Hal Turner Trial Day 2

December 3, 2009 1:00pm

The defense and prosecution have rested!
It’s all up to the jury now

More updates coming


We have been waiting for one of our people to give us the story, but it is taking long time, so in the meantime the MSM:
From NorthJersey.com

BROOKLYN, N.Y. – Both sides in the federal trial of hate-talk radio personality and FBI informant Hal Turner of North Bergen abruptly rested their cases Thursday.

Hal Turner, center, arrives at Brooklyn Federal Court for the beginning of his trial.
The prosecution and defense are scheduled to present closing arguments on Friday morning. After that, jurors will begin deliberations.

Turner, 47, was charged with threatening three federal appeals court judges after he wrote on his blog last June that the judges “deserved to be killed” for a gun control ruling they made.

If convicted, Turner could be sentenced to prison for 10 years.

In two days of testimony, prosecutors called only five FBI agents and one U.S. Marshall to testify. The defense opted not to call any witnesses.

Beginning in 2002, Turner became popular among America’s extreme right wing for his radio show which regularly featured racist and anti-Semitic tirades, as well as verbal threats against judges, legislators and other government officials who he disagreed with. His audience included members of neo-Nazi groups, the Arayan Nation and other extremists.

In 2003, the FBI recruited Turner as a confidential informant on those extremist groups. His FBI work was outlined in a lengthy investigative report last Sunday in The Record.

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