“OAF KEEPER” The Cartoon!

All we can say about this is LULZ!!!!

Remember those wacky Oath Keepers? The militia fetishists who think that if one crams the word “Constitution” down enough people’s throats (even if you are someone who never actually read it) it makes one sound all “Mavericky”

Wel, Mike Flugennock does it again…

Another Mike Flugennock Masterpiece!

Can be found HERE and HERE


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16 responses to ““OAF KEEPER” The Cartoon!

  1. W. T. Mann

    Funny, complaining about the Federal Reserve is somehow bad? You lefties seem to love rich capitalist bankers, why is that?

    The cartoon is a hateful racial and classist stereotype, you’d never publish one that was against any other race. Why do you hate working class white people?

    Hilarious you are all complaining about Giles being an agent provocateur with that Black Block picture on your site, the ultimate agent agent provocateurs.

    • ladylibertyslamp

      Who are you and what planet did you come from? We’re anti-capitalists, you idiot. Considering that –according to Mussolini, anyway– Fascism is the merger of state and corporate power, it’s you who are in love with the rich and powerful. You’re just angry that your half-baked world domination schemes are continuously neutered– most of the time by your own people!

      We’re not making fun of whites, we’re making fun of militia crazies. If you honestly think that all working class whites are batshit crazy militia goons, you should leave the basement once in a while.

      We’re not “complaining” about Giles being a provocateur– we’re just trying to do some investigation.

      • W. T. Mann

        No, you are not “anti-capitalist” you are anti-White. Your blog doesn’t go after capitalists, it goes after working class White people. You support White genocide.

        Your Marxist heroes slaughtered millions more than Hitler or Mussolini but you don’t seem to mind.

        Your “artist collective” if half Jewish, half White, with some people of color thrown in to make yourselves seem legit.

        By the way, I’m not a White nationalist, just a pro-White White who doesn’t want to get slaughtered by your compatriots.

        You won’t find any hate on my blog – the hate is all on yours.

        Anyway, let us know how your anti-Zionist campaign is working out, lulz. RIP Rachel Corrie.

        • ladylibertyslamp

          What bizzaro universe do you come from that heavily-armed insane racist lunatics comprise the majority of “white working class people?” You have no connection to any class of working people, regardless of their race. No racial supremacist does, because the very core of their beliefs is an attitude of elitism and undeserved superiority– undeserved because it all stems from the ridiculous belief that one’s skin color means they’ll never be a pedophile, a meth dealer or a murderer of women and children. All of those offenses have been committed by the leaders in your movement– you know, the paragons of “white values” and “white morality.” There’s delicious irony in you praising Rachel Corrie, because not only was she one of those Marxist Hippies you hate so much, but she was raised in an “anti-white, Marxist” environment. We know you’re just looking for attention with all of this racialist BS– you know it doesn’t make a lick of sense.

          • W. T. Mann

            You want to kill us, and you’ll even kill a White person that agrees with you, like Rachel Corrie, if she dares oppose Jewish supremacism – that racial hatred that you refuse to criticize.

            You support a White genocide, you want the destruction of all White peoples and White countries, and you praise those who use violence to do it.

            So, are you Jewish or not?

          • What bizarro Universe is he from? I hate to break it to you, LL, but Mr. Mann here is from the USA — or, since the Clinton Administration, Bizarro Land. Sadly, he really is pretty much representative of white working-class America: ignorant, bigoted, selfish, superstitious, gullible, wanting what it doesn’t want, absolutely sailing-off-the-edge-of-the-earth, bat-guano insane — as are pretty much the whole of the American people these days.

            This kind of mutated zaniness is normal now, and we’re the weird freaks around here — kind of like that old Twilight Zone episode. Not even Johnny Carson in his persona of “Floyd R. Turbo, American”, could parody this fucked-up shit.

            • W. T. Mann

              Says Mike Flugennock:

              “he really is pretty much representative of white working-class America: ignorant, bigoted, selfish, superstitious, gullible, wanting what it doesn’t want, absolutely sailing-off-the-edge-of-the-earth, bat-guano insane”

              That’s a well-formed racist and classist stereotypical slur against White, working class people.

              Are you Jewish? Do you support Jewish leftist doctrine to “eliminate whites as a class”?

              Which communist butcher do you like best, Trotsky?

              • Classist slur, my ass. It’s the friggin’ God’s truth, from what I’ve seen in about twenty or thirty years of watching the behavior of the white working class in this country. The American working class doesn’t even have the balls to take its own side in a fight while, in the meantime, the French working class is taking over factories and holding the bosses hostage to get what’s due them and not backing down — which is what really galls the shit out of me when I hear Americans calling the French “surrender monkeys” while they let the bosses and bankers piss all over them. Based on what I’ve seen in the past thirty years, it’s the American working class who are the real surrender monkeys.

                Am I a Jew? Wrong again. Actually, I’m a fallen Catholic, now an atheist.

                As long as you’re asking, yeah — I’m a huge Trotsky fan. He was pretty much the only true Socialist revolutionary left in Russia at the time Joe Stalin put the hit out on him. When I read in my history that Stalin hated Trotsky, I knew that Trotsky was the man for me, and that Stalin was just another dirty thug pretending to be a Socialist.

    • Anonymous

      I think it’s funny that WN are so afflicted with tunnel vision that they are unable to recognize obvious government agents in their midst. I get it. You’re so desperate for any voice to agree with that you bite at the first bait that’s dangled in front of you.

      Oh well.

      That’s what hatred does to the mind.

    • Hot damn diggety. At last, a rightist troll bites on this one. I was beginning to think I’d lost my touch.

      Still in all, I’m getting kind of bored poking the rightists with stick, because I know what kind of reactions I’m going to get. It’s no fun anymore, like shooting fish in a barrel. I got basically the same reaction as I did with the Teabagger cartoon last summer — you hold a mirror up to their faces, and it’s instant conniptions. They’re so goddamn’ predictable, they’re just no fun anymore.

      I’m actually having more fun taunting the Liberals these days, because they know they’re tripping on Kool-Aid, and they know they should’ve known better than to drink the stuff, but the kind of courage and effort it takes to face up to that and admit they’ve been had would probably make their brains explode.

      Still, I never miss an opportunity to keep my chops sharp by taking a whack at the rightists, because they’ve been such an endless fountain of cheap laffs these days, as they’re just so goddamn’ batshit lately. I mean, c’mon — they totally ignore the fact that the current President is a conservative “New Democrat” and is totally in the hip pocket of corporate capitalists and warmongers, and become insanely fixated on the fact that his skin is a shade or two darker than they’re used to. Pretty much everything they’ve said and done for the past year or so can be boiled down to ZOMG, the President is a n1gg3r!

  2. W. T. Mann

    yeah, classist slur your ass.

    You literally promote HATE against white working class people. You promote genocide. Under UN defintions, you are a criminal.

    >Wrong again. Actually, I’m a fallen Catholic, now an atheist.

    Are you White or not? Do you hate all other peoples, or just Whites?

  3. W. T. Mann

    >I’m a huge Trotsky fan.

    All you need to say, Mike Flug. You literally support mass murderers. The fact you would support someone like Trotsky, who advocated genocide, is enough to know where you are coming from.

    You are literally a criminal under US international law. You belong in PRISON.

    • ladylibertyslamp

      Someone doesn’t know the law.

      But, I guess TexASS is a breeding ground for morons.

      Especially in the San Antonio area, isn’t it?

      Fuck off you little troll.

      Time for you to go back to the losers who ignore you on your side.

    • WTF?

      Ok so by that definition you must be public enemy #1 if saying you are a fan of some dead person. Heck you need a super max mental institution Whackjob Teabagger Mann. You are what they call a nut, mentally fucked.

      I have a feeling that the box your are keeping yourself in is not padded well so you are hurting yourself and that is why you are so angry and bitter at the world. Luckily Nurse Ratched will take care of you because you need it.