O’Keefe And The White Supremacist Literature Table

There has been much debate over the James O’Keefe at a white supremacist debate, that was put on by O’Keefe’s buddy and fellow Leadership Institute intern Marcus Epstein.

Marcus Epstein Hosting Debate With Jared Taylor

According to freelance photographer “Isis” who was at the debate, O’Keefe was apparently there as a compatriot of Epstein in support of the event. “O’Keefe was sitting close to the lit table, either manning it or there as part of the event to either help Epstein or support his debate”
(or maybe Epstein’s positions on race?)

O'Keefe at White Supremacist Debate

Isis was kind enough to share a photo of what was on the literature table

Literature Table At White Supremacist Debate O'Keefe Attended

Now, whether O’Keefe might or might not have been manning the table is neither here nor there.

Fact is, he was there, he, Epstein and others who were there to support the event all have racist histories and were interns at the Leadership Institute.

The crowd at that event was mostly racist, with two racists, Jared Taylor and John Derbyshire both ganging up on conservative black activist Kevin Martin.

There is no glossing over this….

BTW Jared Taylor is having one of his “race based” angry old white men conferences in DC February 19, 2010 location TBA

UPDATE More from Max Blumenthal

More from One Peoples Project

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