The Hal Turner Trial Day 1

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This is not really the first day, but yesterday was only the jury selection:

December 3, 2009

11:20 Prosecution just finished opening statements …more details coming…


One Peoples Project Daryle Lamont Jenkins reporting from the courthouse in Brooklyn:

Hal Turner sat before Louisiana judge Donald Walter today and a multicultural jury in a Brooklyn, New York.

William Hogan presented opening remarks for the prosecution, noting that Turner is not on trial for his views but for his actions.

Referencing Turner’s boasting about the murder of the family of judge Joan Lefkow, Hogan ran down statements that Turner made about Lefkow and the causes for her family’s death. Hogan stated “that is not political rhetoric. That is not protected by the First Amendment and we will prove that in this case.”

Turner’s defense objected three times to the prosecution’s opening remarks, claiming that the statements about Lefkow have nothing to do with Turner’s June 2, 2009 arrest.

The prosecution plans to show that he planned to incite people both through his website and through personal emails. Turner became a federal informant in June of 2003, and was immediately instructed by the FBI that informants are not allowed to break the law. The prosecution went on to say that Turner violated these rules and was kicked out of the informant pool twice.

Defense objected again at the mention of incarcerated neo-nazi Bill White, which resulted in a sidebar– after which, judge Walter advised the jury that what matters is “not what [the defense and prosecution] say now in opening remarks, but what you hear presented as evidence.” The prosecution explained that White was brought up because Turner posted Lefkow’s information on his website immediately after White posted it on his website; the FBI immediately instructed Turner to remove Lefkow’s information from his website. Turner’s compliance in these requests imply that he knew that what he was doing was wrong.

When Lefkow’s family was killed, Turner bragged about it and posted info for three other judges related to the Matt Hale case. The FBI again told him to take that down and he again complied. On March 24, 2005 Turner quit as fed informant on the basis that he was upset the FBI interfered with the content of his website. Unfortunately for Turner, being an informant was his only source of income and he begged to come back. In 2006, the FBI took him back on a probationary basis. Again, the FBI warned him not to incite violence, and Turner was again kicked out one month later for promoting violence. The prosecution noted that the times he was fired from the informant pool coincide with the times his website went down.

The prosecution’s remarks went over by one minute; in contrast, remarks by the defense lasted less than ten minutes.
Defense attorney Michael Orozco referred to Turner’s trial as “a modern day witch-hunt,” which drew and objection from the prosecution. Orozco attempted to make the point that the FBI acknowledged Turner knows the constitution better than the feds. Orozco went on to say that “for the first time in well over 100 years, a member of the media is on trial for his opinion” and that Turner never had any intent to bring harm to the judges referenced on his website. Orozco went on to say that not only did the FBI approach Turner and direct him to spice up his rhetoric about the Lefkow murders, but that the FBI ended up cheating Turner out of money. Orozco called Turner’s situation nothing short of a “betrayal.”


3 FBI agents have spoken so far. Special agent Mark Wallschleager read the post from Hal’s site about Hal’s threat against the judges


It was confirmed in court today that Hal’s visit to Brazil to ID a wealthy Nazi who was going to give a very large sum of money to the National Alliance was paid for by the FBI.

Hal Turner (second from the right) With Brazilian Nazis paid for the be the FBI

More here

To the left of Turner in the solid white shirt is from the National Alliance member Morland Huber who goes by the alias “Trip Henderson”.
Turner used Huber to infiltrate a Brazilian Nazi gathering hosted by a wealthy Brazilian Nazi who was giving the National Alliance a very large cash donation.

Stay tuned to Lady Liberty’s Lamp for updates!


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  1. In Watergate, the feds broke in to gather evidence. In Turnergate, the feds got caught planting evidence. Which is worse? What did Obama know and when did he know it? What’s good for Nixon is good for Obama. He ought to fess up and step down (along with Holder, Haug — Turner’s FBI-handler — and any of the others who think they are above the law).

    • ladylibertyslamp

      Ummm…this all happened under the JTTF program under BUSH not Obama.

      Read the dates, if you can read…..that is ….

    • Anonymous

      Are you intentionally acting like a goddamned idiot or does this come naturally? Turner worked during the Bush years while Bush attorneys general were in office. Turner also claims to have been endorsed by Republican governor elect Christie. This is a bush-era mess with republican fingerprints all over it. Get it?

    • Malkin Bot 8.8

      Begin transmission

      It’s all Obama’s fault even though this happened years before Obama, no self respecting white man would ever allow such corruption to happen. Bush is a saint and anyone who says differently is a traitor and a communist and anti American, you cannot attack the president ever. Obama is guilty of everything, it was entirely his fault and his operation under his watch clearly he was secretly running the scenes with his fellow Jews during the Bush Administration and was probably lying to Bush about it so he wouldn’t find out. Typical of Obama and people of his kind.

      Transmission over.

  2. What about that one guy’s lederhosen — did the FBI pay for those, too? Eeeewwww.

    Still, ya’ gotta love Hal in this shot; you can tell the old boy is really infiltrating his ass off — especially the way he’s sort of popping up between those two other guys. That there is some serious-assed infiltrating, gang.