James O’Keefe At a 2006 White Supremacist Event

The more we dig up on the latest “Watergate wannabe criminal” James O’keefe the uglier his rat face gets.

We all know about his offering Planned Parenthood $$$$$’s to only abort black babies which got his weasel ass fired from an internship at the Leadership Institute.

Now, out of the sludge which is the life of O’keefe has surfaced this young slime at a white supremacist event, a forum set up by his buddy Marcus Epstein, our favorite half Jewish half Korean Nazi fetishist.

The topic of this forum was “Conservatism and Race” and the speakers were Jared Taylor and John Derbyshire positioned to gang up on the black conservative activist Kevin Martin set up by Marcus Epstein and his old bigoted coffee clutch called the “Robert Taft Club”

The event was supposed to be held at The Leadership Institute (LI), O’Keefe was still working for LI at the time, but the general public got wind of what was going on and as a reaction to the public out cry LI threw Epstein’s blinkered bash out and Epstein had to find a classroom at a nearby George Mason building for back up.

The then Epstein camp follower, “kill all the black babies” O’Keefe, ended up helping set up the and man the literature table for Jared Taylor’s Bell Curve scifi newsletter and The Occidental Quarterly.

From One Peoples Project

Saturday, 30 January 2010 13:40 OPP HQ
Interesting what could have been – or not have been – had we caught his four years ago. Back then, there was this white supremacist forum that we had called attention to and eventually attended that featured American Renaissance’s Jared Taylor and National Review’s homophobe extraordinaire John Derbyshire. It was originally supposed to be held at the building of the conservative activist organization Leadership Institute until it was forced to move to another location. This was where we met Marcus Epstein, and readers to this website knows how that relationship has blossomed into a rather comical one, to say the least. There was also a photographer there, and lo and behold this picture has surfaced of a now familiar face attending the forum – James O’Keefe. That’s right, before the ACORN videos he produced, before the arrest for interfering with a Senator’s phone lines, and just a few months after he graduated from Rutgers to work for the Leadership Institute, O’Keefe was manning a table at a forum of suit-and-tie Nazis. O’Keefe became dead letter to conservatives the moment the cuffs were slapped on him last week, but if he ever shows up again in respectable company, we hope he has explained this little outing before he pulls any more race-based stunts.

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