The Imperial KKKlowns Are Having a NoDick Festival

They do this fest of boneheaded BS every year, and every year there is pissing & moaning & fights & drama.

And to prove how lame they are here is their crappy flyer:

No Dick Fest

What is that? ET in camo?



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6 responses to “The Imperial KKKlowns Are Having a NoDick Festival

  1. Wurst Flyar Evar!

    That flyer is suck fest 2010. Heck a 5 year old could make a better flyer for that lame-o-thon. If I didn’t hate the KKK and all their lame ass offshoots so goddamn much I would almost think about possibly considering the chance of maybe feeling a tiny bit sorry for them. I almost want to go just too laugh my ass off at them but wouldn’t waste a dime getting out there unless I could give them all explosive and extremely violent/painful diarrhea and get it on camera and make some money off of it.

  2. Crafts? They’re gonna have crafts?

    What the hell kind of crafts do they have at a goddamn’ Klan rally?

  3. Jayzus, this is so bad on so many levels. What the hell’s that phrase Cross & Swastika Lightning in the middle of everything? Are those a couple of the bands? I thought it said there that the bands were TBA. I suppose the appearance of Swastika Lightning depends on the outcome of their American Idol audition, then…

    Oh, and what’s with that bubble-headed space alien Klansman on there? What’s that supposed to be, a parody of that Palestinian cartoon? Excuse me while I laugh until I piss myself.

    I also really like how they’ve announced what motels they’ll be at to everybody and their cat. Majorly Epic intel FAIL, there.

    And, a goddamn’ playground? Jeezus, some bad-assed Klansmen this bunch are. A playground? Pussies.

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