Dear Diary, It’s Me James O’Keefe

Yeah, this is has made it around the blogsphere, but it’s a worthy repeat:

From James O’Keefe’s tear stained college diary

Some interesting stuff…

My freshman year of college I was placed in a triple room on the second floor of Campbell. One of my roomates was gay. The other was just bizarre. Two months in I volunteered to leave and was put on an all-black, floor, the Paul Robeson floor, on Mettler 3 in November. I was placed with, no joke, an Indian midget named “Hashish” who smelled like shit. Then he transfered. I had a single. For the month of January, I never left my room. Then on Valentines day, the one year anniversary of James/Arielle, in came a greek kid named Paul. Paul was an absolute nightmare.

…for our next entry…oh geeze…poor James has to face..gays…blacks…Indians…and then….GREEKS!!!..(wtf? spinach pie=good!)..he then had to show respect to a…gaspblack dean…at the school….where has the life of white superiority gone to..?..lulz!…

Then, to my horror, he actually said to the all-black RAs that I called everyone on the floor “niggers.” – a complete lie. It was my word against his. I was lead out of the room crying and screaming at him and my situation, no friends, no one one to talk to., forced to go in front of a black man, Dean Tolbert, to defend myself and help explain that I did not call anyone any names.

*tsk* *tsk* what is it with you Leadership Institute boys and that *N* word?


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2 responses to “Dear Diary, It’s Me James O’Keefe

  1. Arslan Amirkhanov

    Looks like O’ Keefe is going to have a lot more screaming and crying in his future judging by his character and the place he is going.

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