’s our answer. Now put up or shut up: kick out all of the nazis (like the ones on Stormfront that are bragging about their membership) or admit to welcoming and recruiting them.

  3. Anonymous

    Where were you “patriots” for the past eight years? Clearly, you had no problem with illegal wars of aggression, torture, secret prisons, bush shredding the constitution, warrantless wiretapping, dissidents being placed on terrorist watch lists, and people who wore pink to events where bush was speaking being harassed by federal authorities, so what’s so different about a president who wants to moderately scale back these programs? You’re either cowards who couldnt stand up to a REAL threat to our country, our you’re political parasites trying to push some asinine agenda by courting the support of heavily armed WN extremists.

  4. Anonymous

    Oath Keepers strike me as the same type of individuals who, when REAL war resisters like Lt. Ehren Watada refused to die for oil, demanded those people be court martialed and imprisoned for treason. Some courage, eh? It says a lot about their organization when a gaggle of unarmed women like Code Pink have more fortitude than a bunch of cops and soldiers who are terrified their taxes will go up. FAIL!

  5. Sorry for you!

    Lady? Liberty?…hmmm. Guess you need another name because you are neither a lady nor know anything about liberty. I feel very sorry for you. You must have had an awful childhood. Did your parents beat you, did they often tell you how pathetic you are or, that you won’t amount to anything useful?? Did that make you angry as hell? You sure have a lot of anger built up inside of you it seems.
    About your pathetic take on Oath Keepers…
    Where’s the proof that what you say about this fine organization is true? PROOF! The fact is, Oath Keepers is nothing like your slanderous accusations of them portray. Did you ever meet a member of Oath Keepers? Have you ever witnessed anything but a peaceful word out of an Oath Keeper? Have you even visited the Oath Keeper website (www.oathkeepers.org) and read it thoroughly? My guess is not. My guess is that you are so uninformed and brainwashed by the real hate groups such as SPLC, and other such socialist fractions of treasonous, liers who hate America. Do you honor the U.S. Constitution as being the law of the land? Moreover, have you ever even read the U.S. Constitution…Do it! Do you hate America? Listen to your self spitting hate in your blog. You should be ashamed of yourself. I feel sorry for you.

    • ladylibertyslamp

      Hey dumbass, read what is on the Statue of LIBERTY then get back to us.

      The actual Statue of LIBERTY is about welcoming immigrants and diversity and to protect people who are running from the fascist and racist regimes like the one you are trying to create here with your quest for “whites only” in charge.

      I have actually read the Constitution, unlike yourself, and found that your kind has no idea what is actually in it, you just throw the word “Constitution” to cover up your idiocy.

      It isn’t working, you and your kind is going to exposed and taken down.

    • Anonymous

      Protip: Whenever anyone refers to the SPLC as a “hate group,” they’re using the exact same language that self-identified neo-nazis like David Duke use. If you want to be taken seriously and not as an apologist for people who honestly believe the solution to the world’s problem lies in exterminating all non whites, you need to stop talking like them.

      So, bottom line is that you’re yet another Oaf Keeper who’s adopting violent neo-nazi terrorist rhetoric. Nice. Thanks for doing our job for us!

  6. For all the folks who wonder where Oath Keepers was for the last eight years… the group wasn’t founded until 2009.

    LadyLibertyslamp is showing the obvious bias and extremist views that cloud your vision. Who is the paranoid one? All you can see are extremist undertones in Oath Keepers. If your report of bonafied extremist groups co-opting the Oath Keepers name is accurate, it is not through the leadership of the Oath Keepers but it’s plainly a subversion by the radical group.

    I suggest to anyone who thinks Oath Keepers an extremist group, they should endeavor to meet some of them and talk first hand with them. Or would that limit the amount of vitriol you spout?

    • ladylibertyslamp

      That’s exactly the point we’re making: you never bothered to form any opposition against eight years of Bush. You thought that a president that had been in office for less than two months posed a greater threat to the constitution than a president that violated and shredded the constitution every day for eight years. You are not making any effort to expel the violent neo-nazi extremists from your ranks. They are not “co-opting” the Oath Keeper name, they are joining your ranks and bragging about doing so. It’s your group and your members are your responsibility, just like every other group on the planet. You are not exempt from the requirements of reality.

  7. Marty

    “Hey dumbass, read what is on the Statue of LIBERTY then get back to us.

    The actual Statue of LIBERTY is about welcoming immigrants and diversity and to protect people who are running from the fascist and racist regimes…”

    Good grief. Somebody was asleep or stoned in history class. The Statue of Liberty was not conceived or created to have anything to do with immigration.

    The statue was not a project of the American government. It was a free-enterprise project, a gift from the people of France (again not the government, but private enthusiasts), to symbolize the participation of France in the American War of Independence, and the perpetual friendship of the two nations.

    France raised the money for, and constructed the Statue itself, but the pedestal was to be built with funds provided by the Americans.

    Newspaper magnate Joseph Pulitzer (b. Hungary, 1847), raised most of the funds for the pedestal. He felt that New York’s millionaires should be coughing up more money for the statue. They didn’t have to, though. They had actual liberty; there were no income taxes to require tax-deductible contributions.

    Emma Lazarus was a fourth-generation American, a member of New York’s Sephardic Jewish community (described in Stephen Birmingham’s The Grandees), a philanthropist interested in aid to Russian Jewish refugees persecuted by the Czar. (Russia was an evil empire even while they still had Emperors.) She supported the immigration of Russian Jews to America, then as now, the least anti-Semitic country on Earth.

    She wrote “The New Colossus” for the Bartholdi Pedestal Fund in 1883, before the statue was erected (“Here at our sea-washed sunset gates shall stand, etc”), but it was not inscribed on a plaque inside the statue’s pedestal until 1903.

    The tablet with the inscription was the gift of Georgina Schuyler, a New York philanthropist who was a friend of Emma Lazarus’, but who didn’t even know about the sonnet until she found it in a bookshop years after Emma Lazarus’ death.

    Georgina Schuyler was descended from the Dutch founders of New York, and was a direct descendant of Alexander Hamilton. She didn’t consecrate this tablet to the concept of unrestricted immigration but rather “in loving memory of Emma Lazarus.”

    So regardless of what people would like to believe, it is not a statue made to welcome immigrants.

    So YOU read some real history on the statue and get back to US!

    • ladylibertyslamp

      Ken Burns disagrees with you. Besides, the poem was written FOR the statue and it specifically invokes the millions of immigrants passing through Ellis Island. Nice troll, but five seconds on wikipedia shows you’re full of shit.

  8. Captain Dave

    You are incorrect. The Oath Keepers only defend the constitution.

  9. JohnnyFreedom

    Wow, you found some scary images of some Nazi nut-jobs that have nothing to do with Oath Keepers and post them with a scary slanderous story about oath keepers. how typical of the Saul Alinski style liberal media. I ask any one who reads this blog (all ten of them) to visit Oath Keepers site and find the scary Nazi stuff. Truth is, is that Oath Keepers is nothing more than former and active military and law enforcement that vow to keep the oath they swore to and lay down there arms and refuse if asked to act against the citizenry of the United States. Wow that’s scary. men and women vowing to disarm and harm no one if our own government becomes tyrannical and uses it’s armed forces against it’s own. Seriously get the fact before you by into these commie-kook scare tactics. But them again most of you are hard-core progressives and run from truth and facts like it was fire.

    • ladylibertyslamp

      Cool story, bro. We could not have found a more perfect example of a low-effort template-troll if we tried! Let’s see…
      [futile attempt to resurrect a ten month old article]
      [baseless and unsupported “slander” claim]
      [use “saul alinsky” as if it’s some sort of slur or insult]
      [call us liberals]
      [insult the readers of the site]
      [simplify and miss the point of the article]
      [call us communists]
      [call us “progressives” as if that’s some sort of slur or insult]

      Did you bother to read ANY of the comments before your decided to vomit your… no. You didn’t. And you won’t bother to read this one either, because you’re playing from a script. I know how this dance goes–you blather your talking points like a stuck record, we repeat the facts with links, citations and photographs, and you keep on denying. This is no different than dealing with 9/11 tr00thers, holocaust deniers or other fucking idiots who are convinced of their intellectual superiority because someone in a suit gave them a bunch of big words to recite. When the script runs out, your manufactured civility drops like a bag of hammers and you finish with a torrent of barely coherent invective. Enough. Unless you are able to “refudiate” specific facts (like Neo-Nazi “Oaf Keeper” Steve Smith actively recruiting among white nationalists) you ought to spend your time on more productive tasks.

  10. Arslan Amirkhan