VICTORY over “Kill Gays, Kill Blacks” Bad Metal Band!

The Gay Liberation Network is an amazing group, and their latest and greatest is getting a stupid racist and homophobic “Black Metal” band called “Evil Incarnate” engagement cancelled.

We took a look at EI and they look like the type of band that appeals to angry 13 yr olds to piss off their mom and dad with silly superstitious mythical satanic imagery, which is idiotic, but not the issue.

The issue is their lyrics call for the mass genocide of gay and black peoples, which is no, not okay!

The report from GLN:

White Star Night Club CANCELS
Performance by Neo-Nazi Band “Evil Incarnate”!

CHICAGO — Yesterday the promoter of a multi-band show scheduled for this Saturday at the west side White Star Night Club confirmed with the Gay Liberation Network (GLN) that he has canceled the performance by neo-Nazi band “Evil Incarnate.”

In response, GLN thanked White Star management for “agreeing not to provide a venue for a group that calls for the murder of African Americans and Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans people.” In the lyrics of its song, “Killer of Faggots,” Evil Incarnate boasted:

N—-r lovers and faggots
Bullets in your head
N—-r lovers and faggots
Now your [sic] dead

Luftwaffa nazi arial assault
Pounding from air never to halt
Flak 88’s and panzer divisions
Bombing the faggots into oblivion

Bombing the n—-rs into oblivion

The song was recently released on a compilation CD entitled “Smashing Rainbows” on the “Fetch the Rope Albums” label.

“Our thanks go not only to White Star management, but to the many in the community who called them to inform them of the situation, and to our partners in this protest, Anti-Racist Action,” said GLN co-found Andy Thayer. “Activism – getting involved in your community – has once again won an important pro-gay victory.”

“I myself am Mexican,” said concert promoter Renato Brierio. “I don’t appreciate that kind of racist or anti-homosexual b.s.”

“I have removed EVIL INCARNATE from the Festival, they have officially announced that they are NOT playing this fest. Their ideology … DOES NOT represent the views and opinions of ANYONE at White Star or any of the other bands.”

Brierio told GLN that Evil Incarnate members had tried to divert the concerns he relayed to them about their “kill gays, kill blacks” lyrics by saying that the song was 20 years old. When he learned that the song was part of a months-old compilation CD called “Smashing Rainbows” on the “Fetch the Rope Records” label, he concluded that they were lying to him.

“They say one thing and then they do another.”

But if they’re willing to call for the deaths of whole groups of people, what’s a little lying on top of that?



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9 responses to “VICTORY over “Kill Gays, Kill Blacks” Bad Metal Band!

  1. The Eye

    Sadly, another show was given a pass just last week that had the same audience.

  2. ladylibertyslamp

    What’s even more embarassing is that Evil Incarnate was formed in 1994. The band isn’t even twenty years old! Did these meatheads somehow invent a time machine and travel back to 1989 for the sole purpose of writing a crappy song about killing gays?

    Maybe their distributors don’t believe in nazi time travel either, because they have it listed as being new for 2008. Sheesh.

  3. Jesus. H. Bicycle-riding. CHRIST.

    Those have got to be the worst lyrics I’ve ever heard in my whole life.

    They’re even worse than Foreigner’s lyrics.

    • Grwl

      “Grow a thick skin and quit crying over a band that says something you find “offensive.” Not everybody likes certain groups of people. Get over it!”


      Boot on other foot, Toten. Say someone writes a song about your mother encouraging people to go out and ‘kill Toten’s mother’ and ‘put a rope round her neck’. Are you going to celebrate that? So do you think a black or gay person is going to enjoy having his head stamped on because some bored rightwing loony tune got fired up by some weirdo band? Or should they ‘grow a thick skin’ -maybe when they end up in hospital having their jaw wired together right? Because you know it happens to gay men out minding their own business every day. Straight men actively seeking them to beat up. Very manly, I’m sure.

      Stop viewing ‘certain groups of people’ as some faraway concept, These are people, like you and your family, individuals who do not deserve to be beaten and abused by imbeciles who are increasingly taking things too literally in our modern societies. Your post is probably one of the most stupid lame excuses for defending such idiocy as this band is, that I’ve seen. I would put it to you that you are a member of this group becuase quite frankly, virtually nobody else seems to know or care enough about EI to warrant such a torturously long defense.

      There are enough nutcases in this world Toten. Don’t add to them. Dude, jst try and be nice with people for a change. It might work for you.

  4. Toten

    There’s no reason to talk trash this band or the type of music they play. You’re being immature and you come off as completely ignorant. Yes, they formed in 1994? So what? This sort of music is NOT outdated. It’s not part of a fad. It’s one of the only true survivors of music, despite what any of you think. I’m pretty sure that your average 13 year old would be listening to whatever dumb down band the main$tream has to offer.

    I don’t see the point in getting offended over their lyrics. There’s no need for political correctness in extreme music and that goes for NOT only Metal. I’m not racist but I don’t believe in political correctness or censorship. As far as homophobia goes. There really is no such thing outside of religious extremism. Evil Incarnate aren’t afraid of homosexuals. I’m not and there’s a lot of people who aren’t. Grow a thick skin and quit crying over a band that says something you find “offensive.” Not everybody likes certain groups of people. Get over it! Rappers talk about killing white people all the time and no one ever talks about that. Yeah, whites are a majority but still, it’s racism regardless. NOT that I’m a offended because honestly, I don’t get offended when it comes to these sort of issues.

    I also find it funny how a lot of you mainstream idiots slander metalheads and stereotype us as a bunch of illiterate morons and failures who listen to talentless music. It’s funny because you’re only describing the average fan of pop music, rap/hip hop, country, goth, “soft rock”, emo/screamo, grunge/post-grunge, bubblegum “punk,” or whatever simplistic mainstream garbage that’s popular these days. That kind of music is a trivial pursuit. It is extremely predictable and doesn’t serve a purpose. Most metalheads and musicians I know or have observed are very intelligent people with good paying jobs. A lot of them are collage graduates and are more successful than you probably are. The music we listen to is NOT noise or immature. Lyrical themes can range from historical events, philosophy, the occult, war (pro- or anti-), violence (often pro-), culture, supernatural, political issues (from far right to far left), and so on. A lot of metal bands are very technical musicians and can write 10 minute songs with narrative or architected song structures. Atheist, The Chasm, Rigor Mortis (Freaks), Morbid Angel (Altars/Blessed), Deceased (Blueprints and after, especially), Therion (Beyond Sanctorum), Sigh, Infester, etc. are all good examples.

    Anyway, these morons shutting down Evil Incarnate’s set are going against the first amendment and you all wonder why there are still people who have no respect for homosexuals? Forcing acceptance will only make people hate a certain group even more. Especially if you’re going about it this way.

    • ladylibertyslamp

      Killer of Faggots first appeared on the EI/Blaspherion split in 2007. This means the band’s line about the song being 20 years old is a lie. The band are liars.

      Aren’t GLBTQ organizations within their rights to complain? Freedom of speech goes both ways: you can say whatever you want, and people opposed to you can say whatever they want. They’re both essential parts of the dance. What’s more, there’s no law stating that venues must feature acts, nor is there any law saying those venues have to listen to people calling them to complain.

      Lots of bands have written lots of lyrics about cannibalism, satanism, necrophilia and genocide, but no one actually uses Pungent Stench liner notes as an instruction manual. Instead of using homophobia as a theme or subject to write lyrics about (and display some creativity), EI’s just babbling about how great it would be to kill all the gays. I should also point out that the entire album of Waiting For His Return is devoted to the incredibly hackneyed NSBM concept of undead nazi armies triumphing over humanity. NSBM albums like that are a dime a dozen, and bands that sound exactly like lo-fi ripoffs of Beherit are more numerous than there are grains of sand on a beach. Look, I’m a metalhead and I know how ridiculous the scene is– hence the existence of Impaled Northern Moonforest.

    • Duncan Hills Coffee enthusiast

      Shitty metal is shitty metal and shouldn’t be considered ok just because you think it is extreme. Why don’t you go back too your My Chemical Romance and leave metal too people who know it. Racism and homophobia have no place in Metal they belong in the rubbish bin. I have listened to plenty of metal bands that don’t need too use hate too make music and plenty of metal bands that don’t suck out loud.

      For those who enjoy metal and not racist homophobic garbage here are a few of my favorites (I know none of them include Evil Incarnate, Skrewdriver or BattleCry so the whiney little bastard Toten won’t be happy but fuck him)
      Sleep, some of the best Stoner/Doom metal

      Necrophagist, let’s get Technical

      Floor, a little drone with a good helping o’ sludge

      Gallhammer, Japanese all female crusty black metal

      Harvey Milk, slow and heavy named for San Fran’s first openly gay city supervisor who was murdered by some coward asshole

      Iskra, anarchist black metal

      Genghis Tron, it’s just fun synthy metal

      Eluveitie, good celtic metal (quality hurdy gurdy playing)

      Dethklok, you cannot have a good metal list and not list them

      Blut Aus Nord, experimental black metal

      Ministry, quality industrial

      Black Sabbath, wouldn’t be metal without ’em

      D.R.I., in their later years they crossed over from hardcore into more metal

      Fall Of Efrafa, 20 minute long anarcho-crusty metal goodness

      Limp Wrist, not metal just good queer as fuck hardcore

      Napalm Death, grindy death metal

      Anthrax, quality thrash metal

      Body Count, Ice T over metal, Cop Killer is a classic

      Ion Dissonance, Technically they are awesome

      KMFDM, captains of Industry(al)

      Leng Tch’e, the band calls it “razorgrind” a bit more metalcore but not bad

      Metallica, Kill ’em all or don’t bother

      Om, rhythm section of Sleep doing some similar stuff but with more of a monk like chant

      Khanate, Doom Drone with a nice hint of ambient noise thrown in

      Pentagram, considered the originators of doom

      Sigh, Japanese black metal with a full symphony?

      Pat Boone, you wanted far right white people doing metal then look no farther (In a Metal Mood — No More Mr. Nice Guy, I mention it because it sucks so much it is funny and Pat Boone should be shot)

      Yakuza, metal with some jazz elements

      Motörhead, Lemmy collects nazi shit (Though is a anarchist/libertarian type and doesn’t believe in that shit) is that enough racism for ya?

      Electric Wizard, we’re off too see the wizard the wonderful wizard of stone and doom!

      This is a short little list. Enjoy it better than that crap that Toten likes. Whiney ass immature loser.

      Also for the record: The poster of this comment likes the black cock and when convenient worships the dark lord Satan and eats Seitan.

      Have a nice day and KILL WHITEY (except for them white wimmins…LOL)!

    • Jello Biafra

      You are an idiot, and I assume that you dont even play an instrument even though you talk big game about music. You also say lyrical content doesnt offend you but I bet if i wrote a song blasting you that you would put up a huge stink as cry like the sniveling baby you are..

      P.S. good choice on the NAZI PUNKS FUCK OFF! record pic I appreciate it.